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Secrets of a satisfied woman

by kajeet21 about a year ago in advice
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We asked many women how satisfied they are with their sex life. We only recorded what they said with the biggest smile. She wants more!

She wants more!

Although our survey shows that satisfied women have sex several times a week, two out of five still want more. Women have a broad definition of this term, so this does not necessarily mean that they want more intercourse. She just wants to feel attractive, so it would be good to let her know that you think of her during the day, all mixed up with a few sexual associations. One way is to text her about her dinner plans and ask her to wear that sexy, red blouse.

Listen “He's afraid he doesn't look too hot, but I have the same urge, just like him,” says Marina (30).

She knows she's attractive.

Satisfied women are confident - four out of five think their partner perceives them as very sexy. Want a confident girl? "Never criticize the bodies of other women. You will only make her worry about how you see her ", said the experts from Kinsey University in Indiana. "She won't feel free to show you her body if she's worried you'll rate it as thick, ugly or full of cellulite."

Listen "When I hear him say I'm good in bed, it makes me very happy", Jana (28)

She will speak

Satisfied women know what they want, and 87 percent of them will say so. A woman who is allowed to look for what she wants will experience an orgasm sooner than those who are afraid of it. Encourage her to be more open, talk more often about sex in non-sexual situations. Also, try to find nonverbal allusions. "Most people like to do to their partners what they would like their partner to do to them." If you feel that she often touches you gently, do the same to her again.

Listen “I tell him everything. That's why we have good sex ", Katarina (32) Click: gynecologist near me, Dr. devi shetty,

The goal is pleasure

It sounds crazy, but it's true - orgasm is not crucial for a woman to feel satisfied. Three out of four women say that the pleasure that comes from sex makes orgasm less necessary. So relax - your relaxed approach can also relax her, which will bring her to the climax sooner. The more you focus on orgasm, the better your chances of pushing it away. Don't think on the principle of "big O" or big nothing. visit:

Listen, "I don't like sex because of orgasm, but because it brings us closer." Sarah (22) Click: best Sexologist

Passion overcomes greatness

The cliché is true: the trick is technique. Only 7% of sexually satisfied women say that the size of the penis is crucial for her satisfaction. The other 93 percent say they can be satisfied in other ways as well. Passion is what makes a woman come back for more Our respondents agree: they rated passion and generosity 10 times more important than penis size.

Listen to “The sexual chemistry between us and his passion is what makes sex amazing!”, Mina (22)

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