Sex Dolls

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Silicone, TPE, and Blow-ups

Sex Dolls

In a society where women are taught that no man can please them, no man can find a G-spot, nor care how to find it, no man can last more than two minutes, and all men do is watch degrading porn and beat their meats, it shouldn't be so difficult to understand why regular dudes own sex dolls.

It’s not only accepted that women have dildos, rabbit vibrators, and those cute, little egg things—I think they’re called bullets—it’s also expected that women enjoy these toys.

And why shouldn’t they? Self love is the best love, and if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love others? Plus, it’s good for a woman to be sexually open and comfortable, so that she can feel comfortable achieving an orgasm with a partner, but this isn’t about women….

All shows, movies, books, and lots of internet articles poke fun at guys for owning sex dolls. They act like dudes who bone a doll are weird. They can’t get a woman. They have small dicks. They’re bad in bed and worse. Sometimes, they’re even portrayed as sociopathic serial killers. That’s really not fair, but I’m not here to complain about hurt butt holes. I’m just here to try to set the record straight.

It’s okay for men to masturbate. It’s okay for everyone to masturbate. It’s okay for everyone to masturbate with toys. It’s okay to watch porn, so long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily life and relationships.

Anything can become an addiction.

If it’s okay to masturbate, and it’s okay for women to play with toys, and it’s great for couples to experiment with them, what’s wrong with a dude buying a sex doll? I have one, but I’ll get into that in a minute… Actually, I just got out of that a minute ago, and that’s when I decided to write this post. :3

In a world where real women are becoming more fake, with collagen shot into their faces, bags of salt water stuck into their tits, and I don’t even know how they make fake asses...

Someone needs to ask Nicki Minaj how she got dat ass.

It’s not so far fetched, when you really analyze it, for men to grow accustomed to fake women, and I mean physically augmented women, not phony personalities. On top of all that, in this age of SFM porn, where the graphics and animation are based on real life movements, it becomes more and more expected for men to want a high quality sex doll.

Now, I’m no behavioral therapist; I’m not going to get into the weirdos who name their dolls, talk to them, pretend they have personalities, and essentially live in a fantasy world of their own creation. I’m here to talk about regular guys who enjoy enhancing their self loving experience with a high quality sex toy, which, by the way, can be enjoyed with a partner; there are all kinds of attachments and accessories.

When it comes to dolls, there’s always the joke blow-up doll, like Isis, the doll Bud Bundy used to keep under his bed.

Anyone who owns this kind of doll probably received it as a joke, or bought it as a joke, and it probably occupies the frat house living room. I’ve never used this kind of doll, and I just can’t imagine it’s pleasurable; I mean, it’s gotta be the equivalent of a girl filling a ziplock bag with air, and trying to stuff it in her muff.

The two real kinds of dolls, excluding sex robots, which I won’t discuss because I don’t own one, are silicone and TPE, which are basically the same thing; they’re both soft, pliable, plastic polymers. Doll makers have begun to make these dolls to appear physically appealing and feel great to the touch; their tits bounce, their asses jiggle, they come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations, and they can be customized.

To me, it’s like owning a nice car. I like my Audi. I care about it. I care for it, and I have it all set up the way I want it. It’s my Audi. I drive it. I don’t want anyone else to drive it, and I’m going to get mad if it gets damaged.

Anyway, I had never owned a Fleshlight, which is a man’s masturbation aid, because I never imagined they were worth my time.

I really didn’t believe they could feel like a real vagina. I still don’t own one, so I still don’t know, but if they feel half as nice as my sex doll, they must be pretty good. On the other hand, I’ve owned toys for couples for years, and have found some better than others, but recently I suffered a break up, and more recently, I came into some extra dough, and like a lot of guys who aren’t ready to get back out there and try dating again, I was watching some porn when I saw an ad for an onahole—basically a Fleshlight.

I peeked out of curiosity, and saw a ton of amazing products. Among those products were sex dolls, but they were all around $2,000. I mean, for that dough I can just rent some love, ya’ know? So I perused the site’s other products, signed up for email notifications on deals, and forgot all about it. The emails were going into my spam folder anyway, but then, one day I was checking through that spam folder, saw a deal on some dolls, figured What the H, and took a peek.

They had this cute little thing on sale.

At the time, her price was about $700 with international shipping and customs, and since she was dressed up as a cute little cat, I went for it. I mean, it’s about as close as a guy can get to boning a real, hentai catgirl. Am I right???

I also liked that she was small, about 4 feet 2 inches, and only weighed 30 pounds. I figured if I were going to mess around with this thing, I’d like her to be small, so I can move her around the house easily, and bathe her without snapping my spine.

Now, she’s a silicone doll, which has its benefits; it can tolerate more heat than TPE, I believe it’s a little more durable, easier to clean, and doesn’t stain so much, but TPE is easier to mold and sculpt, so the TPE dolls tend to look a little more life-like than silicone, but hell, I wasn’t going for life like; I wanted the hentai catgirl fantasy!

Naturally, I was a little leery placing my order because I thought the site might be a scam. I had read about sex doll scams before, and didn’t want to lose $700, but there was a chat option available, and I looked around the web for some reviews on the site, and everything looked legit, so I went for it.

I’m sure at this point everyone wants to know if these dolls are like the real thing. Yes… they are LIKE the real thing, but they are NOT the real thing. They are sex toys, and I like them, but they will never replace a loving partner.

Sex with a loving partner is very intimate, or it can be; sometimes it’s a quickie bone, but whatever. When I’m having “sex” with a doll, I don’t really feel like I’m having sex, but the orgasm is the same.

Here’s something no one ever talks about, right? Women talk about a clitoral orgasm versus an orgasm from penetration, or an orgasm from anal penetration, but no one ever talks about men’s orgasms.

I’ve never had a rectal orgasm, so, ya’ know, I can’t really talk about that…

The orgasm I get from rubbing my stick is not the same kind of orgasm I get from any kind of penetration; throats, pussies, and butt holes are all sphincters, and while they are different, they provide me with the same kind of orgasm, which I would qualify as more squishy than one achieved from a hand job or tit job.

All that explained, I think sex dolls are super cool, and if I ever get the chance to buy another high quality doll for $700, I’m-a gonna’ buy one! They’re a lot of fun. You can accessorize them, dress ‘em up; they don’t need to be wined and dined; they’re always in the mood, and they feel very nice to the touch.

I’m always more interested in real, warm flesh, a nice personality, and intelligent conversation, but as a single guy with no desire to ever raise a family, I’d pick a sex doll over Nicki Minaj any day of the week.

Thanks for reading. I hope more people become comfortable with the idea of sex dolls, and I also want to add that there are male sex dolls as well as attachments to make female sex dolls transsexual. If they ever begin covering dolls in faux fur or plush, I’ll pay just about anything….

Interested in sex dolls or other marital aids? You have my guarantee that the following sites are legit sites for your sexual purchases.



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