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by Marie Ross 16 days ago in erotic

surprise in a box

He knocked on the door at eight o’clock exactly with a package wrapped in brown paper and tied up with twine. He had the whole day planned, and he hope that she would have fun with it. Smiling when she opened the door with a large tote like bag over her shoulder, and a pair of sunglasses in her hand.

“Good Morning Baby girl, You ready to go?” He leaned in and kissed her gloss slicked lips.

“Yes, Master I am.” She beamed up at him taking the hand he held out for her.

Laughing He tucked her under his free arm, and they walked down the hall to the elevator.

“So, what’s in the box?” She asked sliding her arm around his waist.

“It’s a surprise.” He kissed her temple as she pushed the button.

Their first stop was a little café on the corner for breakfast. When they where seated, Master placed the box on the edge of the table so she could see it as they ate. They talked about this and that enjoying their breakfast, and when they finished, he paid the bill. Picking up the package he reached for her hand, helping her up as they left to continue their adventure. They walked along the waterfront enjoying the sunshine, and breeze of the spring day, laughing and window shopping as they passed the novelty shops of the boardwalk. When they reached the little street fair that had been his goal, she tugged on his hand to get him walking faster.

They walked up one side stopping at each stall, looking at all their wares. She bought a pair of earrings form one, and a bouquet of flowers from another. When they came back down the other side ending at where they had started, she had three bouquets of flowers, and a necklace and bracelet to go with the earrings.

“How about some lunch?” He asked as they turned back onto the boardwalk.

“Lunch?” She glanced down at her watch.

“Oh, I hadn’t realized it was that late. Sounds good.” She laughed.

Master kissed her temple, steering her in the direction of a restaurant right on the water. He placed the box on the table once again before taking her bag and flowers to place them on the spare chair. Ordering their food, they enjoyed a glass of wine as they stared out over the water, and he watched as she kept glancing at the box on the table. Smiling as he sipped his wine, thinking of the things he was going to do with her and what was in the box. When their meal arrived, they ate in silence enjoying the food, and breeze, and when they were done Master paid the bill gathering their thing.

“Are you ready for your surprise baby girl?” He asked as he took hold of her hand again.

“Does it involve what’s in the box?” she asked looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Maybe.” He chuckled swinging their hands between them.

Opening the door to her building he swung her out, before spinning her under his arm back to his side and they laughed their way to the elevator. He stroked her back, and ass as she leaned against him in the elevator loving the little noises she made. Exiting the elevator they strolled to her apartment door, entering it Master placed the box on the side table. Helping her with her things he watched her place the flowers in some water before turning to him.

“Are you waiting for something baby girl?” He asked with a teasing smile.

“Maybe.” She smiled back at him.

“Then be a good girl and take off your dress.” He commanded.

She chuckled running her fingers lightly along the scoop neck of her dress. Starting at the shoulders she slid her fingers under the soft fabric, down to the swell of her breasts. Closing her eyes, she brought her hands together in the center. Opening her eyes once more she stared at her Master as she began unbuttoning the dress. Five buttons down she parted the fabric revealing her firm rounded naked tits, caressing the tops of them before gripping the sides kneading them together as she teased her nipples with her thumbs.

“Naughty girl.” He chided.

“Take off your dress.”

She flicked her nipples one more time, then releasing them she continued to unbutton her dress. It gaped in a vee as she slowly worked them free when it parted at her belly button, she slid her fingers back up along the edges of the fabric to her shoulders. Shimmying a little she pulled the dress off her shoulders and releasing it to fall to the floor leaving her standing there in only her wedge sandals.

“So pretty baby girl.” He praised.

“Take you sandals off too.” He said.

Still smiling she slowly rolled down removing her sandals one at a time, then rolled slowly back up.

“Now it’s time for your surprise. Go face the wall next to the table.” He instructed.

She walked by him teasing her hand over his arm, chuckling when she heard him groan. Looking at the box on the table she got close enough to the wall, so her nipples were touching it.

“Eyes on the wall baby girl.” Master said coming up behind her, gripping her wrists to place her palms on the wall by her shoulders.

After placing her palms on the wall as she turned her face to it, he picked up the box. He placed it on the side table by the couch behind her, pulling his pocket knife out he flipped it open running the blade along the edge of the box. Freeing the opening of the box he lifted the lid. Picking the blindfold up off the top he returned to her.

“Do you trust me baby girl?” He whispered close to her ear.

“Yes Master.” She responded with a shiver.

“Good girl.” His breath was hot on her skin, he praised placing the blindfold over her eyes.

Turning back to the box he selected the small feather duster from the box. Time to start playing. Using the lightest of touches he began swishing the feathers back and forth across her skin. Across her shoulder blades watching the goose bumps rise on her pale skin, down to the middle of her back as she shivered. He watched her fingers curl against the wall as he caressed the feathers over her ass. Taking the feathers away from her skin he gave a commanded.

“Turning around and place your palms on the wall by your hips.” He watched her comply.

Staring for a time he watched her chest rise and fall as she panted with need, he then started the tease again. Swishing the feathers along her collarbones, moving down over her tits, smiling as she gasped when he teased her nipples. Continuing down he went back and forth across her middle, then from hipbone to hipbone teasing the mound of her pussy. He stayed there making her gasp and whimper. Then he spoke again.

“Face the wall again baby girl, same as before.” He watched her turn, and place hand palms on the wall beside her shoulders once more.

Turning back to the box Master put the feathers down picking up the next tool. This one was a brand-new small paint brush from the hardware store, brushing it against his palm to feel it. Smiling he move back to her. Fallowing the same path, he took with the feathers he teased her slowly, across and down her back as she shivered and moaned and watched the muscles of her ass tighten and release as he teased it.

“Turn.” He commanded again, loving how she obeyed so sweetly.

With her facing him and her palms on the wall he began again. Fallowing the path across her collarbones, over her tits tickling her nipples and she whimpered arching forward for more. He took the brush away waiting for her to calm down. When she relaxed against the wall he started again moving over her torso to her hips, teasing her pussy with the lightest of strokes. As her panting increased, he teased one last time, then spoke again.

“Turn again baby girl.” He went back to the box.

She was facing the wall once more when he returned with a jade facial roller, and he fallowed the same path as before rolling it over her back and then her front. When he instructed her to face the wall again, he picked up a pinwheel, it had four wheel each with several tiny spikes on them. When he started to follow the path again, she clawed at the wall chanting Master’s name over and over. Then he had her turn again he teased it over her front.

“Oh God…” She whimpered as he teased her mound.

“Good girl.” Master praised pulling the toy away.

“Stay.” He laughed kissing her softly.

Placing the pinwheel back in the box he walked into the kitchen. Moving around he got a bottle of wine, and a corkscrew. Opening the bottle, he let it breathe as he got two glasses. Pouring the rich red liquid into each glass he picked them up and returned to her.

“There’s a wine glass in front of your luscious tits baby girl.” He watched her lift her hands slowly feeling for the glass.

When she had it in both her shaking hands, he reached out gently removing the blindfold.

“You doing okay baby girl?” He asked as she blinked against the light.

“Yes Master.” She said taking a long sip of her wine.

“Baby?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I need to cum Master.” She sighed.

“You will baby, when I say.” He leaned in to kiss the side of her throat.

She moaned as he turned back to the box, and she watched him pull something out. When he turned back to her, he held up a pair of nipple clamps. Taking a sip of his wine before he set the clamps on each nipple. Teasing the back of his knuckles over her tips peeking from the clamps they stared at each other as they drank their wine. When her glass was empty Master took it from her hands.

“Go bend that ass over the table baby.” He said biting at her shoulder.

“Yes Master.” She breathed pushing away from the wall.

She leaned her forearms onto the dining room table causing the nipple clamps to swing which caused her to gasp in need.

“Good girl.” He crooned.

Setting their glasses on the kitchen island he returned to the box and pulled a short crop from it. As he came back to her, he teased the tip up and down her spine. Then a sharp strike to each hip, and each cheek. Over and over, he struck her ass painting it a pretty pink as she whimpered and gasped.

“Such a pretty good girl.” He praised running his hand over her heated ass.

Dropping the crop, he freed his cock stroking the thick hard length through her dripping wet folds to lube it before fucking into her fast and hard. She screamed squeezing around him as she came hard. Groaning as he took a fist full of her hair fucking her until she came twice more before he exploded deep in her pussy filling her with his hot seed.

“Fuck that was so good Master.” She moaned as he pulled out of her.

Master pulled her back wrapping an arm around her waist as he removed the clamps, walking her over to the couch they collapsed together in a sweaty shaking heap drifting off to sleep.

Marie Ross
Marie Ross
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