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by J.S. Danielle 2 years ago in erotic

Delectably Palatable

When too much runneth over...

He called me a bit upset about what I emailed him and wanted to meet. I kept texting, trying to figure out what was up but he said wait till he got there. So I’m sitting in my car when he pulls up, but I don’t get out.

He wasn't yelling but was like, "Open the f’ing door."
 So I did.
He stopped me from getting out and stood in my door, in front of me. He was like rubbing his head, that pissed off way men sometimes do and finally looked at me like 'WTF'?

He asked me, “Why hadn't you said something?
Why did I leave him?” He wasn't mad at me...just mad altogether.
I waited for him to finish and I felt so apologetic like I didn’t want him mad but I just wanted him to hear me out.

It was kinda surreal.

I’d never seen him like that.
So when I began to talk he was like "Shhh".
He asked me if I meant to make him mad and I was like "No. Never I wouldn’t want that."
And then he asked me if all the shit I’d been saying was true or was I just trying to fuck up another relationship. I almost got mad, but some of what he said struck a chord with me.

So I admitted, "Sure, I would’ve liked to have been chosen but I’m not her. Maybe there was something I’d said once and wanted a different outcome but I know what it was like to be in the receiving end of a messed up relationship."

"Anything?", he asked me...would I do anything to make it up to him.

"Anything," I said. 'Fuck yea, I would’, I thought. When he stepped closer I could see the strain against his pants and when he started to unzip them, it was like my mouth watered, I couldn’t swallow enough to stop it. It’d been so long since I’d had a taste of him, so long since I'd put my mouth in places too! I looked up at him, watched him take it out, but when he tapped my lips, I opened. I wanted to show him how true “anything” was and what it meant.
He palmed my head.
He pulled my hair.
I heard him moan and say, “Fuck”...the wetter I got.
He started to go faster and I just remembered all those times before, my mouth never dried for him, he was telling me he was coming and I shook my head.
 I licked and hit the parts I missed, savored and enjoyed the times I rode the dick. And maybe I didn't want to fuck, but continued to watch you fight that nut.
Then he grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my mouth so damned deliciously. Now I'm anxious to see you again, let you kneel by my bed as my legs ascend. Part at the heel and spread by the thighs, feed you this She and swallow my sighs. I am almost giddy with glee, so wet is my She. The thoughts of grabbing your head and shaking endlessly.
The vibrations of your moan, your breath blowing a perpetual warmth. I can't lay still, I shiver at will. Looking down at you eat, you look up at me. A smile, a smirk across those lips putting in work. I want more, I say and don't you delay. Pull you up to my face to lick my She off your lips and taste.
'Hmmm', I say.
'I know, Bae'.
'Now fuck me,' I reply.
'The pleasure is all mine.' But when he came...I couldn’t ever remember tasting him before.

And that’s the shit that woke me.


J.S. Danielle

Author. Poetess. Entrepreneur. Podcaster.

Telling the stories only imagined and said in private. Invitation into the minds of many experiences (men and women) who did not believe it too taboo to share.

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J.S. Danielle
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