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Posing Nude

Tips on getting naked for the camera

By Sarah SparksPublished 6 years ago • 3 min read

I am a large woman and as many of my friends and enemies know I am a rather frequent nudist. Now nudity isn't something all large women and men are particularly comfortable with. The majority of nudes we see in our society are in movies, porn or artist photographs; the bulk of these feature thin people frequently with medical enhancements. Doesn't make us thick-inclined types so sure anyone wants to see us naked and instills an internalized fear of our own nude bodies.

I was very shy about showing my body as a teenager. As an adult, I have slowly but surely become more comfortable with my body and showing it off. Burlesque dancing was a part of that as I became addicted to stripping on stage but also going to nude beaches, living with partners that enjoyed being nude at home, and posing for nude photos has helped in the process of becoming a naked skin lover.

I thought I might impart some of my tips for getting naked to the those newly discovering their bodies. I started posing for nude photos a few years ago and promptly decided the photos were too nice to hide. So I posted them on the internet for everyone and their dog to see. I have been amazed at the positive response they have garnered. I have found my photos reposted on blogs all over the world and had thousands of hits on my DeviantArt account.

Some tips I've learned for posing for nudes:

  1. Only work nude with photographers you know and feel comfortable with.
  2. It's okay to bring a non-interfering chaperon with you (if a photographer won't let you do this than s/he is up to no good).
  3. Try lots and lots of poses to find out which work best for you.
  4. Try to feel natural and relaxed. A relaxed environment really helps.
  5. Don't be afraid to experiment.
  6. If you don't feel comfortable getting completely nude, try partial or implied nudity.
  7. Pamper yourself before the shoot; exfoliate, shave, moisturize- have your skin looking it's best since you are going to show it off.
  8. Give yourself a little pre-nude pep talk praising your body.
  9. Do something fabulously sexy with your hair and make-up.
  10. Warm up to getting buck naked if you've never done it before (at this point in my nude posing career I pretty much get naked right away and stay naked until we are done shooting).
  11. Make sure to bring a comfy robe.
  12. If the studio is cold ask the photographer to have a heater.
  13. If you are shooting outdoors nude, have a car near by that you can jump into to warm up and even better, somewhere near by you can go for a hot shower if the weather is a little nippy (learned this shooting nude in frigid coastal waters... brrrrr....).
  14. Don't wear your bra, socks or undies and wear lose fitting clothing to the shoot; if you don't you will have clothing lines embedded in your skin that take at least 20-30 minutes to come out.
  15. Have fun!

If you don't want to do a professional nude shoot, I do suggest taking a few nude photos at home by yourself or with your partner. I think it's a great way to get comfortable in your own skin and to realize there is nothing hideous about your naked body. At the very least, try spending a day naked at home even if no one will see you. Take a nap naked, read a book naked, watch TV naked (just be sure to draw the blinds or you will give your neighbors a show)-- after all that go look at yourself in the mirror naked and say "Hey! I look pretty good!". Don't focus on the parts of your body you don't like; focus on the parts you do like.

Go on... Go for a little naked stroll... I'll bet it'll make you feel pretty darned good. Trust me. I'm a nudist! And nudist have nothing to hide.

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Sarah Sparks

Witchcraft poet, neurotic sex symbol, over-educated sadist, and generally only dangerous to herself and a few unfortunate bedmates. Found haunting the halls of academia, frequenting shady establishments and eating candy at home in bed.

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