Science Encourages Women to Go Bra Free

Current science studies proclaim that it's time for women to lose the bra, so, here are some benefits for when you decide to free the girls!

Science Encourages Women to Go Bra Free

Science has had women believe for centuries that a bra is a necessary component of our everyday wardrobes and that free breasts are offensive—yeah right! Some of the biggest stars like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez have been spotted braless, encouraging a new trend to ditch the bra. Not that it is solely about trendsetting, but studies also reveal that the once useful and ladylike accessory may be a thing of the past! Taking the plunge (see what I did there...) to braless prosperity may be difficult, but there are always alternatives.

Common Myths Behind Wearing a Bra

  • You can sleep in your bra: This may actually be stunting your growth.
  • Wearing your bra enough will keep them 'perky': Unfortunately, "de-perking" is natural and can't be avoided. You know how the saying goes, "what goes up, must come down..."
  • They are comfortable: Let's be real; with the constant shifting and moving we do a day, you are always readjusting and sprucing.
  • You can keep your favorite bra forever: It's more about how often you wear it. Frequent wear-and-tear on bras can cause you to get poked and pricked by underwire, or the material may rub you the wrong way causing a rash.
  • Your bra size is the same in all stores: No ladies, no! The famous store recognized for "the world's best bras" has been noted as a culprit of "sister sizing," which is the idea that various bra sizes can fit your bust. If you are comfortable, that is your size in that specific store.

Survey says!...

"Correct and flatter your individual bust problems instantly."

Sydney Ross Singer answers the mystery in his bookDressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras, proposing that there may be a link between bras and breast cancer. He states "For women, breasts rate as one of the most important features of their bodies." So, with the pressure on, women find solace in VS push-ups or the substitute nip-and-tuck. The Huffington Post found that 64% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. So, why do we still feel the constant need to battle with the wrath of the chest chokers? I've found great comfort in seamless bandeau bras, adhesive petals, or bralettes. They are a great alternative to bras but still ensure that you are "close-minded people" appropriate for those daily outings. There are so many pros to going braless, though there is a negative stereotype about the act.

Benefits of Being Bra Free

  • Improve your circulation: Without the constant squeezing of your bra, the blood will flow freely allowing for a boost of energy.
  • Sleep better: Most women have a hard time getting to sleep and don't know their bra may be the problem.
  • Comfortability: We all have that 'Aaah' moment when we get home and take off our bra—imagine feeling like that all the time.
  • Enhances your shape: There is no true benefit of wearing a bra, but without one, the muscle tissue will grow to make them stronger.
  • Save money: Most good bras will run you between $50-80 depending on the store. Generally, you need a minimum of four bras, so that's $320 if you're quoting on the more expensive side. No thanks!

It's Time!

For some reason, this is a topic we don't discuss much. It brings uncertainty to the workplace attire too. The employee handbook always covers appropriate attire, but it is an unspoken rule that a bra is included. Whether you decide to ditch the bra or find an alternative, just know that your comfortability is most important. I like to say: "Comfortability over conformity!"

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