So I Started Selling Nudes...

...and it was nothing like I expected.

So I Started Selling Nudes...

So I'm skint. I'm skint and I'm looking for easy money and I come across this app that allows other people to pay you just for doing a dare. It seems like fate. I download the app and put up a post:

"I'm skint, I'll do whatever for money."

Or something along those lines. It got a lot of replies but (as you might of guessed) they all involved sex or nudes in some form.

Sex was a no. I didn't fancy waking up in Dexter's basement, staring at a chainsaw or contracting some kind of std.

But nudes? I mean what harm could sending pictures to strangers online do? It took a while to navigate at first, how much do you charge? How does it all work? What do they expect? After a short while I have it figured out. Me being the wimp I am, I wondered each time if what I just sent would come back to bite me in the future and I worried that each person somehow knew me. But the money was pretty good, so I carried on. I have no idea why so many people paid for the kind of stuff that you could easily find for free online, but whatever floats your boat.

A few things took me by surprise.

The first being, they were young. I had expected old, overweight men, but they were all in their 20s and pretty decent looking. It threw me off completely...What if I meet them one day? What if one of them knows one of my brothers or a cousin? It no longer seemed out of the question and I wasn't sure to what extent I cared.

Also the amount of feet requests, I had no idea foot fetishes were so common but it left me wishing I had pretty feet. Guys were paying a lot for pretty feet.

The thing that most shocked me is how nice they were. Yeah, I know, a guy trying to get laid isn't going to shout abuse at you (at least not until you reject him). But I hadn't expected them to ask me on actual dates which weren't in hotels or get upset when they realised I didn't have any real feelings for them. A couple of guys would even say how they didn't want to pay for 'that kind of thing' because they're not 'that kind of guy' but they would give me money anyway to try and help me out.

The biggest surprise was how depressing it became.

All these messages, all these people talking to me and I have never felt more lonely. I don't have many friends as it is, but now every single interaction was somebody wanting to sext or see me naked. One time, I had spent all day putting on and taking off the same underwear for men I had no interest in, then someone I actually like messaged me and I just couldn't be bothered. Well, like any job it gets boring.

But kudos to those who do it (and more), as I barely touched the surface of the...uhh...nudity industry? It wasn't a bad experience, just not one I'm made for, it takes a bit of personality that I personally don't have. Wouldn't discourage anyone from doing it but stay safe and legal and all that stuff.

Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood
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