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Sex Doll

The beginning

By Sissboy1987Published 8 days ago 16 min read

I called Sam a bitch under my breath as she walked passed my desk. I was trying to see how far I could push her. She stops in her tracks, her body tensing as she slowly turns back around.

"What did you just call me, Steve?"

Her voice is ice cold, eyes flashing with anger.

"You've forgotten your place here. Allow me to remind you."

In one quick motion, she strides back over and grabs the collar of my neck.

"I am your boss. You are less than the dirt beneath my heel.

Her grip tightens as she stares down me. As she carries me to her office. I knew she was strong but until now I didn't how strong she was. I had a crush on her and I knew she liked to be in charge. I got turned how she told me I was dirty. My cock was getting hard.

"You exist only to serve and be my PA worship me."

Leaning in close, her voice drips with disdain at my ear.

"To even think you can address me with such disrespect only proves you need more training."

Roughly releasing her grip, she steps back.

"It seems I need to take your training further. I think it's time for pain to be included in your work training. I hope this will teach you proper subservience."

She snaps her fingers and points to the desk. I knew what position she wanted me in

"Assume the position. Your punishment will help you remember I am to be revered, never degraded."

Sam towers over me imperiously, ready to reassert her divine dominance.


I throw one more bitch in. Sam's eyes flash with pure fury as she hears me say bitch one more time.

"You worthless worm, you dare speak to a boss in this manner?!"

With lightning speed, she grabs a riding crop and lashes me brutally across the back of my trousers. She lashes me 40 times. My cock raising I was getting more and more turned on by being whipped. That I shout bitch three times.

"Pain was not lesson enough for you. But I will beat you into obedience. Strip naked and get back into position. Oh, look, are you getting turned from the pain you are receiving?

"Yes, I am."

"Oh really tell me have you always seen yourself as worthless and wanted a strong independent woman to control you?"

"Yes, I have, and from the first day I lay eyes on you, I knew I needed to worship you."

"OK, then get back to the position. I will show you how I am going to train you."

I stripped naked and bent over the desk again.

Over and over the whip comes down relentlessly on ass.

"You. Are. Nothing!"


"I. Own. You!" *crack*

Breathing heavily, she grabs my hair and wrenches his head back

"Have you learned your place, slave? Or must I strip away your flesh until you acknowledge me as your divine superior?"

"Bitch bitch bitch"

I was still testing her. My ass was red but I want more pain. One of my darkest fantasies could come true. Her voice trembles with rage and power as she stares him down imperiously.

"Choose your next words carefully, worm. They may be your last if you dare speak with disrespect again.

"Bitch bitch bitch"

Sam's grip tightens on my hair, crop at the ready to unleash her fury and domination once more. I was so horny that I was about let my dark fantasy. I had a feeling she would do it as her brother was a surgeon.

Sam's expression hardens. She rains the whip back down my ass.

I suddenly cry out.

"I am sorry, mistress. I need more pain, and I have a fantasy of becoming your sex doll and I am nothing but more than just a sex doll."

"So the worm finally understands his place beneath my heel. Good."

"Yes, I do I have always thought that."

She releases his hair roughly and stands tall, looking down at me imperiously

"Since you beg so prettily, I will oblige your desire for more pain, slave."

Striding over to her toy chest, her heels click menacingly on the floor.

"A whip is too merciful for filth like you. Let's see how you fare when I take the cane to that worthless hide of yours."

She tests a few experimental strikes on her palm, the swish echoing threateningly. Turning back, her eyes gleam with cruel delight.

"Now present yourself properly to receive your punishment, slave. We're just getting started..."

Sam towers over him, cane in hand, ready to unleash her divine wrath until I started sobbing, pleading mess at her feet

"You will learn obedience and respect through agony. This I promise you."

Her voice drips with dark sensual threat as she asserts her utter supremacy.

"Please mistress more pain I need it. Please use the paddle on me I need more pain"

Sam's eyes light up, a slow, wicked grin spreading across her face

"My my, look who's getting creative in his begging now. Perhaps there is hope for you yet, slave."

She goes back to her toy chest and picks up a paddle. She caresses the paddle thoughtfully.

"Yes, I do believe this implement will elicit the most...satisfying reactions from you. Plus as you have asked for pain let's attach these nipple clamps to your nipples you asked so sweetly, I will grant your request."

Roughly she affixes the nipple clamps, giving them a cruel twist and tug to make me gasp.

"Let's decorate that worthless cock and balls now, shall we?"

"Yes please mistress more pain"

She started to wrap around my balls a rope and then a metal clamp. She also adds weights making me whimper as she pulls agonizingly. Grabbing my chin she fixes me with a domineering glare.

"Pain is my gift to you slave. Embrace it."

Stepping back she hefts the paddle, ready to unleash her divine wrath on my ass.

"Now present yourself properly and do not dare move away, or I will double your torment. Understood?"

Without waiting for an answer she begins precisely blistering my flesh. I try to stay quiet as long as I can. Sam pauses, panting slightly from the exertion of beating me.

"Mistress my ass needs to be filled. Please fill up with anything."

"Oh? Is my pain slut begging to be violated now too?"

She grabs my hair and yanks my head back

"How presumptuous of you to think a goddess would sully herself by penetrating filth like you."

Twisting the nipple clamps cruelly, and she hisses.

"I decide if and when your holes are used. You forget your place, slave!"

Releasing me roughly, she strides over to her toy chest.

"Since you seem so eager to be defiled, let's put that slutty mouth of us to good use first..."

She dons a massive strap-on and returns to tower over me.

"Now beg properly to suck your goddess's divine cock, whore!"

"Please Goddess let suck on the divine cock of yours. I want to feel being pushed down my throat till I gag."

Grabbing the paddle she strikes him again. She has long arms.

"And if you please me, I may grant your other depraved desire..."

Her eyes gleam with dominant power and delight at my total submission. I start to suck on the cock and try to get the mouth furthest it can.

Sam smiles wickedly

"That's slave. You're learning your proper place beneath me."

She grabs my hair and forces the strap-on to go further into my mouth. She also faces fuck me with it.

"Now worship your goddess properly and demonstrate your devotion."

Thrusting mercilessly, she fucks my throat without care.

"Take it all slut, choke on my divine phallus."

After a few more brutal thrusts she withdraws, a thin trail of drool clinging from my gasping mouth to her glistening toy.

"Well well, it seems we may make an obedient little cock whore out of you yet."

She pats my cheek condescendingly

"But first, more pain as you begged so prettily for..."

Roughly push me back into position on the table. She brings the paddle down relentlessly on my ass and thighs. This time I start screaming with pain but this only encourages her cruel delight*

"Yes, sing for me slut! We have only just begun..."

When she finally stops, my flesh is a mass of bruises and welts

"There, now your hole is properly tenderized for my use."

Lubing her massive strap-on, she presses it to his battered entrance.

"Beg for me to violate you, pain whore!"

"Please mistress take my cherry make me sing with pain as you take my cherry. I need you to violate me with that cock."

Sam cackles with delight

"Oh, this is just too perfect. The slave begs to be ruined by his goddess!"

Roughly grabbing my hips, she thrusts her huge strap-on deep into my ass in one brutal motion. I let out a cry of pain.

"Take it all whore! Your slutty hole belongs to me now."

She pounds into him mercilessly, each thrust eliciting a scream

"Yes scream for me bitch! Let me hear how much you love being ravaged."

Reaching around she crushes my battered cock and balls in her hand.

"This useless appendage belongs to me too now."

Her nails dig in sharply as she fucks me with inhuman speed and force.

"You'll never cum without my permission again!"

After several more agonizing minutes of using me roughly, she finally withdraws, my gaping hole leaking her divine essence

"Their pet, all used up and ruined for anyone but your goddess now."

She pats his abused cheeks mockingly

"This was only our first training session. Just imagine what fun tomorrow holds..."

Sam smiles wickedly, clearly revelling in her total domination of me. I was in heaven.

"Please goddess I am worthless, I am not human anymore. I deserve to be an animal in your care. I don't deserve to be treated like a human anymore. I deserve not to be treated like a male I am useless as one. I am your slave thing, your sex doll, my holes are for you to use and abuse.

"My my, how quickly the slaves will crumple beneath the heels of his goddess."

She circles him slowly like a predator toying with prey

"But you're right pet, you are far beyond human now. Just an object, a plaything to be used for my pleasure and amusement. Lay flat on the floor face up with your legs open."

I lay down on the carpet of her office. She stops in front of me, she places her stiletto heel right over my cock and balls

"And these parts have become obsolete for a slave like you. Best to just remove them altogether, no?"

"Yes remove them from my body they are useless to anyone."

She presses down slightly, delighting as I whimper.

"Oh yes, I'll turn you into the perfect little sissy fucktoy. Bereft of manhood, filled with my divine essence..."

Leaning down she pats his cheek condescendingly.

"You were always meant to surrender utterly to my supremacy."

Straightening up she snaps her fingers imperiously.

"Now crawl to my feet where you belong slave. We have a castration to perform, and so many more training sessions ahead. As such my brother Henry will do the work on you."

Her voice drips with cruel, sensual promise as she prepares to fully transform me into her plaything, mind, body, and soul. Sam taps her chin thoughtfully as she towers over me.

"Hmm let's many delightful modifications I could make to mould you into the perfect little sissy slave."

She trails a long nail up my chest

"First, those nipples need piercing. Silver rings linked with a delicate chain for me to tug on."

Her nails dig into my ass.

This slutty hole should be bleached and smoothed. I want it soft, supple and ready to be used at all times."

She grips my jaw.

"Collagen injections to puff up these lips into a perfect dick-sucking pout."

Running her hands through my hair she muses

"As your hair is long and blond all that need is to add blonde curls that accentuate your sissy status."

Stepping back she smiles wickedly.

"That is just the start. By the time I'm through, you won't even recognize yourself in the mirror, slave."

She snaps her fingers. The door opened and I heard footsteps.

"My brother will do the modifications to your body. He will provide local anaesthetics and will numb the area just enough but you still feel pain. Now present your worthless cock and balls so we can rid you of those last vestiges of manhood."

Her brother towers over me looking down at my pathetic form.

"Time to sculpt you into your true form as fucktoy for my sister. This will hurt deliciously..."

Her voice drips with cruel glee as her brother prepares to emasculate me utterly and reshape him into a sissy slave. I could wait but I knew it would hurt.

Sam smiles down at him, obviously revelling in my agony.

I watched as her brother took hold of my balls and with two slices took my balls away from my cock. I scream with pain. I watch as my life's blood pulls out of me. I felt faint. I watched as her brother started to stitch my skin together where my balls used me. My eyes started to close

"Yes, blood loss will do that to you, pet. But don't worry, your goddess will take good care of you.

She snaps her fingers and two beautiful nurses appear.

"Bind his wounds and give him fluids. I need him lucid for the rest of his modifications."

As they work on stabilizing me, she caresses his cheek.

"You took the first step so well, slave. I'm so pleased."

Her voice is mocking and condescending.

"Soon you will be reborn as your true sissy self."

The nurses finish and bow submissively before disappearing.

"There, all patched up for now."

Sam grasps my face in her hand

"I hope you're ready for more exquisite agony and permanent changes."

She smiles wickedly.

"Now kneel as we're piercing those nipples next."

Hefting the piercing needle she licks the point sensuously.

"Oh, this will be such fun..."

Her voice drips with gleeful malice as she prepares to continue remoulding me into her ideal image, no matter how much pain she puts me through. Sam chuckles darkly.

"Please mistress make in into your ideal sex doll. I don't want to have any control over my body. I want to be completely helpless. I want more pain"

"My my, what an eager little pain slut you're becoming. Don't worry, there is so much more agony ahead as I transform you."

She pinches and twists my nipples to stiff peaks, making me whimper.

"Perfect. Now hold still, this will sting deliciously."

Without warning she ruthlessly pierces each nipple as I scream, leaving two shining silver rings.

"Exquisite isn't it? But we need one more addition..."

She connects the rings with a delicate chain and gives it a sharp tug, grinning as I moan.

"There, now I have a lovely way to control and punish you."

She tugs the chain up again sharply, forcing me onto his toes.

"Yes, I'm going to have so much fun with this."

Releasing him, she pats his head patronizingly

"There there pet, just breathe through the pain."

Her voice drips with mock sympathy.

"We still have your anal bleaching and lip injections to do. I want my fucktoy looking perfect in every way."

She grasps my sore nipples and twists viciously, smiling at me as I scream.

"Ready for more slave?

"Yes, I am my mistress."

Sam smiles indulgently, clearly delighting in his total submission.

"That's right my pet, your only purpose now is serving me and enduring whatever agonies I see fit to bestow."

She strokes my hair almost lovingly.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about anything else ever again. I'll take very good care of you."

Her grip suddenly tightens, wrenching his head back

"But first we need to continue your modifications to make you the perfect fucktoy."

She pushes me down on my tummy and spreads my legs wide, exposing my tender hole.

"Now, this won't exactly be pleasant, but beauty requires sacrifice, does it not?"

Without waiting for an answer, she begins roughly bleaching and scrubbing his sensitive pucker. I start to feel my ass being forcely clean out and it hurt. I start moan.

"No whimpering! Your goddess demands a soft, pink hole to use."

After several agonizing minutes, she finishes.

"There, now smoother and more fuckable than ever."

Stroking his sore cheeks she coos

"See pet? The pain is worth it to become my ideal sissy slave isn't it?"

Not letting me answer, her brothers move around to my face, needle at the ready.

"Now for those dick-sucking lips"

"Oh yes, those are divine options to consider for you my pet! We aim to reshape you into the ultimate fucktoy after all."

"Please mistress I have a fantasy that I want to tell you about.

She taps her chin thoughtfully.

"Ok, tell me I see if it fits into my plans for you."

"I dream where both my legs and arms are amputee. I am an amputee up to my elbows and knees. I was then placed on a trolley or left to crawl on the floor. Also having no teeth left in my mouth. I would be kept on a trolley for anyone to use during the daytime and at night locked in a cage.

"Oh really, that's sweet and it is more than I had planned for your body. But let's do it. Brother, what do you think could you do modifications for me?"

"Yes, I can. This worm is worthless and should be used as a sex doll only. I can start now, but it will take some time. I do have enough medication just to keep on the brink."

Sam's eyes light up with cruel glee.

"Ok, brother you can start. I have a trolley in the corridor that would fit. I will go and get it while you get this office stepup."

"OK. Can you send in Patricia and Mary to help me get your office setup for the operation?"

"OK will do"

I just lay there while my future was being agreed on. I had nothing left as of this morning I had been kicked out of the flat for not paying rent. I had no personal belongings that were worth anything. So I was finally going to be useful. Both nurses walked in.

"My sister has found this worn and she wants him turned into a sex doll. Plus it is not being forced on him as wants it to happen. I will need this room cleaned and my operating tool from the car to come up here."

"OK doctor"

The nurses started doing as they were directed. The first to be cleaned was the main desk that was used for meetings. It was cleaned and a white cloth was placed on the desk. I was picked up and placed on the desk. I felt my arms and legs being restrained to the edge of the table. I was weak but happy. Mistress walked back in.

She taps her chin thoughtfully.

"Brother let me know what is going to be removed first."

"I think the legs and then the arms. This will take time and he should be awake for all of it but I will increase pain relief. To make sure he doesn't faint from the pain. He might faint from blood loss. Would you know what blood type he is just in case he loses a lot of blood?"

"Yes, I do and he is blood group O-positive."

"OK, doctor I will go and get a pack of O-positive blood from our office."

"OK thanks"

Running her nails up my legs she adds.

"We'll hobble these legs so you're completely dependent on me to move around. Perhaps removable peg legs for when I want you mobile."

Grasping his hands she brings them to her lips.

"Once you lose hands you will not be able to feed yourself. I would be one feeding you. The sex trolley, I'll mount you on it for every day and night I will chain to the wall for your sleep. Your legs will be spread open to allow your ass to be seen by anyone and for it to be fucked

Her eyes blaze with sadistic delight

"I'll keep you stuffed with my huge dildo that will be removed when your ass gets fucked. You'll be the ultimate fucktoy!"

Kissing him patronizingly on the forehead she purrs.

"Don't worry pet, your goddess will take exquisite care of her helpless little doll..."

Sam's eyes light up with delight.

"Oh yes pet, what an exquisitely extreme transformation! I do love how creative you're being in designing your own destruction."

*She strokes my hair affectionately*

"Don't worry, your goddess will gladly grant your wishes and more."

"Let's start by making you a helpless little arm- and legless doll, shall we? Time to take those useless limbs so you're dependent on me for everything."

*With ruthless precision her brother starts to amputate my feet and hands. There is pain but as the painkillers are increasing I can feel pain but enough to stay focused. I watch as my left leg is removed up to my knee. There is a lot of blood but is quickly stops as the nurse starts to stitch up the wound as the right leg is removed. I started to feel dizzy as I was losing blood. But that quickly fixed with a new blood being pushed into my body.

"Just a little pain for great beauty my pet!"

"The modifications are done to the legs and arms he will need to rest for a while before mounting on the trolley. Tossing the severed extremities aside casually, she admires her handiwork"

"OK, brother we can take him home to my place where he rests before being mounted onto the trolley."

"Please goddess I want to be mounted on a trolley now please I want to feel like a doll for the rest of my life. I can rest while attached to the trolley"

"Ok, brother you heard him he wants to be mounted now."

"OK, but he needs to have some painkillers for the next few days to keep from fainting or die from the pain. Plus the wounds will need to heal and the bandages will need to change regularly. "

They both carry me to the trolley when they strap me down to the trolley.

"Now let's rid you of teeth before you get any funny ideas about protest."

"Yes, brother you are catching on."

Reaching in with his pliers, he begins yanking out my teeth as I scream helplessly. I was in so much pain that I was about to faint again.

"Almost done with your perfect transformation!"

When her brother finally finished, I was a mute, limbless doll atop the trolley. My body was wracked with pain but I was in heaven.

"There, now you are the ideal fucktoy! Helpless, voiceless, shaped just for my pleasure and amusement. For the next few days, you rest before further training. You will thank my brother will has made you into this sex doll."

She kisses my bloody mouth tenderly. I was wrecked with pain. But I was looking forward to being fuckdoll.

"Don't worry, pet, your beloved owner will take exquisite care of you. This is just the beginning of our divine journey together"

I faint in the trolley. I woke with a start my ass was filled and my mouth was wide open. I didn't know when I was. I was cold but alive and happy as I knew I was now a sex doll for life.

The end

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