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Showing her Husband a Thing or Two

by Heather Kinnane 11 months ago in erotic
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Saige and Paisley have been lovers forever, now Paisley’s rich husband gets to join in.

“Oh, thank God. It’s been so long.” Saige pulled back the bed sheets so Paisley could slide in. “I thought we’d never get the chance to be together again.”

She pulled her girlfriend into a kiss. Paisley’s lips were so soft, and they tasted of the strawberry lip balm she used.

“Declan is nothing if not persistent.” Paisley rolled her eyes. “I honestly thought he wasn’t interested in anything happening sexually. He’s never so much as given me a sign he wants me that way.”

“Not till the wedding night.” Saige interjected with a giggle. “Aww, don’t be too hard on him, Pais, he was being a good boyfriend.”

“But he’s not a good husband. Ick. If I have to be subjected to that again, I’ll… I’ll… I don’t know what I’ll do!” She flopped back onto the pillow, as the women heard a distant call.

“Paisley? You up here?”

“God. Can’t he take a hint?” Paisley scowled.

“Maybe he needs lessons.” Saige gave a mischievous grin. “In here Declan, with me,” she called, earning a gentle slap from Paisley.

The door burst open and Paisley sat up with a jerk. There was Declan, in nothing but his y-fronts. “Oh there you are. Oh.” His gaze took in the scene before him, Saige and Paisley together in bed, wearing nothing but the sheerest of nighties. “Oh!”

“Come join us.” Saige patted the bed.

He looked at Paisley, then Saige, and back at Paisley again. “You don’t like men?”

She shrugged. “Men are okay.”

“But you like women better.”

“Everyone likes women better, Declan.” Saige got out of bed to grab his hand and pull him into the room. “Come on. Think about it - do you want to be in the arms of a rough hairy man, or a smooth beautiful woman?”

“Well, I’d prefer the woman, of course.”

“Of course you would. So why wouldn’t another woman prefer a woman?”

He frowned, and Saige hurried on before he could think too much about it. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t join us. I’m sure Paisley would love to have a night with both her lovers.”

Paisley glared at Saige, who raised an eyebrow back. Paisley rolled her eyes and sighed. “Of course I would.” She reached out to put a hand on Declan’s thigh. “Perhaps we can teach you a thing or two.”

His cheeks turned red. “You can tell I haven’t done it before, can’t you?”

Paisley covered up a snort with a cough. “Ah, well, you’re certainly enthusiastic, and that’s a great start, but your technique could be improved.”

“How about you just watch us for a little while,” Saige suggested.

“Okay.” Declan nodded.

Saige turned to Paisley, and stroked her hair, leaning forward to press her lips ever so lightly against her lover’s. Paisley responded in turn, resting a hand on Saige arm as their kiss deepened, their tongues seeking out the other’s.

Saige’s nipples pebbled beneath her barely-there nightgown. There was something so erotic about this, being with her lover while her lover’s husband watched.

Paisley obviouslt felt it too, because she already had a hand at the top of Saige’s thigh, Paisley’s thumb pressing against Saige’s mound.

Saige puled at Paisley’s nightgown, lifting it over her head to expose her breasts, and the thin lace panties she was wearing.

Declan groaned.

Saige grinned to herself, letting her hands covering Paisley’s breasts and play with her nipples. She pushed Paisley back onto the bed kissing her way down Paisleys jawline, and neck, across her collarbone and shoulder. She pressed Paisley’s breasts together, all too aware of the heavy breathing happening behind her as she took both of Paisley’s nipples in her mouth at once, circling them with her tongue and then sucking them, both Declan and Paisley giving a little moan at the action.

Paisley already had a hand on her clit, and Saige pulled it away, kissing her way down Paisley’s body to take over the action with her tongue.

Paisley’s whole body writhed as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth.

Saige risked a glance at Declan.

He was watching her, his eyes wide, his mouth agape, his cock bulging in his underwear. Had he no idea he could go down on a woman?

Paisley spread her legs wider and Saige started licking her out in earnest.

“Oh my God!” Declan’s words were strangled, and Saige glanced at him again to see he now had his cock in his hands, pumping for all it was worth.

Saige rubbed Paisley’s clit with her thumb, loving the way her lover’s body responded. They’d been together long enough that Saige knew exactly what to do to make Paisley gasp, and even better, to make her cum, and she intended to show Declan exactly what that was.

She sat up a little, her fingers sliding between Paisley’s legs and inside her pussy. “She likes to be fingered.” Saige held Declan’s gaze. “Two fingers, slightly curled.” She pulled out her hand to show him what she meant, before sliding them back in again. “That way you can rub against her g-spot.” She did, eliciting a deep moan from Paisley.

Declan was bug-eyed.

“And while you do that, you can kiss her. Anywhere, everywhere. But the best spot is right here.” She lowered her mouth to her lovers clit, still holding Declan’s gaze as her tongue stretched out to press against Paisley’s sensitive button. Paisley writhed again, and Declan groaned, his hand pumping even faster.

“Perhaps you’d like to play with her breasts,” Saige suggested, lightly circling one of Paisley’s nipples with a finger. “She likes soft, and gentle. You could kiss them, too.”

Declan nodded, and moved on the bed so he was closer to his wife. Saige went back to lapping at Paisley’s clit as she watched Declan suck his wife’s breasts for the first time.

“Oh my God,” Paisley moaned, her pussy clenching around Saige’s fingers.

Saige always loved giving pleasure, and never minded too much whether the favour was returned or not, but this sight was making her horny, and she shifted slightly, bringing her knees closer so she could balance while she played with her own clit with her spare hand.

She kept working on Paisley, and Declan was getting the hang of things too, enthusiastically sucking one nipple while moulding the other breast in a hand, and then switching over.

Paisley’s moans filled the room, and then it started, the hip thrusting, the ‘oh, oh, oh’, that would soon be followed by a gush of pleasure.

She put her mouth around Paisley’s mound, sucking and licking her clit, while her fingers stroked inside.

“Oh. My. God!” Paisley screamed the words, as a gush of liquid sprayed from between her legs, and Saige did everything in her power to lap it all up.

Paisley sank back onto the bed, as Declan sat up, his mouth wide open.

“And that,” Saige said. “Is how you please a woman.”


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