Sexual Desires

What We All Like During Sex

Sexual Desires

Knowing other people's sexual desires can have a thrilling affect on your own sexual desires. Knowing what people like, what people enjoy, and what people do and give ourselves ideas or fantasies about what you may want to do within your sex life.

Although some people don't want to know what other people do and what other people like when it comes to sexual acts and sexual performances, some people want to keep it to themselves because they believe that it is a personal matter.

Sexual desires can change over time or over a short period; I suppose I don't really know why they change but I think it's like everything else we like and dislike, it all changes over time. I suppose the chemical balances in our brains can change which can change the chemical balances within our bodies.

An example of a persons sexual desire would be, someone would prefer to have most of the sexual acts performed on them and they would lay there and enjoy it and then join in towards the end. Another example would be that someone would prefer to take control and perform most of the sexual acts themselves and would like to try new things one other people. When a person is performing most of the sexual acts themselves on somebody else it can give them the sense of control and the sense that they are in charge, this sometimes gives the individual more sexual feeling than what the sexual act would.

My own example of my sexual desire would be to have someone really plan the night from before any sexual act was performed to after the sexual acts were performed and what they/we would do after. This would be planning an romantic evening meal, watching a movie together, having the other person perform the sexual acts on me, and then I would join in for the last few sexual acts at the end to give myself and the other person the sexual pleasure we were both looking and hoping for. Then probably relaxing together afterwards talking together, watching television together.

Another example of sexual desires would be from my partner. He prefers the new approaches and finding something new. However, he still has a few desires that we haven't done, these are taking pics of sexual acts/performances indoors, taking pics outside; this gives the thrill I suppose of "maybe" getting caught which is probably unlikely. He also prefers to think and fantasise about performing sex acts outside. This can give the extra thrill about getting "caught" which after all could give a little spice up to the bedroom.

An example of sexual desire that we both are planning on happening/doing is to have a date night in a hotel, fancy romantic meal, going into the hotel room each having a shower and changing into the bath robes with nothing underneath. Starting with a few sex acts moving on and on from the one before leading us to actually performing the final sex act.

This night would probably give us the sense of being a little risky, having no one around to walk in on us. Being able to what ever we wanted to perform onto each other. The different thrills that we both could experience can give each other different intense sexual feelings about each other and about themselves which could help the sexual acts appear to be 10 times as better as you would originally think they would be.

Therefore, sexual desires don’t always change daily or weekly or monthly, they may not change at all. You may have the same sexual desire all of your life.

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Tanisha Dagger
Tanisha Dagger
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