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Captured By Tanya's Hypnotic Opal

Jane never suspected that the ancient jewel had a secret...

By Rhea CorvosPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

At this time of the night, the lab was almost always deserted. That made it feel a little creepy, Jane thought. Maybe it was silly for a grown woman to be nervous, but as a researcher of dead civilizations, Jane often thought she could feel the arrayed millions of ancient dead watching her resentfully. Why had she dug up their stuff? What was she doing with it? Obviously this was all nonsense, but there you go. You just had to look at the elaborate death rituals of civilizations long gone to know that humankind had always been bothered by darkness.

Still, she was glad for Tanya's presence. There was no scaring the legendary field archaeologist, not even her work in the dark, cave-like tombs of the Assyrian Empire. Jane had to admit that the teeny little crush she'd been nursing was almost in full bloom. Tanya was gorgeous, lithe and sandy-haired, but as humble and accessible as the men in Jane's department were, they were arrogant and cliquey. Now, she was bending over her latest haul, which was arrayed on the table, the better to show Jane what she'd nabbed. Jane couldn't help but notice, with some embarrassment, that Tanya's cream button-down shirt had fallen open somewhat, revealing her tanned breasts. Heat rose to Jane's cheeks. She looked away, embarrassed.

"I think this is tenth century BC," Tanya was saying. Jane tried to focus as Tanya indicated a chipped white opal, polished to roundness. Something about it caught her eye, but Tanya was still talking, "Which is interesting, because the manufactured goods and the inscriptions all seem to be from at least the next century on."

Jane forced her eyes away from the gem. "Heirloom?" she suggested.

"That was my thought. But there's something a little funny about that opal. I think you should take a closer look at it."

Jane squinted at the jewel. It was a funny sort of thing. Assyrians didn't tend to bury jewelry with people unless they were very important, and then they'd bury a lot of jewelry. This opal was alone, unset, just sitting there among pedestrian tablets describing the life of a fairly ordinary temple whore. Holy sex workers didn't care for riches. What was this opal doing in a nun's tomb?

Tanya had suggested that Jane take a closer look. That was a good idea. Jane picked up the opal and cradled it in her palm. It felt oddly warm and relaxing to hold. As she peered more closely at it, she realized that it just needed a little shine to look its best again. The milky surface really wasn't too badly damaged at all, considering the millennia. Jane ran her thumb over its surface, clearing away a layer of dust. Then she did it again. It felt... nice. The stone was so smooth and pleasant to hold. Jane felt like she could fall right into it.

Meanwhile, Tanya was still describing the odd gem, talking about how she'd found it.

"That's right," she said, "You should shine it just like that. See how it shines now? It reflects the light in a very special way, but you really have to keep looking at it to notice all the colors that come out when you shine it. I find that I can stare at the gem for hours and feel very, very good. I had to walk down a flight of steps to find it. With every step, I counted down from 100, and with every step, I got more and more tired of walking down the stairs, but happier to be going deeper."

Jane ran her thumb over the gem again, and let herself imagine being in that tomb, walking down those stairs. She could almost hear Tanya starting at 100, counting down every step she took, counting down until she would reach one and sleep. That was why she was getting so sleepy. She was so relaxed, so tired, so happy to be going down to the opal. Tanya's voice droned on, but Jane didn't even completely register her words anymore. She was walking down the steps in her mind. 45, 44, 43... Jane's eyelids were so heavy and sleepy that it was hard to keep gazing at the gem. But she had to gaze, and she knew that even though it made her feel more and more tired, she had to keep focusing. 19, 18, 17...

Soon, Jane's eyes would close and she would relax. She would finally get to sleep for Tanya, and Tanya would tell her what to do and what to think. This understanding made Jane sigh with happiness, even though it was hard to keep her heavy eyelids open now. 13, 12, 11...

When she slept, she would obey Tanya. There was nothing better—or sexier—than obedience to Tanya. Jane was such a good submissive, so easy to entrance, and so happy for Tanya to dominate her. Her eyelids were almost too heavy to raise after each helpless blink, as Tanya's voice counted down 5, 4, 3, 2...


Jane's head nodded down to her chest as her body slumped bonelessly in her chair. Her mind, normally bright as a honed razor, was empty except for the sweet, soothing words of Tanya. Listening was such a pleasant, even erotic pastime that Jane happily drifted into arousal, her sexual need sending up a buzz deep in her pussy. Mistress. That was what she should call Tanya. Mistress Tanya. The idea made her nipples hard, and they pushed against her bra as though they might burst straight through. Thoughts of Mistress Tanya's exposed breast ran through her mind, sending hot lust coursing through her, and Jane moaned aloud. She needed Mistress Tanya. Needed to taste her, feel her, serve her...


Jane's eyes opened, but her mind remained clear and open. Mistress Tanya stood close to her, the embodiment of Jane's lust and desire, and Jane rose to bury her face between her Mistress's breasts. The shirt was already open, and thank goodness. Jane peeled it off with hands shaking too hard to have managed buttons. Unsnapping the catch at the front of Mistress Tanya's bra, she freed the two firm, tan breasts, and their pert, dark nipples. Never had Jane seen anything so beautiful.

"Lick them," Mistress whispered, her voice smooth and sultry, and Jane's mind overflowed with the desire to do just that.

Her first taste of Mistress's nipple was divine, salt and roses growing next to an inland sea, and Jane's own nipples sang in response. She licked the other one then, fingering the wet nubbin she'd just left behind, and thrilled with pleasure as she heard Mistress exclaim happily and murmur more commands. Mistress must be pleased. Mistress must be obeyed.

Jane ran her tongue down between Mistress's breasts, over and past the sun-kissed belly. Her jeans were in the way, so Jane fumbled them open and slid them down Mistress's thighs. Nothing had ever smelled more alluring than Mistress's pussy, unfettered by panties, and Jane plunged her face in. The juices of Mistress's lust ran down Jane's face as Mistress bucked and twisted in ecstasy, finally coming in a fireworks-worthy eruption of screaming and ejaculation. Jane felt the hot liquid of her Mistress's twat soak her face and nearly drown her. She'd never been happier in her life.

Rhea is a submissive and writer of hypnosis erotica. You can find more of her work on Amazon or support her on Patreon.


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