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Laura Stock


By Sissboy1987Published 19 days ago 22 min read

The first time I saw Laura, I was heading home from the tram. She was dressed in a pink suit and dress. I saw her each night and it would be a different color of suit but still the same style.

It was Friday night and I was walking home from work. I could see her but this time she was wearing pink hot pants and a fishnet top. She was seating on a park bench looking at her phone. I walked past her. As I turned the corner towards my house, I started to think… she would make an excellent addition to my slave collection.

For the past 7 years, I have been training and collecting slaves. These slaves were both males and females. My wife of 8 years was the one who had started the venture. She had 3 slaves who she trained; 2 girls and a boy. Sometimes they would come over to help us train the newer slaves. The girls were now mistresses who had their own collection. The boy was a sissy and was in use all the time.

My wife had texted me saying she was going to her sister’s place for the weekend and would be back after work next Friday. Unfortunately, there were no slaves to keep me entertained so I had to find something to do. I planned to order takeout for the night and then cook something during the weekend.

I entered the house and headed straight for the shower. I had to wash myself. I missed having a slave to wash me. After the shower, I ordered food via the Just Eat app. It would take about 45 minutes for the food to arrive so I had some time on my hands. I decided to use that time to go to Sainsbury and get some drinks.

I got dressed and left the house. When I arrived there, I bought a few packs of crisps, chicken, a cooking sauce for the weekend, and some cans of soft drinks and alcohol.

As I walked back home, I noticed Laura was still sitting where I had seen her. I was going to speak to her but then I noticed she was on the phone. It was now dark and the weather looked like it was going to rain. I walked past her again to my house. When I got inside, I looked up the street and saw Laura looking at the tram stop.

I checked my food delivery app and it showed that the food delivery guy was still on his way. I unpacked what I’d bought from the shop. Just as I was putting the chicken in the fridge, the doorbell rang. It must be the food delivery guy I thought. When I opened the door, he was standing there with my order in his hands.

I collected my order and didn’t really notice the amount of bags the guy had left for me. When I got to the kitchen and opened everything, I realized the guy had given me double what I ordered. I called the takeout shop and they apologized and told me not to worry; I could keep the food. Lucky me… I had more than enough food to take me through the weekend.

I had the 4x size Lamb Balti, Keema naana, mixed meat starters and Coconut rice. There was also Chicken korma, King Prawn Dansk, and 2 packs of plain rice. Set to devour my meal, I dished up a portion of the Lamb Balti, rice, and Naana bread.

I was just about to eat when the doorbell rang.

I wasn’t expecting anyone. As I walked past my windows, I noticed it had started raining. I opened the door to see Laura standing there soaked head to toe in rain water.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“I’m sorry could I come in and use your loo please?” She looked really uncomfortable.

“Oh yes please” I answered and let her in.

She tried to walk past me hurriedly but suddenly stopped and started to sob. I smelt pee and looked down to see her peeing on the floor.

“Oh no not the floor” I said in my head.

I looked at her face and she looked like she was about to cry. I stared into her eyes with power and intent radiating from mine.

“Right. Now remove all of your clothing and crawl behind me to the bathroom where you are going to wash yourself.”

Like a programmed submissive, the started to take off her clothes and knelt on the floor. I walked to the shower and she crawled behind me.

We got to the bathroom.

“Now get into the shower and wash yourself. You have 5 minutes” I said sternly and left.

I went to the living room where her bag was. I checked to better know who she was and her age. She looked someone in her mid-30s but I was surprised to find out she was only 18. Her name was Laura Stocks.

From the way she obeyed me and stripped naked, I had the impression that she would make a good submissive. I walked back to the bathroom.

“Laura, get out of the shower now. You are going to be punished for peeing on the floor. Follow me!” I ordered and lead her back to where she peed.

“Now lick all that with your tongue” I said.

She obediently crawled over the pee spot and started to lick it up. I felt the urge to pee so I took out my cock and peed all over her body.

“Once you’re done licking, stand up and tell me 10 things about you” I watched her enjoy my commands.

She finished licking the pee and stood up. She looked at me and licked her lips.

“My name is Laura,” she started. “I am 18. I worked as an intern at Barrels and Co. I got fired from my job today. I lived on my own in a one bedroom flat but can no longer afford without a job since I pay weekly.

I am a lone child who had strict parents. I am also a virgin….but not an anal virgin. My dad took my anal cherry on 18th birthday as a punishment for failing school.

Getting roughed by a stranger on the street at night is something I always crave. I love sucking cock, licking pussy, drinking pee and licking ass.” She was looking at my eyes. She seemed to love the way she talked about herself.

“I see… so I take it you need a place to stay and a job” I, said rubbing my jaw.

“Yes I do,” she said, “and I will do anything”

“Okay. I might have an idea for a job. I can train you. Let’s talk about it while we eat” I led her to where we sat to eat.

“So I will tell you what I have in mind, and you will tell me what you think”

“Cool” s, he answered.

I dished up a second plate for Laura as we sat down in the lounge to eat.

“So… me and my wife. Well, we train subs and doms we have been doing it for the last 7 years. My wife introduced me to it and since then I have trained both boys and girls who have gone on to be sissies, transsexuals and others.”

I looked at Laura. She was listening attentively.

“The job I have in mind is you working for a couple. The couple is asking for someone to be their slave. This means doing anything they ask you to do.

They are looking for someone young so you match the criteria. If you agree to the job, you will be paid 20k at the end of a year’s service. The couple is also looking for someone fertile as the wife is unable to bear children, she is open to her husband having a child with someone else; their slave preferably.

Does all this sound good to you so far?” I noticed I had been explaining for a while.

“Well sir yes it does. Please continue” Laura answered.

“Okay. Let’s finish our food first then I continue.”

We sat in silence for the next few minutes and ate our food.

After eating we resumed our discussion.

“Okay good. Now that we are finished, let’s talk more about the job. There are rules in place which you must obey.

First and most importantly, you will do anything and everything that either I, my wife, or the couple tell you to do. The main things that are not allowed are things that would make you break the law of the land.

You need to be completely hairless including your head for the first year of working for them.

You will not be expecting to wear any clothing except for when you are going outdoors.

You will also need to have a full body exam to ensure you are healthy.”

Laura was listening and soaking up everything I was saying.

“You said you are a virgin but not an anal virgin?”

“Yes” she replied.

“Good. So you are used to big things going up your ass?”

“Yes I am”

“Ok that’s good to know. The couple will be happy to have a virgin slave.” I sat back and relaxed on my chair.

I looked at Laura again from head to toe.

“This weekend, your training begins. Now start by crawling behind me to the training room”

“Yes master” she obeyed.

“Tonight I will be locking you up in a cage. It will be just big enough for you to be on your hands and knees all night. Additionally, your mouth and ass will be filled.

There is a massage wand that will be set to lower on you. It will increase and decrease to keep you on the edge all night long. I will come and unlock you by 9am tomorrow.” We had reached where the cage was.

“Now get in the cage” I said sternly.

She climbed into the cage. I pushed an anal plug into her ass and a gag in her mouth. I then attached heart and lung monitor plugs on her to ensure I had eyes on her vitals.

I placed the massage wand directly on to her pussy. The wand had sensors that would make it stop just when she was at the tip of her orgasm.

With everything in place, I walked out and turned the light off. She was going to be in that position until I came back to unlock her.

I walked back to the lounge and put the rest of the food in the fridge. I went to my bedroom, watched a movie and then slept off in the process. I woke up about 3 hours later and felt the need to pee. I took a bottle beside my bed and peed in it. Laura would be having that for breakfast. I went back to sleep afterwards.

I woke up at about 7am and decided to watch the rest of my movie. I finished it around 8:55 and at that time had the urge to pee again. I couldn’t use the bottle because it was filled up so I decided to hold myself for Laura.

When I went to the room where the cage was, I saw Laura in need of a release, I took out her gag first.

“Tell me Laura, would you like to cum?”

“Yes please,” she panted, “I need it badly”

“Okay. But first we need to get some food into you”

As I unlocked her, I aimed my cock at her mouth.

“Open wide for your morning drink” I said.

She obeyed and opened.

I put my cock at the entrance of her mouth and started to pee. She took everything down her throat.

“Well good job. That is something I don’t have to teach you.”

She looked up with a happy face.

“Thank you master. Can I get some more please?”

“Yes but not now”

I unlocked the door to the cage fully and she dropped to the ground.

“Now follow me to the lounge” I commanded.

I saw how weak she was. She had really been on edge the whole night. I led her to the kitchen and asked her to stay until I had the food ready.

“For today, you will be learning how to cook while in restraints. However I will be making breakfast to give you time to regain your strength.

I will be making eggs, sausages. You will be having yours with orange juice.”

I looked down to see a wide smile on her face.

“Now wait here while I cook”

It took me about 10 minutes to make breakfast.

“Here you go” I put her food in a dog bowl. “From now on, you will be eating while on the floor. Here is your orange juice mixed with my pee.”

I watched her eat.

“Well done. You are eating properly”

After then, I ate my breakfast in silence.

Laura wanted to know if the couple was still interested in having their slave.

“I would love the position” she said.

“Well wait here and let me get the necessary information” I stood up and headed for the training room.

It was sound proof so I closed the door and called the couple on my phone. They were called The Richmonds.

“Hi Jane, Richard here”

“Hello Richard, how are you doing?”

“All good. The wife is actually at her sister’s this weekend. How are things?” I asked.

“Well, we are doing okay. We just saw the doctor again to see if anything can be done regarding the fertility issues”

“Oh okay. So any good news?”

“Nope. They only asked us to keep trying”

“Okay. I might have found a solution to that. Remember that advert about needing a slave?”


“Well the cute girl in the photo I sent you recently, she is right here in my house naked and ready to take on that position”

“Sounds great. Can we come over to check her out?”

“Yes of course, if you are both free”

“We are. We will be there in a short while.”

“Okay Jane, see you guys soon”

“Sure thing”

The call ended. I knew they would be there in the next 20 to 30 minutes.

I walked back to where Laura was.

“Laura can you crawl to the bathroom and wait for me there? “

“Yes master” she replied humbly.

‘She is going to make an excellent slave’ I thought to myself.

“The couple are on their way. We call them the Richmonds. So first thing you need to do is wash yourself over. It’s a good thing you keep your pubic area bald… that will save us time.

Now bend over so I can wash your ass and pussy”

I spent about 5 minutes fingering her ass. I inserted my finger in her pussy and her cherry was intact like she said.

“Good girl” I said.

“Thank you master. I’ve always wanted to keep my cherry for someone special”

“Okay. If the Richmonds like you, then the husband can do the honors” I answered.

She was now clean. I needed to make her look more presentable.

“Follow me to the training room. Let’s get you oiled up.”

She nodded and obliged and we both headed for the training room.

“Now spread your legs and put your hands on your head” I ordered.

I watched her do as she was told. She looked so innocent but deep down, I knew she loved to be treated like a slut.

I took out a pair of leather handcuffs and locked her hands. I used a spreader bar to lock her legs apart. She was now totally locked in place.

“This is going to feel cold on your skin as I oil you up” I was holding the oil in my hand, “stand still. I will start at your back then work my way round to your front”

As I rubbed her, she stood still and let out soft moans. I liked how she sounded… and I knew she was craving for more.

I finished oiling her and looked at her body.

“Right. Now remain in this position until The Richmonds get here. I will bring them in here and you must stay quiet” I said.

I left the room to go take a shower. After that, I got dressed in a clean shorts and T-shirt. I had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and standing there were The Richmonds.

“Hi guys, please come in”

“Thanks Richard” The walked past the door.

“Would you two like a drink or something? I have water, juice and soft drinks”

“Coffee would be nice” Jane said.

Jack nodded in agreement

“Okay. Two coffees coming up. The girl is in the training room. I’ll take you to her soon. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable.” I went to get them coffee.

While I was in the kitchen, I sent a picture of Laura to my wife captioned ‘Our next training subject’.

She replied ‘Cool! I’ll see you Monday evening and I love you’

I texted back

‘I love you too’

Coffee was now set. I carried the two mugs to the lounge and offered it to Jack and Jane.

“Here you go guys. Please follow me to the training room. Laura is waiting for you and I have a feeling she would be the one for you”

“Okay Richard,” Jane said, “Show us please”

We walked into the training room where Laura was still as I’d left her. “Well done Laura. Don’t turn around. The Richmonds are here and they would like to get comfortable”

“Yes we would… and wow she sure looks like she would be the one for us Richard” Jack said as we all got undressed.

I would say that my cock was huge but Jack’s cock was still bigger by a long shot. Part of me was worried that Laura would not be able to take his cock in her pussy… her ass on the other hand would definitely handle it.

Jane made the first move. She touched Laura’s ass and back. Laura was still. Jack used his hands to squeeze her tight little ass.

“Feels good right dear?” Jack asked his wife.

“She sure does. I feel like she’s been spanked the last couple days.” Jane replied

“Oh Jane” I smiled

“Yes Richard I can tell” Jane drew closer to Laura. “Laura tell us who spanked you and why”

“I was spanked by my boss because I failed to complete my internship” Laura answered.

“Okay and did he tell you why you failed it?”

‘Yes he did,” Laura replied, “he said it was because I didn’t hand in my assignment on time, and I wasn’t wearing the right uniform”

“And did you have time to complete the assignment before then?” Jane ran her finger through Laura’s body

“Yes I did. But I choose not to because I knew what would happen. I wanted to be spanked”

“Oh really? You naughty girl. It looks like the three of us will grant you your wish… and it will be painful” She looked into Laura’s eyes to see her reaction.

“Yes mistress, please spank me hard” Laura needed it indeed.

“Okay you asked for it” Jane answered.

I got Laura in position.

“Jane would you do the honors of starting the spanking session? Also you should set how many spanks should be delivered from each of us” I said.

“Well Richard, I think she deserves 50 hits each from the cane and 30 from the whip.”

“Yes that would be perfect right Jack?” I turned to him.

“Yeah Richard, my wife is correct” Jack replied.

“Here you go Jane” I handed her the cane.

“Laura you need to count each hit you get” Laura ordered.

“Yes mistress” Laura replied.

In my mind I was betting she would count to a very high number before she cried. I watched as Jane caned Laura’s ass with the swish of the cane cutting through the air and hitting Laura’s skin.

Laura kept counting until she got to 50. At that point, Jane stopped. Laura’s ass had started to turn red where the cane had struck her.

“Your turn love” Jane handed the cane to Jack

He started to slowly rub Laura’s ass with the cane.

“Laura you thought my wife was harsh with the cane? Well I am a little bit harsher. I think you will cry after receiving 50 strokes from me.”

Jack raised the cane above his head and with a swift whoosh, he brought the cane down on Laura’s ass.

She let out a moan and gasped.

With each stroke Jack delivered, Laura counted. She started to cry when she’d counted to 40.

When Jack was done, he passed the cane to me.

“Well Laura, just 50 more hits needed to be delivered to your ass” I teased.

“Please sir give it to me and then with the whip” she answered submissively.

I started to cane Laura hard and fast. She counted to just before 40 before she started to cry. She cried all through while I delivered the last 10.

Her ass was really red now.

“Okay Laura, time for the whip” I unlocked her and took her to the whipping post.

“Now you are going to receive 90 hits on your front so keep still” I commanded.

“Here you go Jane” I gave the whip to Jane.

“Thank you Richard”

Jane held the whip on Laura’s body and dragged it slowly.

“You have a gorgeous body Laura. The two hard cocks right here can attest to that. Tell me… are you good at deep throating and sucking cock?” Jane asked in a sultry tone.

“Yes mistress, I think I am”

“Well, after the whipping, we will see just how good you are”

Jane raised the whip and brought it down on both of Laura’s breasts. Laura let out a short gasp. Jane whipped different parts of Laura’s body ranging from her breasts, legs, belly, arms, and pussy.

Laura tried to lift her pussy up so that the whip would hit her more there as she kept up with the counting. When Jane reached 30 whips, she passed the whip to her husband.

Laura kept counting even as she cried in pleasure. She did this until she had received all 90 whips from the three of us.

“Well, Laura it is time for a relaxing bath where we will wash and comfort you” I unlocked her.

I tool Laura to the bathroom with Jack and Jane following closely behind me.

“Richard can we wash her while you watch?” Jane asked.

“Yes you can Jane.” I gently laid Laura in the tub.

“Laura follow Jack and Jane’s instructions as they wash you” I said.

“Yes master” she replied softly.

I watched as Jane turned on the shower and started to wash Laura gently with water. Jack joined and covered the girl in soap. Laura sat there enjoying their touch in-between her sobs and cried softly.

“Laura why are you crying?” Jane asked.

“Mistress the truth is I have never had anyone wash me like you are doing right now” Laura replied.

“Baby what about your parents?” Jane seemed concerned.

“Well…. My mum and dad would always tell me to do thing by myself even at a young age. They never treated me this special” Laura’s eyes were filled with tears.

“They were good at punishing put never showed any emotional support” she added.

“Don’t cry baby, if we have you as our slave, we will look after you and provide aftercare.” Jane rubbed Laura softly.

“Jane what about having her as out baby girl rather than our slave?” Jack asked. “She would still do everything required but as our baby girl”

“Oh Jack, you want to look after her but still punish her when she gets naughty right?”

“Yes love” he answered, “she would look so adorable in girls clothes… like those summer dresses we got for Jessica last month.”

“You are right Jack. Laura what do you think?” Jane turned towards Laura.

“Yes mistress, can I be your baby girl?” Laura said.

“We would love to have you dear.” Jane turned to Richard “Can we take her home tonight?’

“Yes you can Mrs. Richmond”

“Thanks Richard” Jane wore a wide smile.

“You are welcome. It’s no biggie” I replied.

After washing her body, Jack picked Laura in his arms and carried her to the lounge. She was still completely naked.

He put her down on the table and gently spread her legs. I watched him lower his mouth on her pussy and lick on Laura’s pussy lips. Jane got up on the table and lowered her pussy down on Laura’s mouth.

“Now baby suck me till I cum” she ordered.

“Yes mistress”

I watched Jack and Jane have their fun with Laura. Both Jane and Laura kept moaning as they enjoy both their pussies licked. Jane began to moan louder.

“Oh baby you taste so good… just like Jane” Jack said in-between his sucking adventure

“Thank you master” Laura replied.

“Now it is time to suck my cock as it is ready to pop your cherry. After that we’ll take you home.”

Laura sucked Jack good for a few minutes and he cherished every second of it.

“Okay now Laura, your pussy should be wet enough. Keep those legs spread apart and relax” Jane said.

“Yes mistress, I will”

Jane turned and looked in my direction.

“Richard can you record this session for me to watch anytime?” she asked

“Of course Jane, I can” I took out the camera and was ready to record.

“Good to go” giving them a thumbs up as a signal that they were live.

“Okay, now Jack, fuck Laura” Jane ordered.

“Yes dear” the husband replied, “Laura would you like it slow and steady, or hard and fast?”

“Hard and fast master” Laura answered.

“Okay then Laura, I will go hard and fast but I will start slow since this is your first time”

“Thank you master”

I watched as Jack thrust his cock straight into Laura’s pussy. The rod made Laura let out a soft cry.

“Dear can I suck Richard’s cock while you fuck Laura?” Jane asked her husband.

“Yes babe you can” Jack was enjoying himself fill up the tight pussy in front of him.

Jane got down on her knees in front of me and took my cock in her hands. She started stroking it and looked at me as if needing permission to put the length in her mouth.

“You can suck it.” I said.

For the next 30 minutes or so, Laura was getting fucked hard by Jack while Jane sucked my cock. I held myself from cumming until Jack had cum in Laura. Few thrusts later, Jack let out an almighty roar and poured his seed in Laura. I came shortly after in Jane’s mouth.

Laura looked so adorable just laying there exhausted after being fucked hard. I felt drained as well.

“Well done Laura, we will be taking you home and we will look after you from now on” Jack said.

“Thank you to both my masters, and thank you mistress” Laura replied humbly.

With that, she fell sound asleep on the table.

‘Okay let’s leave her to rest while we have something to eat” Jack said.

“Thanks Richard, for finding her for us” Jane said to me.

“You are most welcome Jane”

We headed to the kitchen.

The End

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