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Short story

By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 15 min read
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


That was all i could think as the man in front of me looked at me, as he let loose a low growl and stalked towards me. His hand moved fast up to my throat as he grabbed me and pushed me hard against the wall forcing me to focus on him on ONLY him. He brought his head down to my mine leaving his lips just a breathless whisper away from mine and another low growl rumbled low in his throat and erupted from his smirking mouth as his eyes pinned me to the spot.

The vibration of his growl sent shivers from the top of my head all the way down to my toes causing them to curl in response. A light gasp escaped my parted lips and i swear i felt the heat creep into my cheeks. He squeezed my neck just a little tighter and smiled more revealing his sharp canines making this encounter all the more surreal. He forced his knee between my legs and moved them apart making me quiver with anticipation for this long awaited meeting. He softly brushed his lips lightly as a feather over my cheek so he could speak directly in my ear. What he said i wasnt expecting.

"Im going to make you beg for me Kitten. And only once Im satisfied will i give you what you have been begging me for."

He growled deeply and the vibration this time sending a different sensation through my body causing me to get goosebumps over my flesh and caused my body to tremble in delight. He tightened his hand around my throat before he brought his lips down on mine in a fierce and deep kiss. His tongue slid from his mouth and he ran the tip of his tongue over mine telling me to open my mouth to his demand. And, i was helpless to deny him what he had wished. His power and dominance was weakening me and i wanted to fight i wanted to run but with the way he was holding me i could not leave. His scent drove me mad and the way he was playing with my senses was making me crazy. He was right he would make me beg and i knew he would enjoy every minute of it.

With my lips parted he took his time and slowly slide his tongue into my mouth and over mine. He took his time as his tongue began a slow and sensuous dance with mine. Slowly he slid his tongue down into my mouth then back up to where just the tips would dance their dance. He slowly released his grip causing me to gasp while in our thralls of passion. He was taller then me and it forced me to look up and as soon as i had caught my breath he began to squeeze again. I tried to move to touch him to pull him closer but he pulled back and smacked my cheek not to hard but enough to tell me that i was pushing my boundaries.

" I did not say you could play with me you will now be punished."

He growled and all i could do was whimper as his free hand ran up my thigh while he dragged his nails over my cloths causing my folds to become wet with need. I couldnt voice what i was feeling all i could do was wiggle and shiver trying to not displease him but to also show him how i was displeased. But, as i moved his hand squeezed more and he moved his hand up higher and higher sliding it under the hem of my shirt where now his skin was touching mine. I whimpered at the tension he was causing in me. His hand moved up under my shirt and then cupped my breast that was covered by my bra. This time it was him who growled in frustration.

"Hmmm Well kitten it seems you have caused me a problem. If i let you go you will run. And im not one to play with my food."

He growled low and smiled.

My heart began to race and i began to think of my exits if he wanted to play this way then i will play to. He looked and exuded predatory dominance, my heart was racing so fast it was hard to think if he let me go from his grasp i was going to run.

"Be a good girl and remove your clothing for me."

He growled out softly sending more shivers over my spin as he released his grasp from around my throat and backed up. Once he moved away from me i took my chance i quickly pivoted and began to run for the door. I got no farther then a few feet away from him before he grabbed me by the back of my neck and threw me against the wall again and grabbed my throat this time pressing his full body against me and he smiled as his eyes pinned me again.

He chuckled low under his breath and my heart hammered in my chest as my panic began to become visible on my face.

"Now your in trouble kitten."

He whispered out as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his knife. With a quick flick of his wrist he opened his knife and smiled more. The gleam in his eyes frightened me and excited me at the same time. He ran his knife up my thigh lightly over my pants and under the hem of my shirt again this time the knife was being slowly dragged up my skin. It was a light scratch but not enough to cause any harm but it did put fear inside me as he brought it up higher to the collar of my shirt. He placed the blades edge against the fabric and with a quick jerk as he stepped back while still holding me to the wall the fabric ripped away from my body leaving a large rip in my shirt and exposing my bra and skin to his hungry eyes.

"Hmmm. Since i cant trust you to not run and your bra is a displeasing sight to see im afraid your not going to have that bra much longer."

As he was speaking he gently dragged the knife down over my collar bone and between my breasts to the fabric holding my bra together in the middle. With expert handling he flipped his hand around and moved the knife into a downward position so it was pressing the edge of the knife against the fabric and did another quick jerk cut the fabric. In the next instance he slammed the knife into the wall next to my head and released my throat causing me to gasp loudly, he placed his lower half fully against my lower half holding me in place as he ripped the destroyed fabric from my body leaving my breast fully exposed to his hungry gaze.

He smiled and leaned forward lowering his head down to my neck and softly scrapped his sharp teeth over my throat. His hands cupped my breast and began kneading them as he slid his tongue out and over the pulse in my throat. His tongue and his breath against my skin cause me to whimper lightly from how erotic it was. He began pinching and lightly pulling my nipples into hardened peaks as he slowly dragged the tip of his tongue down over my collar bone to the top of my breast. I couldnt help but whimper only louder this time. He didnt break away didnt say anything just kept moving his damn tongue down over my collar bone to the top of my breast and lower still.

It felt like an eternity before his mouth found my hardened nipples, but when he swirled his tongue around it to make it harder i softly moaned. As i moaned he took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it softly grazing my nipple with his teeth playing with it till it was so hardened that it ached but it felt amazing. As he was teasing and playing with my nipples slowly taking each one into his mouth to suck and tease them his free hand slid down my belly and to the waist of my pants. He expertly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants to slide his hand down them freely and touch my most sensitive area. His hands were rough and calloused against my soft skin and when his fingers touch my slick folds he slid his middle finger in between my folds to touch my clit and as soon as he did i was lost i was no longer able to fight off the flood of desire and wanting any more. Every touch and caress he gave to my sensitive clit make me shake and shiver.

Light gasps and whimpers escaped my mouth as he teased and played with me and he smiled more as he took my nipple between his teeth and gently tugged and pulled them. He removed his hand that was squeezing my throat and i gasped out loudly and became wetter he moved him self down to his knees and jerked my pants down to my ankles. He too seeming to be in a fever pitch at how he was making me wiggle and whimper in absolute delight.

"Step out of them kitten"

He growled low and with out a second thought i did as he told me moving my feet from my pants leg. Once my legs were out of my pants he grabbed them and threw them to the other side of the room away from us as though they were the most offensive thing in the room to him right now. I began to get goosebumps over my flesh from the cold rooms air hitting my naked and exposed flesh. He placed his hand on my waist and pressed on me to hold me in place as he forced my legs apart i didnt know what he was going to do i was so in the thrall of desire that i didnt care at this point. I didnt care about any thing at this point i just needed him to release this built up desire and tension that was in my body and i wanted it to be as soon as possible. I was in a frenzied state and i went to go touch him but as i reached out to touch him the way he had been me he grabbed my wrist and held it in his hand. He looked up at me and smiled.

"I didnt give you permission to touch me Kitten. Do i need to restrain you?"

I quickly shook my head and stood there. My legs were spread as far apart as possible and in the next instant i felt his wet tongue press against my folds as he began to tease me again. He released my wrist and placed it on my bare hip and slowly slid it down my thigh then over and up between my legs to my wet folds. His tongue still teasing me, he brought his hand up and parted my silken, wet folds and when he did he didnt hesitate and leaned in more so his tongue could lick and tease my sensitive clit. I couldnt stop my self from releasing a strangled moan letting him know that i was right where he wanted me.

As he licked my clit his hand slid down and he pressed finger against my swollen entrance as he began sucking and licking my clit. I wiggled my hips and whimpered more this sweet torture killing me more and more as he kept bringing my senses higher and higher. I felt like i was on a cloud when he suddenly forced two of his fingers into my wanton tight entrance making me moan out loudly as he began to pump his fingers in and out of my tight entrance and he continued to lick and suckle on my clit. Every thing in me screamed for him to keep going for him to bring me to a climax and melt to a puddle. While his fingers were inside of me he curled them so he could hit my g-spot. My body began to tremble at his magnificent torture. I wiggled, moaned and pleaded for him not to stop as he continued with his torment with soft moans and light whimpers. He removed his fingers from in side me and i about screamed in anger from the loss of contact but what he did next made up for it. After his fingers were removed from my wanton walls he slid his tongue down and began pushing his tongue hard in and out of my wanton walls causing me to cry out in more pleasure.

As his teasing and playing continued all i could think about was how much i had wanted him in my mouth just like he had me in his and i couldnt do anything else but whimper and cry out at his sweet amazing touching and licking. He removed his tongue from me and pulled back, and when he did my legs began to shake as he stood up and smiled. His hands went to his pants and he began to remove them, he knew he had me where he wanted me and when he hand moved the offensive material down to his ankles he looked at me in his nearly feral way and said.

"Get on your knees now kitten."

He demanded and i had no choice but to oblige him, i didnt want him to stop playing with me but i also wanted to see where it went from here. His cock was semi hard when i got to my knees and i saw it twitch a little when i looked at it. He reached down and put his hand in my hair and pulled my hair back roughly forcing me to look up at him.

"Do you want it kitten?"

He asked and i swallowed hard and nodded my mouth watering at the thought of his member being in my mouth and the chance to please him the way he did me.

"What do you want Kitten."

I knew what he was wanting he wanted me to ask for permission to suck on him and please him and so as he kept pulling my hair and being a little rough with me i softly pleaded.

"Please give me permission to take your cock into my mouth and please you as you have me. Please give me the honor to please you the way you did me."

I begged as i looked at him. He smirked and nodded and his hand still in my hair brought my face to his cock and i opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out he smiled more.

"Good girl."

With my mouth open he takes his free hand and grabs himself and places the tip of his cock on the tip of my tongue. I took him into my mouth and began to suck on his head running my tongue around the head of him and i could feel him growing harder and harder in my mouth as i suckled and licked the head of his now swollen member. He Growled and allowed me to just suckle on his tip slowly moving him in and out of my mouth his hand still in my hair and his grip tightened with each stroke of my mouth. When i went down this time and tried to pull back his hand tightened more in my hair and he forced himself into my throat causing me to gag hard over him. He growled loudly in pleasure as he began to pump his hips forcing himself in and out of my throat as he pleased while beginning to fuck my mouth and face hard. He was so large that it hurt a little as he fucked my mouth and throat with hard thrusts and deep pumps. With each pump i gagged harder and harder around him i could feel his body shaking as he was getting his pleasure from using my mouth for his own personal enjoyment. My folds becoming soaked as i hear him moan and growl in delight. He pulled himself out of my mouth abruptly and pulled my hair up to signal he wanted me to stand.

Once i was on my feet he crushed his lips down on mine in a deep kiss and slid his tongue into my mouth when he pulled back the both of us panting. He looked at me and smiled.

" Mmmm thats my good little cock sucker. "

I softly whimpered and he dragged me over to the couch he hand and turned me around to face away from him and pushed me down. I was bent over the arm of the couch face down and he forced my legs apart with his and i was shaking from excitement. He took a hold of his cock and rubbed his tip against my slick wet folds before pressing the head of his member against my entrance. I cried out softly begging and pleading for him to penetrate me i needed to feel him the sexual tension was to high and i was becoming desperate for release. And then, it happened he pushed and rocked his hips hard into me sending his massive member into my tight wanton walls and i moaned out loudly. It hurt but it felt so fucking good at the same time that words escaped me and i couldnt speak i couldnt think all i could do was enjoy how big he was and how much he stretched me out just to adjust to his size and length. I had never felt as much pleasure as i was at this moment. When he was fully inside of me his member hitting my womb he became rougher pulling out and slamming back in slowly at first. Slow at first but then the more he did it the harder and faster he became i was breathless at the feel of him deep inside of me. He growled loudly and leaned down over me and grabbed a hand full of my hair again and pulled my head up and forcing me to arch my back up as he pounded my tight walls relentlessly.

"Mmm fuck Kitten your so fucking tight. "

He Growled out and i was so close he felt my walls tightening around and over him. And, the more my walls tightened the harder his thrusts became before i could come he threw back his head and moaned loudly as he released his full load deep inside of my womb. But, he didnt stop slamming deep inside of me and i was so close to breaking. While he was pounding into me and pulling my hair he whispered.

"Do you want to have a release to Kitten.?"

I nodded yes and panted heavily from how roughly he was fucking me making me closer and closer my walls so tight around him the all he could do was force him self hard inside of me.

"Please, Please may i come for you.?"

I had panted out through heavy gasps and he smiled.

"Yes, kitten."

He said as he pushed my face down into the couch cushion and held me down so i couldnt move as he used the last of his strength to fuck me as roughly as possible making me cry in bliss and slight pain. My breathing harder and coming out in raspy gasps as i struggled to breath as he pushed me into the couch. In the next instant i climaxed, so hard the his fluids and mine mixed together and leaked out over his member while he was still inside of me and down my thighs. He stood there with his member pulsating inside of me letting me up so i could breath, my body trembling from the pleasure he just gave me. Slowly he pulled his member from me and we both moaned softly from the torture it was for him to leave me. When i stood up straight my legs were shaking so bad that it was hard to walk to my pants he had thrown.

Before i could make it to my pants he grabbed me in a soft embrace and stroked my hair cuddling me naked as we stood there.

"Thats my good girl."

He whispered to me as he caressed my hair holding me close to him for a little bit. It was nice and it made me feel safe.

"Are you ok Baby girl.?"

He asked as he stroked my hair holding me close. I nodded and pulled back a little and he placed his forehead against mine as we both calmed our breathing. He kissed me this time, and it wasnt roughly it was soft, sweet and loving. He was showing me that he still loved me and that i was safe and he was doing the best he could to give me the proper aftercare and i smiled into the kiss.

"Go get cleaned up baby girl. And then lets go to bed."

He softly whispered and i smiled brightly as i nodded and went off to do as he had asked me to.

((THE END!!! lol thanks for reading please leave a tip to help inspire me to keep creating, thank you for all your love and support with my stories.))


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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