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Endless Hunger

by K. Dallas 2 months ago in erotic
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A good start to a morning for a sleepy submissive.

Endless Hunger
Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Slowly I make my way down the hall towards the bedroom, making sure to move quietly. I know that I will find you still curled up under the folds of your blanket. My heartbeat thrums with excitement and expectation, eager for the sight of your body sprawled out before me. As if I had sent a plea to some unnamed deity, I find you uncovered, body strewn over the crumpled-up blanket you had forsaken at some point. Even in the dim light, the curves of you make my body feel like it has caught fire. I crave the feel of your skin against my fingertips and the taste of you on the tip of my tongue.

‎It takes everything I have in order to gently crawl onto the bed, having left my shirt and sweatpants strewn behind me. I reach out and ever so tenderly brush my hand along your thigh, working my way up to the curve of your ass, where I have to resist claiming a handful of it like the greedy creature that I am. ‎This is where you stir softly from the depths of your sleep. You linger there on the cusp of reality, where everything still seems very much like a dream. Even as I direct your relaxed form so that you are on your back, there is little to no resistance against my guiding hands.

‎When I spread your legs and bow my head to place kisses along your inner thighs, that is when I peel the first notes of your innocent sounds. They are pure reactions, unfettered by self-control or concern of being heard. They are ecstasy distilled to perfection. ‎I earn a raspy gasp when my mouth finds your clit, and you feel the tingle my lower lip causes as it brushes over it. Soon after my tongue seeks it out, teasing slowly, circling and flicking with determined restraint. Coaxing you out of your haze of sleep with unexpected and overwhelming sensations.

‎Your fingers reach out, taking hold of anything they can. One hand finds the pillow behind your head and the other tangles in my hair. Now you are offering up soft prayers to me, along with breathless moans and shuddering sighs. Urging on that primal need I have to make you cum before you are fully aware of your surroundings. ‎I roll my body upwards, forcing my tongue to drag along your needful cunt, catching the hood of your clit as I pull upwards, and force your hips to buck with uncontrollable instinct. I hum against the mouthful I have of you and do it again. Over and over until I feel your body tighten. With one more draw of my tongue, I open up the floodgates and let the taste of you wash over me.

‎That is when I no longer force my hunger down into my belly. Instead, I grasp at your thighs and force your hips upwards, burying my face as deeply as I can between them. My chin teases the opening of your cunt just as the tip of my tongue swirls around your clit, working to draw out your next orgasm faster. I feel your fingers grip and pull as your body shudders again and again. ‎When you are breathless I stop and let your hips rest back against the bed. Like a predator I crawl up your body, tongue trailing along your skin, leaving eager but teasing bites on the way upwards. Pausing to give attention to each nipple, treating them to the same curling tease that had made you cum.

‎As I reach your mouth I look you in the eyes and admire the lust-drunk gaze you look up at me with. When I capture your lips, I part them with my tongue and share the taste you left on the tip of it with you. It is a hungry, passionate kiss, and I make sure to take your breath away before I break it.

‎"Good morning, baby..."

‎My words are a tender distraction as my hands work, and I watch your eyes go wide when you feel my cock slide deep into your slick cunt. I respond to the moan that gets caught in your throat with a primal groan of satisfaction. The way your walls are forced to open for me makes me twitch, and I have to fight off the desire to simply cum right then and there. I lean in and take another hungry kiss from you, devouring the sounds that you make as I rock my hips back, drawing the length of my shaft out of you, and then rock forward to force the head of my cock firmly against your cervix. The walls of your cunt quake and tighten, responding like I knew you would.

‎I break the kiss and growl against the shell of your ear, "that's my good little girl." The praise is followed up with another deep thrust. Then another, and another. Pushing you right towards that edge you had already fallen over previously. When I feel you tighten again, body arching upwards against mine I bark a guttural order into your open mouth.

‎"Cum for me, give me your orgasm. It's mine to fuck -- just like you are."

‎Your body writhes under me, and I feel it try and force my cock out of you, and the warm rush of your flood part of the length of my shaft. I allow you a moment to enjoy the mess that your cunt had just unleashed, the aftermath of which is now soaking into the bed and still dripping off us both. Then I start thrusting again, this time harder and faster. I am going to take another one from you. After only a few violent thrusts I can feel your body clenching and shuddering. Another hungry kiss claims your mouth and the scream of pleasure that had tried to escape.

‎This is how the rest of the morning is spent. Until we are both tired and tangled up in each other, soaked in the mixture of our sweat and cum. With a content euphoric high, I pull you out of bed and into the shower. Leaving kisses along your skin and on top of the marks I've left on your body. Under the refreshing stream of water, I whisper in your ear, "cum for me." My fingers seek out your clit to coax another quick orgasm from you, rolling against you until I feel the last bit of your juices well up and spill over my fingertips.

"That's my good little girl."


About the author

K. Dallas

I'm a 40-year-old polyamorous, Dominant, trans man (he/him), and Satanist. I'm also a fiction writer with a very spicy mind thanks to ADHD & Autism. I take on romance/erotica commissions when time allows & ghostwrite professionally.

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