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Save Room For Dessert...If You Want Seconds

Part 2

By LiciaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

We lie in bed in each other’s arms, and he drops another bombshell on me... Neal tells me he loves me, always has. He has thought of me often over the years but never knew I felt the same. So, he eventually moved on. Once he knew I loved him at one point, he hoped I still did. This is music to my ears, to my heart, to my soul. The man of my dreams is professing his love for me. Trust, it’s not lost on me that Neal might be acting on feelings of loneliness and not of actual love. But in this moment, who cares. In this moment, at this time, this man was mine…

I snapped back into reality when I glanced at the time. My poor husband didn’t deserve this even if I felt Bethany did. Eight years we’ve been married and have only gone away together twice with the occasional outing sprinkled in between. We hardly ever make passionate love. Most of the time it’s out of human nature…necessity. We’re like romantic roommates. I think I married him because it was better to go through life with a dependable, kind man that’s easy on the eyes then not… But he still doesn’t deserve me laying here with another man’s sweat all over me…

I hear another noise, but this time it seemed more deliberate. We quickly sprang up throwing clothes to each other from across the room to rush down the hall back to the main floor. Rayven was down in the kitchen sipping a cup of tea. She slammed the cupboard close to get our attention; the dinner was being delivered and the rest of the group were at best 20 minutes away. Surprisingly, the hug wasn’t awkward, but we remained silent. I would later find out, apparently Rayven came upstairs and caught the last few moments of our “show”. It was understood I’d explain myself when we had a chance. My guilt made me run back up to change the sheets and just as I was reclosing the door behind me, I was greeted by my husband…

Trent greeted me warmly and informed me the dinner had also arrived. I was not hungry. I’d cheated on my husband of 8 years, and it felt awful. But it felt more awful to realize that I didn’t feel more awful. I wanted Neal and for the first time in my life I was sure he wanted me as well. Dinner was long and I tried my best not to let my overwhelming need to tell Bethany off, to blurt out. Yes, yes I know. How dare I feel this way? It wasn’t her fault that I didn’t make my move all those years ago and he got caught up in all her glitz and glam. But still, I was furious. She knew my deepest secrets including how much I loved her husband. I got through dinner with all smiles. Michelle, Daniel, Calvin, Bethany and Trent were none the wiser. Neal would smile at me ever so often and I would feel my cheeks and other areas get hot. I told Trent I was too tired to make love and wanted to get an early start. I wanted to hold on to the feeling of being with Neal just a little while longer.

It’s the night of the party and I feel like its more people than usual. My husband even invited his assistant along this year. We are having a great time and it’s almost like yesterday never happened, almost. Neal would occasionally walk by and link his finger into mine without ever looking my way. Neither my husband nor Bethany noticed because they were busy entertaining other friends. Although…Rayven would throw me the occasional smirk… She even walked by once and whispered “good for you.”

As the night wore on, I made the decision there is no way I could leave things like this. All these unsaid feelings would eat away at me. I never said I love you back. So not wanting to wait any longer to have that talk, I motioned for him to follow me towards the back of the house and into the study. My dad thought it would be a cool idea to have a secret library door made inside the room. Wanting absolute privacy, I pull the book lever that opens the panel. The moment the wall closed behind us he kissed me. And because no one knew about this room, not even my husband I kissed him back. As his body pressed against me, I could feel “him”. With a smile, he politely put himself into my hand. I stroked “him” gently while he moans and nibbles my ear; running his hands through my hair down to the nape of my neck. I wanted him to take me back to bed but it is highly improbable we wouldn’t be seen sneaking up the stairs. The anticipation had gotten the best of me, and luckily for us there is an oversized chaise that will allow him to put my legs on his shoulders… I came in here to talk, but now I’m just cumming. He flips me onto my stomach and with his fingers locked into mine he asks very simply do I want him; do I love him… I utter a simple yes and he unloaded his desires inside me…


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  • Angel Rogers3 months ago

    Blew me away!

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