She Loves Control

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He's used to women, not women like her.

She Loves Control

I arrived at the hotel, room 406 as she directed. This is a first, I think to myself. Admittedly I never thought a woman could demand me, let alone order me to her hotel room like I was room service. Perhaps I'm too privileged and too used to women jumping at the chance to bed me. The thought almost makes me feel guilty, but frankly, I'm more nervous than anything else. Suppressing the thought and the butterflies doing summersaults in my stomach, I knock on the door. Less than a moment passes and she opens the door and I'm quickly taken aback by her raw beauty. I quickly drink in the sight of her, taking note of the way her beautiful black waves fall past her shoulders. Standing in front of me with her black lace lingerie in full view under her silk robe and what looks to be a glass of whiskey in her hand, she motions me in. Taking a swig from the glass, she closes the door behind me and suddenly I'm anxious as I watch her cross the room. It's a foreign feeling to me. I've bedded many women, too many to count, but this woman gives off a vibe unlike anything I've ever encountered. Her eyes are cold as her gaze finally meets mine. She keeps her eyes on me as she puts the glass to her beautiful pouty lips once again and takes another sip. She doesn't wince at the liquor in her cup as she gulps it down. Her gaze holds mine and I can't help but look down avoiding the ice in her stare. My palms are sweaty and I can feel the pace of my heart quicken, I realize I'm in new territory. Hooking my thumbs into the pockets of my jeans I shrug in an awkward manner keeping my eyes down, my vulnerability evident in my stance.

"Lose the shirt," her voice breaks me out of my thoughts catching me by surprise.

I guess she's not one for talking, I smirk to myself but do as I'm told. I pull the shirt over my head and toss it to the floor and meet her gaze again. This time her lip is caught between her teeth as she eyes me hungrily, and I instantly feel more at ease. I take a step towards her and instantly she takes a step back.

"Lose the jeans," this time her words are a purposeful whisper.

I scoff but do as I'm told removing my shoes and socks and slide the jeans down and toss them to the floor beside my shirt. I can hear a slight groan fill her throat as she watches me intently.

"Now the rest," she demands whilst keeping her hungry eyes on me.

This definitely isn't how my usual encounters with women go, but I do as I'm told and slide my boxers down my hips and let them drop to the floor. This time I grin at her with no doubt in my mind that I am impressive from the waist down. I open my arms in a here's all of me manner a smirk ridden across my lips. My smugness seems to challenge her, and I can't help but feel a bit triumphant. Finally, she makes her way towards me and stands close enough for me to feel the heat coming off of her delectable body. I lean in to meet her lips but she quickly grabs my face, stopping me from getting to them. Confused, I watch her watch me, her gaze cold and stern. Catching me by surprise, I feel her tongue run up my bottom lip, between and all the way up to my top lip. The gesture sends a wave of heat down to my groin, making me jump and stiffen against her thigh. Holding me steady, she looks down impressed and lets a slick grin form on her lips as if taking pride in the response to what she's done. Before I can say anything, she pushes me down to the bed and anticipation courses through my blood and zaps to the ends of my nerves. What is she up to? Steadily she brings her face down to mine, hovers against my lips once more and makes her way towards my neck. The heat of her breath enticing me greatly making my skin prick with goosebumps. Unleashing her tongue against my skin, I feel her trail from my shoulder slowly up to the side of my ear, and I'm biting my lip in response.

"Can you do as you're told handsome?" she whispers into my ear and I nod, unable to speak.

"Good, I want to watch you please yourself. Convince me you're worth it." Her words leave me dumfounded, but I'm up for the challenge, it's not like I've never jerked off before. She keeps that icy stare on me whilst taking a step back and leaning herself against the dresser. She's drinking in the sight of me making me feel very exposed. She has command over this whole moment and she wants to watch me, and what kind of man would I be if I didn't do what the lady wishes? The lady wants a show, so I'm gonna give her one.

Time to turn up the charm and make this woman want me. I lean back on my forearm against the bed, careful to show off my best angle making my ab muscles flex. I keep my eyes fixed on her as I bring my hand to my lips spitting generously into my palm and carefully running my tongue between my fingers so she can get a glimpse of what my tongue is capable of. Something to think about I grin to myself, and the change of her expression is approving. I grip myself at the base of my shaft and squeeze as I slowly stroke my length upwards. Her lips are between her teeth as she watches the bead of precum drip down from the head of my penis. I run the tip of my thumb over the head, massaging the precum into the mixture of my spit between my hand. I have her full attention and I'm more than ready to give her that show. I begin to pick up the pace, giving deep strokes, twisting as I reach the top, and I feel heat rush to my face, I can't help but let out a breathy moan. I watch her watching me with that deep gaze of hers taking note of the way the fibers of my muscles flex under my skin as I do what she asked. Her fingers are against her lips and her thighs have noticeably squeezed together tightly. The sight of her gives me a primal urge in my blood and I feel a flash of heat is boiling under my skin. How long can I hold out with her looking at me like that the thought an urgency in my mind? She must see the pleading look on my face, the wanting on my parted lips as she finally makes her way to me in stride.

Before I can catch my breath, she's on the bed next to me, her hand is gripped around mine coaxing me to continue. Her lips take me hungrily, her tongue invading my mouth before biting my bottom lip. The way her tongue dances with mine reveals a woman so in control but begging to relinquish it, begging for pleasure. Let me be the one, the corners of my mind plead. Her lips are warm and wet, and her kiss drags me in deep. The feel of her lips against mine sends a wave of heat all through my veins and down to my shaft where I'm throbbing in anticipation. As she pulls away from my lips, I push forward, holding on, savoring the taste of her lips until she's out of reach. She keeps her grip tight around mine, hovering above my now very swollen and ready erection, and lets a long stream of saliva slide out of her lips. A gasp leaves my lips and she continues to command my hand up and down, her saliva wetting the head of my penis. My chest is heaving in eagerness as she rubs her thumb over my head, making my hips buck in response.

"Good god woman." What is she doing to me?

In my haze, I see her reaching for something tucked in her bra, and she pulls out a condom. Quickly she's ripping the packet with her teeth and rolling the condom over me. Before I can catch my breath she's mounting me, taking my lips and the air right out of my lungs greedily. I feel her sliding her vagina up and down the length of my shaft teasing me more. She's so warm, and I'm dying to slide into her. Gripping her I let my tongue trail across her chest up to her neck and she lets her head fall back in response, still grinding up and down my shaft. I move her bra out the way and take her nipple into my mouth sucking and nibbling gently. I wrap my arms around her, my nose in her hair and try to move her onto her back, and quickly she pins me down. Before I can protest to it, she's sliding slowly onto my penis and I'm gasping. She's so tight and wet around me I can feel myself pulsing deep in her walls. I give in to her as she slowly grinds her hips, riding me deeply. Her body moves like a wave on top of me each thrust pulling me further and further into her. She continues grinding until I can hear her breath quickening. I meet every thrust, giving her every inch of me, and she lets her head fall back. A pleading moan leaves her lips and her body stiffens under me as she explodes into an orgasm. I grip her hips tightly pushing and grinding myself deeper into her prolonging the sensations that overwhelm her whole body into release. As her body calms, the cold in her eyes meet me once more. She got what she came for and her whole demeanor says she doesn't care if I finished or not. She's gonna dismount me and leave me this way if I don't think quick.

Quickly I move my hands into her hair and kiss her eagerly holding her in my grasp. I keep her captive in my kiss and continue to thrust. I move my hand down her body past her belly button and all the way down to where her swollen clit it still pulsing from the orgasm that just ripped through her. My thumb circles her making more of those sweet moans leave her lips creating an even bigger pool of wetness between us. The walls of her vagina tightens and pulses around me, and I respond with deep grinding thrusts. Quickening my pace, I feel her body beginning to stiffen again. Holding her tightly I pull her close to my body, savoring her scent. Her body melts into another orgasm around me, and I give into her. Heat surges through my body into a powerful explosion and I feel sweet release oozing into the condom. Still, inside her, she lets the orgasm flow through her and steadies herself on my lap. Her parted lips let out shallow breathes and I seize the opportunity to taste her lips once more. I kiss her deeply, pouring all my affection into her, savoring the deliciousness of the moment, but just as quickly, she breaks my kiss and pulls herself off of me. She doesn't even glance at me as she heads to the minibar of the hotel room to fill her glass.

"Thank you, you can go now," her tone nonchalant.

Instantly I feel used and confused by the indifference in her voice. I try to process in my mind what kind of woman can have sex with someone and feel nothing at all, and instantly it's clear to me, she's nothing like most women. There's nothing I can do except collect myself and do as I'm told. I trash the used condom and collect my scattered clothes from the floor and quickly dress. I watch her from the corner of my eye and she hasn't even glanced my way. I'm instantly questioning my bedroom skills, but there's no way she could've faked those orgasms, both of them. The thought of it instantly sending a blood rush down to my member, instantly making me stiffen against my jeans. I want to embrace her before I leave, but something tells me that's not what she wants. I move towards her and take her hand in mine, the look on her face ready to oppose, but swiftly I lay a tender kiss on the back of her hand. I keep my gaze on her and watch the ice in her eyes thaw just enough to notice the turmoil under her cold exterior. I'd love to peel her apart, but what she wants is me to leave, so I'll do as I'm told. I turn on my heel and exit the room, letting the door close and lock behind me. This will be the last time I ever see her the thought makes me uncomfortable. Unless.

I pull out the marker I had stashed in my jeans from work earlier and deface the door to her room with my number and a smiley face. Feeling accomplished I leave the hotel. Now I'll wait.

Iris Morales
Iris Morales
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