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Silent Scream

Like in a dream, she feared no one would hear her if she screamed.

By F. Leonora SolomonPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
via Pexels by Darina Belonogova

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Kevin was by her side on the couch, the same way he had been when she had fainted in front of the cafe. He had insisted that he take her home and she tried to assure him that he did not have to, but she secretly did not mind that he was with her because she was shaky. Sitting on the couch now, she squeezed his hand tightly for support.

Still shaky.

Gen felt like she should thank him, but she was not able to. It was seeing him, his proximity that incapacitated her. That made her woozy and that he was still there, and that she held his hand tightly.

He held her feet. One foot was bare and the other still had on the stiletto she had so confidently worn after her date with Trace. The way Kevin touched her soothed her and relaxed her. Their physical interaction had never been a cause for trouble between them.

It was everything else between them that was troublesome.

She squeezed his hand more, and he took her other shoe off. Barefoot and on her side, Gen felt vulnerable. He held her ankle while she looked at him from the pillow on the couch.

“Are you okay now?” he asked, and she nodded because, like in a dream, she feared no one would hear her if she screamed.

She could not scream, still holding his hand so tight. He squeezed her hand before he let go and got up.

The ease with which he moved around her apartment intimidated her. But he used to be there all of the time when they were together. Did she think he had forgotten the territory? He went over to her tiny bar and poured her a glass of red wine from an open bottle. Kevin knew how she was about opening a brand new bottle and some of her bottles were not meant to be drunk just yet.

She took the glass of wine, and remembered when he used to pour something for both of them to drink as he loosened his tie.

Kevin did not loosen his tie, but he stared at her. Gen took a sip of her wine and stared back at him. She was silent like she was in a dream. There was nothing she could say as she put the glass down. Gen got on her back and placed her legs over his lap. Kevin held her feet for a bit, never taking his eyes off of hers.

It was so familiar and felt so good. It felt like the other kind of dream, too, the desire for it never to end. Her heel grazed his crotch and he was already hard, so there was nothing for them to say to each other.

Kevin loosened his tie and she was already wet. She screamed inside as he unbuttoned his shirt — for what she wanted and what she should not have.

It was completely silent when Gen woke up. But the hardness of Kevin’s body beside her was a gentle whisper of what had happened between them. She pressed her lips to his shoulder and then moved away because she did not want to wake him, although she wanted him again.

When had she stopped wanting him?

Maybe she had moved around too much in the bed, but Kevin covered her body and she smiled because she wanted him there — she had just been thinking of him on top of her and entering her body.

Was it somnambulist sex? She was not sure how he could have turned on his side and on top of her so quickly. Gen spread her legs wide to accept him — the hardness of his body, his skin against hers. She wrapped her arms about him and he looked at her with a look that took her breath away.

He was everything he had always been for her and she was dazzled by him. He kissed her neck as she squeezed him as their bodies joined.

In the distance, she could see the moon and she remembered how she had always felt like he was like a werewolf. Not a monster, but he had the ability to change. She was never sure who he was going to be. Being with him all of the time meant having to be on point all of the time. She had to always be on her game.

Tonight was not reflective of what their relationship had been like — or was it? He was always tender. His lovemaking was otherworldly, but the way that they connected as a couple was always unpredictable.

He had cheated on her. She wondered who was waiting for him tonight when he was with her? There was always someone waiting for him.

That was how she and Vic had become friends. They had both been involved with him at the same time. Their connection had evolved and their relationships with Kevin devolved.

Gen ached as they made love. The tension in her body melted away. It felt too right to be with him and she did not want to let go of him. The chorus from their lovemaking was like ecstatic theater, she whimpered when she came.

They fell asleep and she woke up this time ready to touch him and run her hands over his body but he was gone. The moon was still visible through the window, but her werewolf had gone away.

Gen could still smell him and she followed his trail, but it was too late. Pressed up to the front door of her apartment, there was nothing of Kevin left in her apartment except the feeling of him have pounded her the way he had and the cloak of his actual monstrosity thick around her.

She heard her phone nearby, but she did not want to be victimized anymore.

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