Sofia: Part 2

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Sofia: Part 2

Hurricane Maria had completely destroyed the island she called home five years ago. All of the hardworking people she grew up with, all of their homes and places of employment had been washed away. The elderly and the sick had gotten the biggest hit. All of their medical needs weren't met until it was too late. There were no incoming planes full of supplies coming to island due to the fact that there was no place for those planes to even land. For months, her people had gone hungry, with no power or any means of communication.

She'd been in jail at the time but as she watched the island eradicate under the hurricane within the spotty television of the prison she'd been in, she couldn't help but feel devastated and helpless and angry no one bothered to help them. She donated some of her family's money towards the island's renovation but it didn't seem to be enough. At least not for her.

Sofia vowed to bring Puerto Rico back to its original beauty the moment she got out of prison. And seeing as she'd only been out a week, she thought she was handling things pretty well considering she'd just raised their department of defense from the dead with the weapons she took back from Daviel.

He'd come for them sooner or later of course. And she'd be ready whenever he decided to go for another round.

"You really should reconsider this robin hood shit you're doing, Sofia," Jade Molina scolded as she sped down the streets of Juarez. She was the new appointed leader of the department of defense, and her childhood best friend, which was a conflict of interest and could possibly get her fired or incarcerated if the american government were to find out she just helped her rob the Mexican Mafia.

"Somebody's gotta do it. Fuck! I forgot what a bitch it was getting shot is." Sofia swore as she winced in pain while the nurse they brought along with them helped to pull out the bullet Daviel had shot straight into her arm. She was going kill that fucker. But not before she got another ride on that handsome stallion.

"Are you okay? Is she okay?! I can't believe he shot you," Natalie Badeau, her new Haitian ally and the commanding officer of the Haitian army exclaimed as she began to store the rifles and other miscellaneous weapons Sofia had scouted for in Daviel's vault into secure cases, while Jade continued to swerve the cars tailing them to their destination.

"Why didn't he kill you?" the male nurse asked, whose name had escaped her mind as soon as he applied enough alcohol into her wound to make her curse out loud again. Sofia didn't want to think about the answer to his question. She wanted no part in Daviel's ridiculous dream of having a life without chaos in it. As if people like him and her could survive such a thing. They weren't made for the simple life. Mayhem and power ran through their blood. It fueled them enough to be the good leaders their people needed. Taming it would make both of them miserable and Daviel needed to wake up and realize that.

"Focus on what I paid you for," Sofia ordered and winced once again when he pulled on her arm on purpose and forced her to glare at him. His eyes were a rich honey color, and it only made him that much more attractive against his caramel complexion and short shaggy hair. She could see why Jade had taken him up as a lover.

"I can't shake them. I don't think we're going to make it," Jade stated as she made a sharp right turn towards their pick up point, a grassy field where the same jet they'd come in had been waiting for them. Her father, Javier Guerrera, former gang leader of the Netas, Puerto Rico's top illegal drug cartel, had saved his drug money to buy the same jet he'd tucked away in Mexico. Sofia had been surprised to find it had still been in top shape considering her father hadn't used it in decades. And why would he when her mother Elena, had forced him out of his leadership position in the Netas and took all the power away from him.

Her mother always claimed it hadn't been personal, just the casualty of the business. Yet she still went to visit her father in maximum security, and made sure no one touched him while he served the rest of his sentence. Sofia new better than to ask her mother how she could live with herself after doing what she did. Elena Guerrera never explained her decisions to anyone, let alone her own daughters.

"Pass me the Vektor," Sofia asked Natalie, and she complied quickly, handing her the automatic assault rifle from the case she'd placed it in. As soon as the nurse finished dressing up her wound, Sofia placed the bullet proof vest onto her chest, and ordered the nurse and Natalie to hold her hips before she opened the doors to the back of their van. She began shooting rounds of bullets towards the cars chasing after them, making sure to aim at their engines and tires whenever possible. She didn't want to kill them. They had families back home who had no idea how they earned so much money with spotty records keeping them from holding down real jobs. But she would kill them if she had to. She had to get these weapons back to the island before the bigger war started.

"We're here!" Jade announced and Natalie helped Sofia close the doors as they began to prepare to make a run for the jet.


Sofia woke up groggy from the pain meds the doctor had given her as soon as they got to the island and her body felt as if she'd gotten hit by a car. She was exhausted but she didn't have the luxury of resting. She had work to do.

"You need to rest. You're no good to your people weak," Jade's lover insisted, as she leaned back against her pillows and looked up at the nurse changing the bandage on her arm.

"I need a shower and a beer," Sofia answered as she began to get up from the bed, but the stubborn nurse wasn't having it. He pushed her back into her previous position and pinned her with a glare.

"What's your name again?"

"If you don't know it by now, maybe you're not supposed to," he snarled and while she didn't understand how he thought he was allowed to speak to her that way, she let it go. For Jade's sake. She owed that woman her life, and she wasn't about to kill her only source of entertainment because she was cranky.

"Why did you become a nurse? It's not a common profession here. For men anyway. Too much pride," Sofia mentioned as he finished dressing up her wound once again and began to discard of the garbage. His gaze went towards the noise coming out the locked closet next to her master bathroom and Sofia smirked. She'd forgotten the pet she left in there before she left for Juarez and she figured she'd show this nurse just how horrible of a person she could turn into given the right circumstances.

"I don't like following crowds. I didn't know you had a dog," he said as he watched her get up from her bed and walk over to the locked closet. She used the key she pulled out of her night stand and opened the closet door, immediately reaching for the leash tied to the collar. The look of horror on her nurse's face made her abdomen hurt from the laughter as she pulled on the leash and made the human dog crawl out of his cage. She looked down at the shell of the man she imprisoned the moment she set foot on the island, and smiled. She held no regrets or remorse for the punishment she granted him and she loved telling this story to people like her righteous nurse, who thought the world was black and white, instead of a dirty gray.

"Annoying nurse, meet Saul Delvalle, my mother's rapist," Sofia revealed as she pulled on the leash, causing the human dog to choke momentarily. She could never forget his face, even after her mother had ordered her to forget it the moment she confessed to what he had done to her one day when they ran into him at a park. She claimed she would take care of it when the time came. It was only after her sister Clarita was born that she figured out why her mother never killed him. Saul was her sister's father and Sofia swore she'd make him pay for what he did to their mother one day. The day she got out of prison turned out to be perfect timing, since they were in the same halfway house. That was until she paid off her parole officer to allow her to go back home. She took Saul in the middle of the night, and put a collar around the asshole shortly after.

She locked him in the closet and put plenty of food and water in his cage until she got back from her trip to Juarez. She would've starved him to death, but he deserved at least a couple more years of being tortured first.

"You keep your mother's rapist in your closet? For what possible reason other than you're beyond crazy?" the self-righteous nurse asked and Sofia rolled her eyes as she pushed the human dog back into his cage, and locked the door.

"You don't disrespect and violate a part of the Guerrera family without consequences. He chose to disregard that warning and now he's paying for it," Sofia explained calmly, sending him a smile as the disappointment grew within his gaze.

"If you're trying to scare me..."

"Did it work?"

"Sofia," he said her name in warning, as if he had any power to dissuade from her decisions. He didn't. But she found it amusing he seemed to think so.

"You can go now," she ordered, gesturing towards the door and he sighed in surrender as he exited her room.


"How was your trip to Mexico?" her boy toy, Julian Reyes, and the newest member of her cleaning crew asked as he continued to kiss down her exposed abdomen. The street party she had arranged for the village was about to start but she could afford to give herself some dessert before she took a bite out of her favorite Puerto Rican meals. They were behind one of the newly constructed buildings her money had helped built after the hurricane and she could smell the scent of Tembleque, which was a delicious Puerto Rican coconut pudding made in the bakery standing behind her. She knew the owners personally and had given them a generous amount of money in exchange for partial ownership of the bakery. If Sofia was anything like her mother, she took investments seriously and right now, investing time into getting an orgasm from Julian seemed like a good idea.

His hands tugged down her jean skirt and his tongue dipped into her wetness. She sighed in bliss as she closed her eyes and let him work his magic on her. The moment Daviel's face popped into her mind, her blood began to boil and she pushed Julian's face harder in between her legs. His hands gripped on her big behind and held her closer to his face, as he buried his tongue deeper inside of her.

"You're such a good boy," Sofia complimented with a gasp as he ran the tip of his tongue over her clit and caused her to jump with delight. His moans vibrated against her thighs as he continued to devour her and bring her closer to her climax. As soon as she felt Julian pull away and help her put her skirt back on once he finished relieving her body of the much accumulated tension her trip to Mexico had given her, he stood up before her. She opened her eyes to see the 20-year-old boy's gaze widen as a gun raised and aimed at the back of his head. She pulled him behind her quickly and shielded him from the assailant.

She knew who it was before she took her cap off. Valeria, Daviel's new wife stood before them, aiming the gun closer to her forehead now.

"I hope fucking my husband and stealing his weapons were worth your life," the woman claimed and Sofia smirked. So she wasn't just a pretty face. She liked to play gangster too. Well, so did Sofia.

"Let him go," Sofia warned the woman still daring to aim the gun at her face. Valeria seemed to be hard of hearing because she aimed the gun towards Julian's back as he tried to escape, firing and ending the young boy's life immediately. Sofia's rage helped her snatch the woman's gun out of her hand. She quickly held her by the throat as she pushed her hard against the brick wall of the building. Sofia could hear her crew running towards them, and the crowd behind them heading in their direction. She could execute this woman in front of the entire island but she had a better idea. Valeria just handed her the Trojan horse that would force Daviel to join her in the upcoming war.

"Thank you," Sofia said, grinning with victory, as she took her hand off the woman's throat as soon as her crew arrived.

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