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Sophia and the Pool Boy

Housesitting Perks

By Jean SumrallPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

Lucas tried to keep his mind on cleaning the pool but the blond woman drinking coffee on the patio had captured his attention. A low hedge kept him seeing all of her, but what he could see, he wanted. She was wearing a low-cut top and her long hair was in a ponytail. He knew she was the new house sitter and would be there for a month keeping an eye on the estate while the owners were in Africa on safari.

Sophia sipped her coffee. She knew the pool boy was watching her, but she gave no indication of it. Pretending to read a magazine, she was able to watch him as he watched her. He was well-built; muscular without all the bulk. The tank top and board shorts he wore showed off his sexy body. The owners had informed her that he lived in one of the guest houses on the estate. He might be a nice distraction while she was there.

Finishing his work, Lucas walked up to the woman. “Hi, I’m Lucas,” he said.

“I’m Sophia, the house sitter,” she replied. “The owners told me that you lived here and took care of the pool.”

“They told me about you, too,” he smiled at her. Now that he could see all of her, he wanted to take care of her, too. Sensuality flowed around her like electricity. There was something about her and he knew that something would create some good times in the coming month.

“I’d better get back to work,” Lucas said and abruptly turned away from Sophia. He didn’t want her to see the growing erection in his pants.

“Bye,” Sophia said wondering why he left so quickly. Picking up the coffee cup and magazine, she went into the kitchen. The owner’s cat rubbed on her leg. The cat’s food dish was empty, so she put some kibble in it. After washing her coffee cup, she went to clean the litter box, one of the chores she needed to get done.

Back at the pool, Lucas put the equipment away in his van. He cleaned most of the pools in the neighborhood and had two more to do today. He hoped the work might keep his mind off of Sophia. Since his breakup with his girlfriend several months ago, he hadn’t dated much. There hadn’t been a woman who had affected him the Sophia did. He took that as a good sign and looked forward to seeing her again.

Sophia decided to do some shopping and drove into town looking for a diversion to take her thoughts away from Lucas and his hot body. She wandered in and out of a few dress shops, looking for something without knowing what she wanted. She tried on a few summer dresses and decided on one that laced up the back. Its princess neckline would show her breasts off well. The short skirt revealed long, lean legs that were meant to wrap around a man’s waist.

Returning to the estate with her purchase, she noticed Lucas parking his van in front of the guest house. She parked her car and waved to him. He saw her and waved back, then he went inside. Sophia was surprised the way her heart leaped when she saw him. She fantasized about him, wondering what he was like as a lover. Taking her new dress inside, she went into the master bedroom to take a bath in the jacuzzi tub.

Lucas sat outside in the warm evening air, drinking a beer. He’d had a good day and the best part of it was Sophia. He imagined himself kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. Before he got too carried away, he went to take a shower and have something to eat.

Deep in bubbles in the huge tub, Sophia enjoyed the hot water. Her skin felt silky as she ran her hands over her breasts. The jasmine scented bath oil smelled heavenly and sensuous. She thought about Lucas and an idea formed in her mind. She stood up and rinsed the bubbles from her body. Drying herself in front of the full-length mirror, she admired her body. She looked damn good and decided she was going to have sex with the pool boy, tonight!

She knocked on the door of the guest house and waited so long, she didn’t think Lucas was going to answer the door. She was starting to turn away when the door opened and there he was, all wet with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oh, did I catch you in the shower? I’m sorry,” Sophia apologized.

“I was just finishing,” he explained, looking at her in her new dress. Damn, she was a sexy piece.

“I brought some wine,” she offered as she held up the bottle. She wanted to rip the towel right off of him and rub herself all over his wet body.

“I’ll put some clothes on and get the glasses,” he said as went into the bedroom.

Sophia sat in a wicker chair on the porch. The evening was scented with night-blooming jasmine that smelled heavenly. She had a good feeling about what was to come. She could hardly wait. The anticipation of sex with this handsome man heated up her imagination and her body. She hoped the verbal foreplay wouldn’t last too long.

Lucas returned with the wine glasses. He was wearing a pair of soft, cotton pants and a shirt that was only partially buttoned. He poured the wine and offered a glass to her. He watched her sip the wine and wished the wine glass was his cock with her lips on it. Drinking some wine, he wondered what she would do if he kissed her.

Sophia reached out and put her hand on his cheek in a light caress. He leaned into the soft touch and put his hand over hers. He turned and kissed the palm of her hand. Sophia leaned in to kiss his other cheek and then his mouth. Lucas returned her kiss with passion and reached to caress her naked breast under the new dress. Sophia ran her hands down his body until she reached his hard dick.

Lucas felt her grab him. Sexual heat flowed through his body. He stood up and led her into his bedroom. They had too many clothes on; he wanted naked skin on naked skin. She followed him willingly. She unbuttoned the few buttons on his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. She untied the waist cord on his pants, and they fell to the floor.

He undid the lacing on her dress and slid it down her body, revealing her naked body, for the dress was all she was wearing. He kissed her deeply, pressing his body into hers as her held her tightly.

“I thought about you all day,” he said, running his hands through her loose hair.

“You were on my mind also,” she replied. “I wondered what you were like in bed,” she confessed.

“Why don’t we find out how we are in bed, together,” he suggested. He lay down on the bed.

“Good idea! I thought you'd never ask,” Sophia moved to sit on him, his erect cock just in front of her mound. She leaned her chest forward as he reached for her breasts. His hands grasped her tits and he pulled her closer so he could suck on them. She reached down and touched his hard shaft. It responded to her touch and she stroked it with both hands.

She stretched out on him and kissed him. Her body was hot and her snatch was wet. Lucas reached one hand down and fingered her. Sophia rolled onto her back to allow him full access to her pussy. He spread her legs and licked her juicy slit. His tongue found her hard nub and flicked it.

Sophia tried to back away from the exquisite feeling as her nerves responded to the licking. Lucas’s strong arms around her legs kept her from moving too far. The sensation was more than she could stand! She wanted to escape but she didn’t want him to stop pleasuring her. When she came, the intensity of her orgasm had her trying to escape again from his relentless, hungry mouth.

“Oh, god, please stop! I can’t stand it, you’re driving me crazy,” she cried.

Lucas released her and slowly immersed his hot dick into her still pulsing cunt. She felt good wrapped around him like that. He stroked her, testing to see how deep he could bury his shaft inside her. He felt her open up to take all of him in.

Sophia wanted more of this man, this hungry man who knew how to please her and enjoyed it. Lucas was bringing her to another orgasm as she felt the tension building in her body. “Fuck me, stud, fuck me hard, now!” she urged him on, her hips moving with his.

Lucas’s body was responding to Sophia’s heat and he fucked her faster, deeper and harder, ramming his dick into her depths. He spread her legs as far as he could and with one last hard, deep stroke, he pumped his hot cream into her. He could feel her pussy sucking on his dick as he continued to fuck her. She was so hot! She came in a hot gush of her own cream, drenching his cock.

Neither of them moved as their orgasm spasms slowly subsided. Lucas was content to leave his manhood buried deep in her pussy, and Sophia was content to have it there.

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