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by Danielle Mosley 2 months ago in fiction
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Eclipse first wife

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Robin sat up in the car in a jerk. She was tired like she hadn't slept at all. She has been riding for five hours from the border of Michigan and has arrived at the Castle of Harmony in Ontario Canada. The reason she came all this way was because it was the best place for someone who needed shelter. They provided medical, free food, clothing, schooling...all the necessities. She need everything they had to offer. A week before arriving she filled out an online form. She emailed her letter of eviction, proof of no insurance, and letter of unemployment. She was approved and received a call only three days after submitting her form and documents. She packed, arranged for transportation, and was on her way.

The driver opened the door and smiled. " Robin. You've arrived." he extended his hand to help her from the car. Such a gentleman, she thought, taking his hand with a weary thank you as he closed the door and helped her inside. As they stepped inside the door she looked around at the surroundings around her. It was an exquisite building with high stone walls, red and green carpets, and stained glass windows. "Wow." she said as she gazed at the beautiful interior of the place. The place looked like it was worth more money than one country would even have. "How did you have this place built?" she asked, amazed. "Oh, I didn't. Our leader and friend, Eclipse had it built. he replied. " Robin looked at him, confused. "Who?" she asked. He grinned. "Eclipse." Robin lowered her head. "And who is that?" she asked. The man smiled again. "She is the coven leader. She is our friend as well. She owns the place. She is the one who provides for everyone." Robin looked up. "She does it herself?" Robin was bewildered about how someone was able to get all of this money to have such a delicate building built let alone let anyone live in it with her. Despite knowing them or not. "Eclipse is her magical name. That's what the coven refers to her as." the man shrugged. The doors inside opened and four men came through. "Well, these guys will take over from here. Have a great day, Robin." He turned and headed out the door. Robin waved to him. She turned and bent to pick up her bags. One of the men gently took her arm. "Let us get it sweetheart. You must be tired." He spoke in such a tender tone that Robin's heart fluttered. "Thank you." she said. He nodded, studying her, then smiling slightly. She put her head down and blushed. She followed the men to her room.

She stepped inside and gasped. The room was absolutely beautiful. The bed polls were golden. The room had beautiful gold painted furniture, white carpets, and a large vanity mirror. She looked in the corner of the room to find a large fireplace. She opened a door near one of the windows to find a huge bathroom with both a tub and a shower. The place was a vision. "The glass is safety glass." She let out a shriek and spun around. "Take it easy." he said. She looked away. "I'm sorry. I was just...well....entranced by this place." she exclaimed. The guy smiled. "Yea. It's amazing." he said. She heard laughter and assumed they were laughing at her. She shook her head. She always had a tendency to scare easily. She came out of the bathroom and smiled, embarrassed. The men turned around and smiled at her. These people are so friendly, she thought. "We are having a dinner in one of our common meeting areas if you would like to join us." One of the men asked. Robin was flattered. "I'd love too." she exclaimed. "Good. We will come walk you there in a few hours. Get some rest." he said. The men left the room and Robin closed the door. She plopped herself down on the bed and wrapped herself in the white sheets and fell asleep.

About four hours later, Robin awoke with a slight knock on the door. She opened it to find a young girl standing there with a long box in her arms. She smiled. Robin smiled back which caused the girl to smile more and her eyes to twinkle. "Eclipse asked me to bring this to you. You are Robin, right?" Robin smiled. "I am." The girl nodded as Robin let her in. "Let's make sure it fits first. Eclipse likes to give people gifts ever so often." Robin glanced at her with a shy grin. "What is your name?" she asked the girl. The girl turned at looked at Robin. "My name is Hope. Also known as Grace Anne. Hope is my magical name. I chose it when I turned four." Robin nodded. She opened the box and found a blue satin dress. She turned to see the girls face was beet red and she was almost laughing. "What?" she asked. Hope finally let out a chuckle. "I always thought this place was weird." she said. "Why?" Robin asked. Hope shrugged her shoulders. "Usually shelters don't give gifts like this to anyone and they are usually not castles either." "How did it become this way?" Robin asked, also confused. "Not sure." Hope said. "Oh. Ok." Robin pulled out the blue satin dress and tried it on. Hope came up behind her to help her zip it up. "It fits perfectly. You look so pretty!"she exclaimed. Hope knocked on the door to let the men know Robin was ready and they lead her down the hall.

The small room that the dinner was taking place was immaculate. It had a long table with about twelve chairs. The carpets were vacuumed and there was a small living room where just about everyone was seated. She smiled as she was greeted at the door by a woman in a white gown. She looked like she just left an Esbat or something. Hope came around the corner. "Mama, doesn't she look pretty?" Hope asked. Robin blushed. "She sure does." She looked back towards Robin. "I'm Violet. I play the maiden in the ceremonies here at the coven. If you need anything we are all here to help you." Robin nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, how did a castle become a shelter?" Violet tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. "Well, Eclipse decided she wanted to not only live in it but also turn her home into a shelter so others will also have a place to live. It's one of the best places in the world. I came here all the way from Rome, Italy." Robin nodded, finally understanding the reason. This Eclipse seems to be a compassionate person, she thought. She turned and walked into the living room. A couple people were sitting in the living room with hoods on. They put their hoods down, all but one. "Hi." Robin said as she entered the room. The guys looked at her. "Hey What's up?" One of the man exclaimed. "MY name is Justin. This is Kyle, my brother." He pointed to the guy next to him, who nodded and smiled back. She turned to the one with the hood still on. "Come one, Eclipse! Put that stupid hood down so everyone can see those gorgeous eyes of yours!" She lifted her head and pulled her hood down to reveal a head of long, wavy, curly blonde hair. "Very shy." One of the guys said and his tone prompted the others to laugh. Eclipse however, did not laugh. She lifted her head. Supposedly, she didn't hear him. One of the guys made a puckering sound with his lips and Eclipse raised her head and lifted her eyes to the ceiling in such a manner that Robins heart started to flutter. "Are you Eclipse?" she whispered. Eclipse lowered her eyes again to the floor. She then looked up at Robin and said, "I am." Eclipses tone was so gentle Robin felt she might swoon. Eclipse seem to notice but she turned her head away. One of the guys turned toward Robin but she didn't notice. She was too busy staring at the thing that was making her feel hot all over from head to toe. "Good God! Fall at first sight like all the others why don't ya?" he said. All the guys laughed. Robin started at him. She started to tremble. Eclipse cleared her throat and the room grew silent. Robin looked at Eclipse. She raised her head again and seemed to be in a daydream. "Thank you for the dress." she said. Eclipse nodded. "You're welcome." she said. "Are you hungry, darling?" Robin looked up and almost chocked. "I am." she said. "Ok. Let's get you some food." Eclipse said. She stood up and walked into the kitchen area. She fixed Robin a plate and took it to her. Robin felt guilty. She didn't want to be served. Eclipse handed her the plate. Robin lifted her head and smiled, taking the plate. "Thank you." she said. Eclipse smiled. "You're welcome." she said. She turned and walked back to her chair. Robin sat down and ate her meal. Trying to calm down as her heart still beat in her chest. She never felt like that about anyone before. She closed her eyes for a moment. Than finished her meal.

When dinner was over, the guys got ready to take Robin back to her room. She washed her plate, put it up to dry, and told Eclipse and the other gentlemen good night. The men lead her to her room, told her good night, and let her know breakfast would be ready around nine in the morning. "Thank you. Good night." she said. She opened the door and stepped into her room. She sat down on her bed. She couldn't get Eclipse off of her mind and she just met the woman. Her toes curled. She never saw anyone that spoke like she did, much less looked like her. Eclipse was the most beautiful, sexy, amazing thing she ever saw. She started to sweat. She tried to picture what it would be like to be underneath bed....fu...."Never mind." she said aloud, feeling stupid. She unzipped the back of her gown, stripped it off, got into her nightgown, and laid down. She pulled out a book and began to read, trying to get her head out of the gutter.


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I've enjoyed writing and reading ever since I was in grade school. I'm looking forward to making a career out of my talent as a writer. If you like any of my articles be sure to share them and leave me a tip. Any type of support is great!

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