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Shall We Play A Game?

by K. Dallas 4 months ago in erotic
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A quick little game of tease & denial during a family dinner.

Shall We Play A Game?
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

One of my favourite little games to play with you, babygirl, is teasing you until you can't stand it. I love to play it as often as I can. Most times it ends up with you begging me to end your suffering, fill you up and satisfy that need to have me inside you. Today was different though.

Maybe it was the setting, having dinner with your parents, me teasing you under the table and driving you wild with my fingers while you were supposed to be concentrating on the conversation. Maybe that's why you were so eager to find a moment alone with me, making some excuse to leave after I had gone to answer a call from work.

On my way back towards the living room where everyone had moved, you surprised me and tugged me into a guest room, the one that used to be your bedroom. Hands already undoing my belt and pants, forcing me down onto the bed before nestling between my legs, mouth greedy in taking as much of my length as you could.

Before I knew it you had me hard as a rock, climbing up my body quickly. All I heard were hushed words as you did. "Fuck me, Sir..." No question or plea, though it trailed off in that desperate way it tended to do. I could tell how badly you needed me and I wasn't going to deny you.

At that moment I imagined that this had to have been what it was like for that boyfriend back in college, the one you had messed around with since the end of high school. Sneaking around, trying to be quiet when you knew your parents could walk in at any moment, but needing to be a naughty little slut regardless. I might have been jealous of that boy if I hadn't been the one under you at that moment; you still looked like the innocent girl next door as you lowered yourself down on my cock.

Pulling your skirt up in a rush, I helped move your panties out of the way and relished in the feeling of my tip pressing against your wet slit. I held you steady when you shuddered while I teased you with what you craved. You arched just right to make the position perfect, and I made sure you slide down on me fully before I pulled back out. When I sunk back into your tight walls it was hard to not make a sound. I laid my head back on the bed, looking up at you as you started to rock, my hips working to meet yours at a steady pace.

We needed to make it fast, but I wanted to play with longer the risk of it all. I wouldn't let you ride me faster, I was having too much fun taking in the sight of you on top of me, the look of bliss on your face as you got lost in pleasure. The idea of one of your family members catching us made me smile, and the notion of your asshole father doing so turned it into something devilish.

As soon as you started to clench around me I knew I wasn't ready yet, but I knew I could catch up quickly enough. So I pulled you down harder, hands gripping at your hips, thumbs pressed at that dip which makes a perfect handhold. I helped control just how fast your pace was, and slammed my hips up to meet you and force every inch of my cock as deep as possible.

"Sir, cum in me, please..." those were your words, made shaky and breathless as you feel my length twitch inside you. You knew you had pushed me to that edge. I held your hips where they were and pumped harder, until I felt all that tension being built up start to unravel. "Milk my cock like the good little slut you are," I growled the command under my breath as I emptied every last drop inside of you. That's when I felt your cunt tighten around me as you climaxed, and heard you stifle your moan with clenched teeth.

You flopped down on my chest, panting and shivering from the waves of pleasure that still rolled through your body. I wrapped my arms around you, leaving kisses on your cheek between whispered words of praise and expectation. "Such a naughty girl you are, but I love that. You're going to have to keep my cum inside you for the rest of the day. That way I can see the blush on your cheeks as you pretend to be an innocent little girl for your parents."

After we fixed our clothes and returned to the living room, I loved seeing that bloom of colour on your cheeks. I knew that you got excited and embarrassed knowing that everyone suspected us of exactly what had taken place. You couldn't sit still as you felt my cum leaking out of you, and your eyes kept seeking out mine. I could tell you were quietly revelling in the delightful shame of it all as much as I was.

We should play that kind of game far more often, babygirl.


About the author

K. Dallas

I'm a 40-year-old polyamorous, Dominant, trans man (he/him), and Satanist. I'm also a fiction writer with a very spicy mind thanks to ADHD & Autism. I take on romance/erotica commissions when time allows & ghostwrite professionally.

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