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Sex Positions for Very Flexible People

Flexibility is sexy, ask any guy watching a girl do a split! If this is you, check out these sex positions for very flexible people!

By Alicia SpringerPublished 4 years ago 7 min read

With yoga having become so mainstream, more people are increasing their flexibility. The great part is that it’s not only healthy, but it can rev up your sex life. If you’re someone who is flexible and is lucky enough to have a partner who is flexible too, then you have to check out these sex positions for very flexible people. If you manage to pull them off, you'll probably be checking off some of the weirdest sex positions everyone should try at least once, too.

Back Bending Blow Job


Don’t be surprised if he reaches climax rather quickly. This blow job gives him great visual stimulation while physically rocking his world. As he lays down, you spread your legs and straddle his head while placing your feet on either side of his head. As you bend over backward, walk your hands down the sides of his body, stopping at his hips as you lower your mouth down onto him. It takes quite a bit of strength, balance, and flexibility to pull this off, so hopefully, you’ve not been missing your yoga class. This is one sex position that he won’t soon forget, and neither will you. It gives new meaning to the whole pain and pleasure principle. Not for the faint of heart, only those with great flexibility or a daring nature should try it.

The Pretzel


The pretzel position is as tangled up as you’d expect, and quite naughty. Lay on your back and raise one leg so that your knee touches your shoulder. Do the same with the other leg, then wrap each of your arms over the back of your thighs and touch the ground with your hands. Once displayed in this position, he will have unencumbered access for deep penetration. The more flexible you are, the wider you can pull your legs, giving him a sight that might just make him explode before he even enters you. This position is also great for anal sex while he stimulates your clitoris with his hands or a sex toy for double penetration. The possibilities are endless, and so much fun.

The Balanced Split


If you are a regular in yoga class then you are probably already practicing the best exercise for your sex life. This position challenges you by adding balance to the equation. While doing a center split, he holds you up over his head by your thighs as you use your hands on his shoulders for balance. As you spread your legs past his head, he lowers you down for a delicious treat, giving you the best oral sex you ever had. As long as you can maintain the split, and/or however long he can hold you up, is how long this sex position will last. He has full control, and can bring you to the brink of orgasm, driving you crazy until you are begging for intercourse.

Contorted Reverse Cowgirl


If you want the best of both worlds, you have to try the contorted reverse cowgirl. Have him lay down and mount him as you would in a reverse cowgirl position; back to him, straddling his thighs for deep penetration. Now here is where the contortion comes into play. As you ride him, you will perform a back bend until the top of your head is on his chest and you are looking him in the eye. Now you can have face to face sex while doing a reverse cowgirl, sensually kissing each other while you ride him to climax. This is definitely having your cake and eating it too. You may never want to try another position again.

The Cheerleader Cowgirl

Rah, rah, shish, boom, bah! This position will bring out the cheerleader in you. Mount him in the reverse cowgirl position. Then raise one leg, bring it backward, and place it over his shoulder with the top of your thigh pressing against his body while the other leg extends outward down his body. You are now in a full side split as you rock back and forth. This sex position requires a dedication to your yoga class to master the split before you can comfortably perform this feat. Remember, never to push yourself beyond your limits, and if you feel pain, stop. No orgasm is worth injuring yourself. Always warm up before you engage in this type of activity.

Pole Dancer


Most every girl has dreamed about being a pole dancer, even if it is just for her lover. In this position, the pole is his penis. Start out in the standing position and have him lift you up as you spread your legs and wrap them around him. Once he’s inside, have him tighten his grip on your butt as you perform a back bend, reaching for the floor while he moves in and out. Careful not to take it too far, you could actually break his pole, but when done correctly, the grip on his penis gets stronger and stronger. This is a position he will be asking for over and over again.



Remember when you were a baby and you could bend over and put your head on the ground, looking through your legs? Okay, maybe you don’t remember doing it, but you’ve probably seen a baby do it in a game of peekaboo. Well, this sex position is similar, with a naughty twist. Stand up and bend over, placing your head on the floor as he stands behind you and enters you. In this position, he can provide deep penetration, giving you as many orgasms as you can stand. It’s the greatest and most sexiest game of peekaboo that you have ever played in your life. Give it a try the next time your inner child wants some fun.

The Bridge


This position requires flexibility on the man’s part. By now you should know to be doing yoga for mobility, so hopefully he hasn’t been missing yoga classes and can hold a bridge pose for at least five minutes. The bridge pose is done by standing up and doing a back bend until your hands touch the floor, then holding it in the that position, forming a bridge. Once he is secure, climb on top, spread your legs, and place him inside you. Then give him the ride of his life. An alternate idea is to mount him and raise one leg over his chest as he penetrates you, placing yourself in a half split. This position requires strength and balance, as well as stamina. If you’re both flexible, this could be one of your favorite positions.

The Praying Mantis

The praying mantis pose is a sex position that doesn’t provide deep penetration, but gives direct clitoral stimulation. It is performed when he lays on his back and you lay on top of him, face to face, as you raise one leg backward until he can grab your foot. Do the same with the other leg. Once he has both your feet in his hands, spread your legs so he can penetrate you. He will pull your feet toward your back as far as you allow. The more you bend, the more shallow the penetration and the greater the clitoral stimulation will be. If you are flexible, this will be a fairly easy position to perform, but one that brings intense satisfaction.

Upside Down Split


A split uses the floor as resistance to help spread the legs, however, in an upside down split, it can be harder. Gravity does help, but not as much as the floor, so you have to be really flexible in order for this position to work. This works by first getting into a handstand facing him. He will be standing and reach down to wrap his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground. Once in the air, you will perform a center split. In this upside down split position, you are perfectly aligned for him to begin kissing your clitoris before fully devouring you. This position takes strength on his end, and flexibility on your end.

The Double Handstand

If you’re thinking about performing any of these positions, particularly the double handstand, try the poses out in a yoga class to increase your flexibility. This sex position may be one of the hardest, but it is also one of the most fun. It requires both of you to bend over into a handstand. Have him get into position first, by using the wall for balance and facing outward. Next, raise one leg and then the other to get into a handstand facing him. Spread your legs to allow him to penetrate you. You may not accomplish deep penetration, but this definitely one of those sex positions for very flexible people worth trying. Make sure you trust your partner, and never try anything you’re not comfortable with, or that puts you in danger.

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