SINDAY ; ) Day 14 Short Erotic Stories

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One day out of the year you can sin without fear

SINDAY ; ) Day 14 Short Erotic Stories

DAY 14 Short Erotic Stories

Chapter 14 PRINCESS part 1

It’s Christmas night and all the kids are asleep. Papa is in the shower. I have one more gift to give and not much time to prepare for it. I set about what was left. I did most of it earlier during my shower. I quietly go to the closet get out the lingerie I bought just for tonight. I grab my heels and head back to the bed. The lingerie I picked is black silk and lace babydoll top with deep purple silk bow just under the breast with a pair of black lace G-string with the same purple bows in a line down the middle of the front to my clit. My heels are black and purple stilettos.

I’m dressed with my makeup touched up. My hair lays down my back in soft waves when I hear the shower turn off. I hurry to the center of the room. I drop to my knees, my rear resting on my heels, my thighs spread, my hands resting palm up on my thighs close to my knees, my back straight, last I lowered my head and waited for my Papa.

Papa enters the room. I could feel Papas eyes on me. I could feel the fire that burned within my Papa. “ little princess” I hear my Papa say. As Papa comes closer I feel his fingers on my shoulder as he walks past. I keep my head down for Papa has not given me permission to look at him yet.

“ perfect little sub. She poses so perfectly. Gorgeous .... my little princess is so gorgeous.” I hear my Papa say. My smile widens. It means everything to me that my Papa approves. Papa walks around me taking in every inch of my body coming to a stop in front of me. Papa runs his finger along my jaw to just below my chin.

Running his thumb along my bottom lip, “look at me my princess” Papa tells me as he lifts my head to look into his handsome eyes. “Did my little princess do all this just for her Papa?” Papa asked. “Yes my Papa” I answered


Papa took a few steps back. “I want to admire my most precious Christmas present” My Papa says. I lowered my head again for him to admire what belongs to him. “No my princess, keep your eyes on me while I admire you. I want you to see my appreciation for what my little princess has gifted me” My Papa tells me.

I lift my head bringing my eyes to meet my Papas. What I saw there was, Oh my.... I could only explain as predatory, and I am his prey. I bit my lip. I love the want and need I see in his eyes as he admires my body has my entire body on fire. I follow Papa with my eyes as he slowly circles me.

Once back in front of me Papa holds out his hands “give your hands princess” as I place my hand in Papas, he continues to tell me, “I want you up on your knee my princess.” My Papa helped me to rise to my knees. Once on my knees papa again takes a few steps back, and slowly walks behind me. Kneeling behind me, my Papa runs his hands from the small of my back up to my shoulders. He was running his fingers down my arms to my wrist slowly.

He pulls my hands behind me placing my hands at the opposite elbow binding them together with a silky ribbon. I shiver and begin to purr. Gently papa taps the inside of my thigh “open them wider my princess.” I do as I’m told and Papa slides his thighs between my legs. Papa gently runs his fingers up my thighs to my ribs up to my breast. Cupping my breast, he pulls me back “lay against me, relax, let your enjoy you, to play with his present my princess.” I relax laying back. My head resting on his shoulder, my back to his chest, my rear resting against his throbbing cock, my thighs spread over his thighs.

Papa whispers in my ear, “Mmmm...I have a few presents for my little princess as well.” Oh I love it when my Papa gets me things. It’s not that I want anything it’s the fact that everything Papa gets me brings him just as much joy as it does me. I can’t wait to see what he has for me. Mmmm I bite my lip waiting patiently.

My papa pulls out a small box.“ My presents for you are just for me to see on my little princess” Papa whispers as he kisses and nibbles my neck. I start shivering and purring. My Papa opens the box for me and inside are the most beautiful set of gold with purple crystals. They are so beautiful. When I started moaning my papa asked me “Mmmm, My little princess likes them. Does my little princess want to show me what they look like on her beautiful nipples?” I moan louder, “yes my Papa please” I manage to moan.

Then I will be more than willing to assist in you doing that for me my princess. Lean to the side and give your Papa that gorgeous nipple princess.” I lean to the side arching to push my breast closer to my Papa. Papa slides my breast from my babydoll top. As he does he takes my nipple in his mouth I gasp and let out a moan. Papa brings my nipple to a point and slides the nipple clamp on and gives my nipple one last gentle suck before he has me move so the same attention can be given to my other nipple.

As Papa slides his hands under my breast cupping them he growls, “They are so gorgeous on my little princess.”

Papa reaches under the bed pulling out a bag and I wonder when he put it there. “ I didn’t expect the present my beautiful little princess gave me, but I did have a few presents for my little princess. I had planned to play with you tonight.” My papa told me. I hear him unzip the bag and he pulled something out. I bite my lip wanting so bad to look but I know better than to look. Papa gently slides a soft material against the skin of my stomach up to my breast.

As he makes it to my neck he whispers in my ear “for my next present princess I want you blindfolded for...” I whimper “just for the beginning of it my princess.” Papa finished saying as he slide the blindfold on. “I love seeing my princess in her blindfold, as she is completely at my mercy then.”

My Papa growls as he tugs on the chain running between my breasts. I moan loudly as he runs his hands down my stomach to the outer side of my thighs. But then i jump because I feel someone running their cheek along the inside of my thigh up my stomach. “Papa?” I say but the new person is moving up to my breast along my neck. I hear her whisper in my ear “It’s ok my sugar bun.” As she licks along my jaw to my lips running her tongue along my lower lip. I moan “my little monster” as she kisses me deep and passionately.

To be continued.....

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