Jean Sumrall

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I have led an amazing life with many varied interests including loving road trips, being a professional belly dancer, hand carving selenite, providing wise woman advice and intuitive readings for current problems. I love my life. Do you?

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Free-Range Children
a day ago
One of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me was freedom; freedom to explore the natural world, freedom to be me, and the freedom to choose what I believed. Oh, she tried to control me. I remember...
Twin Flame Journey
2 days ago
I stand in my Temple atop the Mountain of Eternal Love. The sacred fire burns brightly so you may see your way home to me. It is no easy task to bring our hearts together again, after many lifetimes a...
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
2 days ago
I’d been planning this for a few days. I had my cowboy hat, my chaps and a container of frosting. I had enlisted a friend who helped apply the frosting to my nipples in the shape of a star. We were la...
Passion for Belly Dance
6 days ago
I saw my first belly dancer at a Christmas party in 1980. I was four months pregnant at the time. The dancer, whose name was Sadia, was the most beautiful dancer I had ever seen. I thought to myself, ...
Crystal Blacksmith
6 days ago
Crystal Blacksmith In January of 2017, I made a commitment to myself and to the Universe to live a more spiritual life. I couldn’t really define what this meant at the time, I just knew I had to do th...