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Puppy Mask

Callie wanted to win a costume contest. She didn't count on going as Anne's little pet...

By Rhea CorvosPublished 5 years ago 8 min read

This was the best time of the year, Callie thought dizzily. The leaves. The sweaters. The costumes! She loved October so much. Today was the best part of a great month: the annual kickoff to the Halloween Fair. The winner of the costume contest would get to eat for free at any restaurant in town all month long, as long as they were wearing their costume—which Callie would do, obvs. She fingered the gossamer wings that had cost her more than a month’s rent. Worth it! A little glittery makeup here, glittery hairspray there, and she was a stunning fairy. Callie admired herself in the mirror, striking a pose and pouting. Her low-cut mini dress barely covered her ass and tits, both of which were sparkly with more spray-on glitter. The wings were gorgeous, of course, but Callie knew what really swayed the judges. Year after year, they picked the sexist costume on the sexiest woman. This year, that would be her.

There was a knock on the door. Callie frowned. She wasn’t expecting company. The knock came again. Callie stepped into her four-inch heels and scurried across the apartment to answer.

Her visitor was Anne, the neighbor from next door. In making her costume, the normally quiet brunette had gone as dark as Callie had gone bright. Her gothic witch getup was elegant, understated, and sexy in a way that Callie wasn’t sure she could compete with. It showed just enough of Anne's tattooed skin. It didn’t help that Anne was such a fox. A flash of jealousy made Callie bite her lip. “Can I help you?”

Anne held up a package wrapped in tape. “I got your delivery by accident.”

“I’m not expecting anything,” Callie said shortly, starting to close the door.

“It’s got your name on it. Maybe it’s a surprise.”

That gave Callie pause. She did have several men in her life. Maybe one of them was trying a power play. The box wasn’t small. It could be something expensive that would enhance her look. She took the package from Anne, then eyed her rival. How fair was it that Callie should be such a cutie, but this stupid goth should still look so... regal? All of Callie’s glitter suddenly seemed cheap, for all the money it had actually cost. What did it matter if Anne was going to win anyway?

But if Anne couldn’t compete…

A dark thought slipped into Callie’s brain. She reflexively pushed it away, but then retrieved it. The Valium in her kitchen drawer was still in date. Mixed with a cup of strong decaffeinated tea, it would be virtually undetectable. The thought of everyone in town celebrating Callie as the sexiest girl in town filled her with lust. Anne would live with a little surprise dose of sleepy pills. She'd sleep it off and try again next year—if she was still pretty enough. Callie opened her front door wide. “Why don’t you come in? We’ll see what it is together. Want some tea?”

Anne smiled, her black lipstick a contrast with her cheery demeanor. “Sure! Thank you. Your place is nice.”

“I like it.” Carrying the box, Callie led the way to the kitchen, where she set the kettle on and fished out the dusty teabags she’d bought the last time she was sick. Two per mug ought to do the trick. “So what do you do?” she asked.

“A lot of things. I write. I perform. I do craft shows. I started in psychology, but it didn't inspire me.” Lord. This was all Callie needed: some nerd’s life story. She smiled and sat at the table, willing the kettle to boil faster. Anything to avoid talking with this bitch. Her eyes fell on the package. The perfect distraction.

“Wanna open the box?”

Anne smiled at her. “Go for it.”

The tape came off easy and in minutes the contents of the box were revealed. There was a nest of cardboard packing material, and underneath, something hard. Callie pulled it out. “A mask?”

It was made of leather, undeniably the face of a black dog, but not silly or goofy at all. In fact, building it must have taken some skill. It was sleek, almost sexy, with a long, tapered snout and upright ears that had been articulated with all the care of a master craftsman. Callie realized what she was looking at. She burst into laughter.

“Oh my god. This is one of those fetish things!”


“Yeah! It’s called puppy play or something. People like to pretend they’re dogs. It’s super niche, but I think that documentary company, what’s it called, they did a short thing about it online.”


“Such losers!” Callie turned the mask over in her hands. There seemed to be lenses over the interior eyeholes, like the mask was somehow also binoculars. “I wonder which of my guys is into this.”

“It does look like it was made to fit you,” Anne commented. Suddenly, the kettle began to whistle. Showtime, Callie thought, springing up to pour the tea. Slipping in the Valium wasn’t hard, although it took a minute to dissolve. Smiling innocently, she set the tea in front of Anne, who was examining the mask in rapt fascination. “I think there’s a movie in there,” she said.

“A what? Drink your tea.”

“A movie. Maybe VR.” Anne ignored her, handing back the mask. “Look inside. Maybe it’s a game!”

“Hmm.” Callie inspected the interior of the mask more closely. There was something flickering behind the eye lenses, she now saw. A repetitive pattern. She looked closer, only to find that she’d have to put the mask on fully to see. She glanced at Anne, who still hadn’t touched her tea. “Don’t you want your drink?”

“I’m letting it cool down,” Anne said with an apologetic grimace. “Can you see what’s in there?”

Callie gave her a playful warning look. “Just don’t tell anyone you saw me do this,” she said. Anne laughed politely.

Looking closer, Callie saw that the flickering in the mask’s eyes was black and white. She pressed it to her face, and as she did, an image resolved. A spiral. It spun slowly, but compellingly, drawing her eyes and holding them.

“What do you see, Callie?”

“It’s a spiral,” Callie said, still watching it turn around and around. Something about it was very soothing and nice to watch.

“That’s good. I love spirals. So easy to just look at. I like to watch them and relax sometimes.” What was Anne going on about? It didn’t matter. Callie let her eyes rest on the spiral. She seemed to be falling into it with every turn. “It’s easy to watch this spiral,” Anne was saying, “Because you like to watch and relax. Every turn pulls you deeper, sinking down as you feel more comfortable watching the spiral. More relaxed. Easier to watch. Easier to listen and obey. Like a good puppy.”

Callie thought dreamily that Anne was right. Callie was a good puppy. She loved to relax and watch the spiral turn. She wanted to fall deeper. Anne’s words flowed over her, barely registering in what was left of her conscious mind. Bidden by the other woman, Callie’s hands fastened the mask around her face by its secure leather strap and buckle. Callie’s body rose and followed Anne as the sexy witch led her by the hand somewhere else, it didn’t matter. Callie just fell deeper and deeper, feeling happy and sensual. Yes. She could be sexy for Anne. Yes. She could sleep when told to. Yes. She would obey, like the good puppy she was.

Callie understood now that being Anne’s dog was very sexually gratifying. Her blank mind, still falling into the spiral, absorbed this new truth with no trouble or resistance. In fact, Callie understood, it was very sexy to obey. Obedience to Anne was her only happiness. Mindlessness was wonderful. Beyond wonderful. It was all that could make her come.

“Lie back, puppy,” Anne ordered. Callie did, legs dangling, feeling her sex awaken. She was so good and obedient! “You want the strap-on inside you now, don’t you? Say yes.”

“Yes,” Callie said, suddenly feeling desperate for the feel of a hard dildo entering her slippery cunt. Already, Anne was fingering her breasts and her pussy at the same time, working her fingers inside Callie and twisting her bare nipples. Neither the sudden absence of the fairy dress nor anything else was on Callie’s mind anymore. She twisted and moaned, her mind and eyes still still transfixed by the spiral but her body becoming overwhelmed with physical pleasure. Then Anne entered her and Callie gasped. The silicone penis was huge. It filled her completely, hitting her special inner spot with every slow thrust. Anne was still speaking, but Callie’s mind no longer understood individual words. It simply obeyed. She begged for more. She turned over, exposing her ass, and allowed herself to be penetrated from behind. She climaxed once, then again, then a fourth and fifth time as Anne whispered commands into her ears. All that time, her eyes stayed glued to the spiral, her mind disappearing more with every ecstatic spasm. Callie’s nails dug into the comforter of her own bed as her body shook with yet another ground-shaking orgasm, all in response to Anne’s command: come for me.

The costume contest was as lively as usual. Callie wasn’t alone in her realization that the sexiest entrant usually took home the prize. Seductresses of every stripe strutted across the stage, some in little more than lingerie. The judges, city councilmen who were already well into their second beers, hooted and cheered. But when Anne took the stage, the crowd fell silent. Something about her curves-hugging dress, her black heels, the leash in her hand, said power. Behind her, obediently following her Mistress’s lead, was a sexy woman in a puppy mask, her voluptuous body wrapped in tight black vinyl. The end of the leash was securely hooked to the jeweled collar around her slim throat. “Sit,” Anne commanded. Callie knelt beautifully. “Beg.” Callie raised herself upright on her knees, holding up her hands and cocking her head. “Speak.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good.” Anne stroked the masked head, smiling coyly at the judges. Their mouths hung open. The crowd was dead silent.

Finally, a judge rose and cleared his throat. Into his microphone, he announced, “We have a winner!”

The crowd erupted in wild cheers as a smiling Anne took a bow. Inside her mask, Callie watched the endless spiral, her empty mind unaware that she had won after all, knowing nothing but obedience forevermore.

Rhea is a submissive and writer of hypnosis erotica. You can find more of her work on Amazon or support her on Patreon. If you like her free erotic hypnosis stories, be sure to tip her!


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