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Sex Positions That Use All Five Senses

We take in our world through all five senses, yet so often we forget to explore more than touch when choosing sex positions.

By Bethany TiamatPublished 7 years ago 6 min read

Our world—be it our day-to-day conversations or sexual exploits under the covers—is a product of the five senses. So often, the sexual world remains restricted to tactile sensations. We long to touch and be touched, but so often we forget our bodies are host to a number of other senses. The masterful lover learns that, in order to fully satisfy his or her partner's needs, he or she needs to explore more creative methods to bring his or her partner to orgasm. The following sex techniques will explore ways we can utilize every one of our five senses to bring our greatest sexual fantasies to blazing life.

The Honey Cat

Why not spice up the bedroom with a little sweetness? This one sex position may get a little messy, but your partner probably won't mind that one bit. Simply take some honey, and pour it down the scale of your torso. Let it drizzle down your waist until some of it covers your genitals. Feel the sweetness tickle down the scale of your belly and over your nether regions.

And then tell your partner to lick it off. From top to bottom.

This integration of sexual and carnal appetite will leave you shaking as your partner scales his or her tongue down over your navel, licking your skin clean of every inch of sweetness. Let out a moan so he or she knows how much you like it. Very slowly. Before your partner's tongue travels down—and then the fun begins, for both of you. The scent of honey mixed with your personal brand of love juice will be just enough to drive your partner wild.

Blind-Fold Feel-Up

So much of our world is taken in through our eyes. Imagine the uncertainty—the excitement—when we take that away? Strap a dark blindfold over your partner's eyes. Leave him or her uncertain of what is coming next. Sometimes, to best excite one's five senses, one must be muffled. Perhaps, to tease him or her, hand feed him or her an M&M after telling him or her it's a Skittle. Stuff like that might leave your partner unsure about what's going to come next.

After satisfying the appetite of the mouth, satisfy their sexual appetite. Make sure to unbutton your shirt and pants. Leave them knowing what's about to come, but tease them with the uncertainty of when and how it will reach them. Only then will you do something unexpected. Take an ice cube, and rest it along their chest. Let the warmth of their body melt the cube, and watch the cold water slink down their skin. Only then can you warm them up by pressing your body against them. Skin pressed against each other—bare and moist. Let the scent of your hair fill your partner's nostrils. Tease.

Then, begin. Any sex position—doesn't matter. They won't see it coming.

Feather Duster

Bear with me on this one.

Blindfold your partner again. Deprive them of the visual so you can tantalize them once more with a world of sound and touch. This time, however, rather than dropping an ice cub on his or her body to let the frozen water trickle down his or her skin, take a feather-duster, and let the bristles of each feather stroke your partner's bare abdomen or chest. Underside of the arms, rear of the thighs—doesn't matter.

The fleeting sensations will be unexpected, and, moreover, leave him or her eager for a more lasting moment of contact. It teases just enough to make him or her beg for more. To make his or her lips twitch as he or she leans in for your kiss. But you're removed, watching your partner long for a more lasting touch. Tease until you can take no more of your partner's pleading body. Give in, and roll down on the floor entangled in his or her limbs.

While this sex position may not appear too explicit at first, its tantalizing as foreplay. By exciting the sense of touch, it leaves the rest of the five senses on edge—and, by eliminating sight, it simply makes your partner more sensitive with the rest of his or her senses.

Vanilla-Scented Clouds

You ever want to fly in the clouds, only to realize that your butt will never float on the clouds? Simply take a dozen or so pillows, and lace the pillow cases in the perfumes of your choice. Lavender. Vanilla. Axe body spray. Doesn't matter what, so long as it makes you feel eager and hungry for your partner's bare skin against your own.

When you and your partner throw down on the pillows (preferably a sex position that necessitates laying down), it will almost feel like you're floating in the air as you make love. While you plunge in or lick, you will be filled with the unusual sensation of floating on cotton fluff, as well as the rich scent of your preferred perfume. Your sex life will take an unusual turn forward with this one. Your five senses will be teased by the softness and scents, and create the illusion of levitation.

If you want to try an even more hardcore version, throw a cotton blanket over your bodies as you make love. Submerge yourself in darkness with that soft cotton draping your skin. You may forget you're in your bedroom, and feel as though you're making passionate love in the night's sky.

Sniffing Them Up

Some people like to feel up their partner—to run his or her fingertips from hipbone (or love handle) to shoulder, but the sexual appetite cannot be satisfied by mere "feeling up" with hands. It may be a necessary part of any sex position, but there are alternatives just as seductive.

You must also use your nose.

The human body gives off pheromones when it's hungry for another body, so take your partner in with your nose. You have five senses. Use them! Inhale every inch of your partner—the crook of their neck, their arms, their torso, their crotch. Lick your partner's genitals, then give them a kiss on the mouth. Fill him or her with their own taste. Let them taste that little happiness that you are oh-so-eager to enjoy yourself. Then, enjoy the same treatment as you await that taste that drives your partner crazy.

Whispering Sweet Nothings

Sometimes all you need to drive your partner's sexual appetite wild is just to say what's on your dirty mind. Take a seat on your partner's lap, pressing your body to theirs. Let your chests meet as you fold your fingers behind their head. Bring your lips to your partner's ear, and say every fantasy bursting up through your mouth. Say every sex position you're longing to try out. No, don't say—moan it. Through clenched teeth or quivering lips, let it out like a little breeze that'll tickle the earlobe.

Do it all while shifting your weight over your partner's junk. Feel it stiffen or moisten, depending. Feel your partner's hands squeeze you tighter as you say it all—whatever you want. Leave him or her straining between each seductive stimuli—touch or hearing? Five senses, and he or she can't figure out which one is offering them the most pleasure. And then lock eyes, and, with a little, mischievous grin, say "Now do it."

After your partner fulfills your sexual fantasies, know that you better return the favor, and let your partner sit on your lap while whispering everything in your ears. And feel that same eagerness to please well up in your chest before finding your chance to make your partner's sexual dreams come true.

Sensual Massage

Everyone knows the massage is by nature one of the most erotic things a couple can do with each other. It almost qualifies as a pure sex position—and often gives way to intense love making. But there are a few ways to make this expression of love through intense touching even more erotic. Ways to incorporate more of your five senses into the massage to further make it both a massage of the body and spirit. Lather your body in a perfume while spraying your partner in a complementary scent. Lay your partner down, mount them from behind, and start running your thumbs down every knotted muscle.

Ask your partner where he or she wants your hands to travel, and obey whatever is said. Be a conduit for his or her personal pleasure. Press down on the shoulders. Run fingers down the scale of the spine. Grasp each hip in hand and thrust if he or she begs for it—or don't. Leave your partner begging for that, but tantalize him or her by tracing sweet scented smilie faces in the little of his or her back. Maybe even draw up to his or her nose—let him or her take in your sweet smell--before whispering a little "Make me."

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