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Pleasurable Pain

A BDSM Style M/M Erotica

By Moonlit Sky.Published 3 years ago 4 min read

Kyte lays there, tied to the bed in a Y shape, his wrists and ankles restrained by soft leather cuffs. Wearing only black swim trunks, his inviting body is just waiting. Not that he will wait for long.

People tend to think he’s the dominant one in our relationship, and in public, he is more dominant than me. But behind closed doors, he’s usually the one pulling at the restraints and making all sorts of sounds.

I straddle him, loving how his eyes widen in both anticipation and excitement. I lean over and kiss him softly, then my lips find his shoulder, and I bite down.

He takes a sharp inhale, but I know he’s biting his lip. I sit back up and run my hands smoothly over his stomach, ribs, then chest, making sure to rub my thumbs over his nipples, then I pinch them.

He pulls slightly at the restraints, but his southern region twitches under me. Then, using soft hands, I tickle his ribs. He laughs and pulls more, but I remain gentle, swirling my fingertips over each bone and in between.

After I’ve touched every inch of the ribs, I move lower and run my fingers over his stomach. He laughs harder at this, and I continue the sweeping motions, loving how his muscles jump and his stomach bounces with his continuous laughing.

Soon, I start to rise, but I want to do more.

I dig through our toy drawer, which will soon become a closet probably, and find the nipple clamps. We have various types, but Kyte prefers the clothespin version. I hold them up, getting them ready, and another twitch presses against my ass.

But before I clamp them, I use my fingers to rub his nipples more. Moving my thumb over them firmly and massaging the tips, then I scoot down to use my own body.

I lick the newly smooth area just above his belly button and feel his skin shudder in pleasure. I move up to his chest and lick each nipple, running my tongue around in circles and sucking each one into my mouth and letting my teeth graze the tip. His moans tell me he loves this, and his muscles pull at the restraints, his dick now firmly against my body.

I sit up again, and he opens his eyes, staring at me with an urge to climax. I take one pin and clamp it over one nipple. He strains and breathes through it, but his eyes nearly go back into his head.

I place the other one, and he moans out, “fuck.”

I reach to grab a tiny metal pinwheel, and he grins as he takes in the pleasurable pain. I straddle him, and with the clamps tightly on him, I place the pinwheel on his chest and run it directly between them.

He gasps more, and his stomach twitches as I run the pinwheel down the center and across his belly button.

I move it back up one side, and in reflex, he flinches to the side, then the other as it runs close to his nipples and on his ribs.

I grow bored of the pinwheel and put it down, then I grab the clamps and start moving them slowly up and down, while they remain attached to his nipples. He arches his back and gasps, sounding as if he’s trying to sit in a tub of ice water. I harden fully and don’t want to wait much longer myself. I maneuver the clamps up and down once more.

“Ready?” I ask.

He nods, “ready.”

I pull the clamps off, and he hisses, then using my fingers, I gently take his nipples in them and roll them back and forth. He grunts and arches his back more, and part of me is surprised he hasn’t finished yet.

I put everything to the side, then I take the restraints off, and before I can do anything else, he grabs me and pushes me onto the bed. He kisses me as if breathing me in, and then he makes his way down to my obviously stiff self and pulls my pants down to run his tongue over me.

When his hand closes around me, all I can do is lay back and smile.


About the Creator

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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