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Sexual Awakenings

by Timothy Kincaid 10 months ago in erotic · updated 10 months ago

Mystery Shower Honey

Sexual Awakenings
Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

Alarms are the primary source of awakening by most Americans. The sound from my alarm at Clemson had a God awful sound. Making love to fairest Kappa Sweetheart and Tiger Bell in all the land had a few hidden advantages. 

The main one is my alarm on this fine morning are the kisses of a goddess. I feel soft kisses on my lips, cheeks, and forehead. I opened my eyes and there the sweet lovely thing was, smiling, staring me down. 

She speaks in a hushed tone. Hi Lover, our legs are like pretzels. She snuggles up tight against my naked body. Stephanie, so toasty warm; awakening lying next to her felt almost as good as making love to her. 

Hey darlin l respond in a whisper. I stroke her hair and kiss; she gives her tongue; she tastes of fresh grapes and peaches. I feel her hand gently massaging my love vessel. Steph’s eyes are not blinking. I’ve seen that look before, a determined laser like focus of a woman determined to get what she wants. 

Thru our kisses she says baby I need more. The sweetheart’s body went from toasty warm to sizzling hot. She has my full attention. What time is it? I ask. I don’t know and don’t care. Steph replies while taking off my oversized T-shirt she used as a makeshift nightgown. Like most 21-year-olds, my Johnson would harden with a gust of wind. That this Black Beauty has a grip on my manhood makes my morning wood harder than a California Sequoia.

The Tiger Belle mounts me in record time; she buries her face in my neck. She is biting and sucking; sucking and biting like a newborn vampire. I’m screaming like a first time Bambi being slaughtered. The Sweetheart is pumping and grinding so hard I fear she may pound me through the mattress to the floor. She raises up; we make a sexual L. My lense foggy from blood loss; shaking my head clears my vision enough to view those full moist lips, long supple neck; my eyes follow a single sweat droplet as it makes its way down, running between those voluptuous Double Dee’s to a tight tummy falling inside my loves belly button; she has an innie, how cute I hadn’t noticed from our session last night. 

My hands grab hold of those soft but firm hips. My entire body begins uncontrollably convulsing while my Love takes back control. She now has my wrist locked above my head with both her paws. This unworldly creature is back in her feasting position, sucking and biting my voice box; disabling my ability to scream.

We both signal reaching our goal through blood curdling groans. The Tiger Bell’s body goes limp on top of mine. Her sizzling hot to the touch body is now as cold as a reflectionless temptress. I’m left euphorically shivering, feeling forever transformed.

My morning wood, the California Sequoia, now a Crepe Myrtle. We both breathe as if the room is oxygen deprived. After several minutes, she dismounts and spoons me from behind. My vamp offers a mischievous giggle and whispers good morning lover. The alarm goes off. Time to awaken from our dream world; reality awaits.

I lean up to turn off my alarm. You got class today; I say. No Bae, I’m all yours till 2 hours before tip off. She responds. Steph has Tiger Bell duties. What about you? I have a 9 am class. I reply. We are now face to face under the covers. 

It’s 7:30 am. I want to stay with you. I say. No worries, Bae, I will be here when you return. Do you promise? I reply. We seemed to have reversed roles; my lovers usually beg me to stay. I’m jumping in the shower. She says. Ok Boo. I watch her exit; my goodness, all that jelly and no toast. I’m not showering I plan on taking her dried fluids and smells with me to class. 

I slide on my GameDay Tiger Orange warm up suit. I add a white tee under the jacket and our sponsors’ Converse Weapons. I’m in the kitchen pouring a glass of OJ, trying to replenish all the fluids lost when Knice and Money walk in. Yo Kade, you ready to walk to the Training Table. Yea, give me a sec. I reply. Close the door and come in. 

Y’all ain’t gonna believe who’s in the shower. I whisper. Madonna. Knice says. Sheila E. Money chimes in. Ha Ha. assholes, she is hotter than both dem bitches. Oh Hell, they respond and dap each other up. She’s the hottest sista red beans and rice didn’t miss her on campus. 

Damn my brother, I thought you only did white girls. Knice says. See you don’t pay attention, I love chocolate just as much as vanilla. Watch this. Hey Boo, is the water hot enough. Yes, sweetie. She replies. I will see you after class. Wait, come give me a bye kiss. 

I walk out of the bathroom, pick my book bag off the couch and head out the door. Who is she? Money asks. I ignore him and continue outside. My mates catch up. Stephanie, what’s her face is the sexiest black hottie on the yard. Money says. But she has a boyfriend who never lets her out of his sight. 

Steph and I go way back to freshman year; Y’all knuckleheads were in JUCO. K-nice you were in LA and Money you were still in the Bronx. Bullshit K-nice says. That’s why he ran out so fast. Well, my friend, I have an Andrew Jackson saying it’s her. I reply. What the hell is an Andrew Jackson? Money asks. The white dude on the 20 dollar bill. I reply. Ok. Bet. Knice says. 

Damn man, Mamma will lock the door on us. I’m starving. MONEY says. We have time, K-nice replies. Wait give the money to money. Hey that rhymes. I say. They both laugh. My brother, that shit doesn’t rhyme. Hit with a line MONEY. K-nice says. My two homies bettin all their lunch money trying desperately to id the mysterious, sexy shower honey. Money spits. That’s a rhyme. K-nice says. We give the cash to MONEY and jog back to verify the identity of my secret lover.

We enter to find Steph in the kitchen looking like a baller’s girlfriend. My love dons my number 33 practise jersey. It’s orange with blue numbers and she wears it like a sexy dress. Did you forget something? She asks. Yea. I’ll be right back. I dash to my bedroom. I leave my mates in the living room with their mouths agate. 

Hi Boys. Excuse me, let me go check on your friend. They both reply OK at the same time and watch the sweetheart twist barefooted down the hall to my room. She enters. Sorry Boo, I forgot my ID. I say. She comes in close to give me a tight squeeze. I take her chin and give a quick peck. 

We walk down the hall arm in arm. The Boys are standing in the living room like 2 knots on a log. I give her an actual kiss. Nice to meet you guys. Steph says. She ushers us out the door. Ok guys, let nothing happen to My Boo. Make sure he gets back safely. She says. I blew her a kiss. 

Give me my money, Marion, his government name. I say. What the hell she thinks gonna happen to your black ass on this crime free campus. Knice asks. Dude, you never know, the way my lucks been going Madonna and Sheila E. probably gonna kidnap me and make a nigga their sex slave. We all have a laugh.

Sexual Awakening continues...


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