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Sex And Coronavirus

by HowToFind .com 9 months ago in advice

Here's what you need to know about sex while in confinement

Sex And Coronavirus
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Risks and uncertainty. Much hygiene, constant hand washing, masks and, of course, a social distance of two meters.

This is how many live in these times of coronavirus, accepting social conventions that have turned everything into an alien territory, from the perspective of a few months ago.

But what to do in privacy? Or rather, do we know what to do about sex when the confinement is over?

Let's look at the most frequently asked questions about the "new normal" of sex.

Can COVID-19 be transmitted sexually?

YES! Despite the fact that the coronavirus is still a great unknown, and that for now science has found no evidence that it is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids, the virus can be in the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx, in the rest of the respiratory tract and also in the digestive tract.

Physical contact with an infected person, regardless of the type of sexual practice, carries a high risk of transmission.

Let's remember that the main way of transmission is through the droplets that the sick person expels when coughing, sneezing or talking, and the minimum distance in which we can be sure is two meters, a requirement that is not met in an encounter between the sheets.

Are there safer sexual practices than others?

Paradoxically, and only with regard to the coronavirus, the one with the least risk in a couple is vaginal penetration.

Other types of practices may increase the risk of infection. Such as oral sex of any kind (cunnilingus or fellatio) and those in which contact with feces may be involved (such as annilingus).

As in saliva, the virus has also been found in the stools of infected people, according to a document from the New York health service.

What about masturbation?

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As long as it's alone, there's nothing to worry about. The risk is in being near another person.

As enjoyable as it is to share this experience with a partner, if one of the participants is infected, "he or she could leave the virus in someone else's skin.

And this is true whether we are using only our hands or incorporating sex toys into the practice. If other people have used them, we could be infected. They should always be cleaned and disinfected. Even outside of epidemics.

So it's not safe to have sex with a partner?

The truth is that "the safest sex partner is oneself," says the New York health guide.

Obviously, after individual play, the best option is the person with whom we live and pass the quarantine, say the experts.

It is safe as long as we have not been in contact with other people. For example, if someone has had to leave for work and has seen more people, there is a possibility that they have been infected and can transmit it.

What if we don't live with our partner?

You should avoid close contact, including sex, with anyone outside your home.

That is, all couples who do not live together are excluded and, of course, flirtations both prior to quarantine and those we may have met during confinement via dating apps.

The reason is easy to understand: As long as the virus is circulating there is a possibility of contagion. The less circulation there is, the less likely it is to be transmitted and any physical contact carries a risk.

Even so, if you are in a relationship with someone who does not live in your home, make sure you have as few partners as possible.

Can we kiss our partner?

We know for sure that the new coronavirus is transmitted very easily through saliva, so kissing can be an easy way to spread it.

It will only be safe with those who live with us and have not been at risk, and with those who have passed the disease and already tested negative, experts say.

What alternatives are there to sporadic meetings?

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Another type of game, "Communicating through messaging (sexting) or glances.

This is as valid for couples who don't live together as it is for the new flirtations.

For a while -as long as the current pandemic scenario continues- it will be time to give free rein to the imagination and look for alternatives such as autoeroticism, telesex (via video call) or raise the heat with some erotic cinema.

What is clear is that in this "new normality" sex will also be different and any practice that we carry out, either alone or with a partner, must be extreme hygiene measures. About other types of games that involve more than two people, "forget it".

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