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Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery
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Contact one of our plastic surgeons by calling 212-305-5868 or requesting an appointment online today. Welcome to the Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction at Columbia University. We are leaders in clinical, laboratory, and research in plastic surgery and are recognized as a national and international market leader in the field.

Cosmetic surgeons offer unique results and significant longevity on the face, breast and body, and cosmetic treatments. We are world leaders in the reconstruction of topics such as breast reconstruction, breast cancer, skin ulcers, and extermination and reconstruction of the nose and ears. Our cosmetic treatment programs offer surgical and non-surgical options to improve your cosmetic health, including eyelids and eye lifts, enlargement of the breasts, intestines, and more.

Our board-certified surgeons have extensive experience in producing good results. As our proven expertise, they take pride in listening to you and understanding your goals for seeing and feeling better. Starting with your first consultation, you will find that plastic surgeons understand your desire to improve all aspects of your body for cosmetic and medical reasons.

The most important factor in the success of your operation is a trusted surgeon. When choosing a plastic surgeon, we recommend that you verify the clues and experience. Our trained specialists are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (American Board of Medical Specialties) - the only recognized certified board surgeon.

Drs. Ascherman is a plastic surgeon with expertise in reconstruction and has published more than 75 scientific articles and chapters and has appeared repeatedly on the annual list of top doctors in America and Castle Connolly's New York Magazine. Dr. Sherman is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons Fellow. Dr. Mark Albert is the founder of Albert Plastic Surgery and a leading surgeon in New York City.

In addition to his doctoral dissertation in medicine, Dr. Kolker is content with a focus on biology and fine arts. The New York Plastic and Surgical Group consists of 9 experienced surgeons and is part of the Long Island Plastic and Surgery Group (Lipsg) which opened its doors in 2013. surgery.

The field of plastic surgery is broad and highly demanding, but it offers flexibility in lifestyle that is not available in other surgical instruments. Plastic surgeons use cosmetic surgery principles, reconstructive surgical procedures, and functional operations to enhance the overall look. The goal of cosmetic surgeons is to make changes in the body's condition and to regenerate the affected areas.

The most common procedures used by teens include nasal reconstruction, ear surgery, acne, and acne treatment, and breast reduction. Teenagers can also find cosmetic procedures such as otoplasty surgery (inserting the back ear with a stick) and dermabrasion procedures to smooth and hide severe scars and feel comfortable after the procedure. Plastic surgery places great emphasis on the incision of the incision to align the natural bars and skin lines, the proper choice of wound closure, the use of the best available suture material, the early removal of exposed tissue, and the wound closed by burying the stitch.

Some people turn to plastic surgery to correct a physical disability or to change body parts that make them feel uncomfortable. Reconstructive surgery includes facial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery surgery, and new treatment. Plastic Surgeons are available at Mount Sinai Plastic Surgeons when you are ready to make the changes you want or need, to help you evaluate your options.

Those who choose plastic surgery as a profession enjoy the satisfaction of being able to help patients uniquely and diversely. The most outstanding of their chosen fields are awarded to students at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. One can also choose to work in educational research in the field of plastic surgery in operating institutions around the world.

If you are considering unusual surgery in New York City, we invite you to find out what makes Dr. Kolker one of the leading plastic surgeons in Manhattan and New York City. New York’s approach to relationships, warmth, and passion for positive outcomes and the environment, as well as a strong commitment to alternative care, replaces all levels of care. Two plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons of your choice are very important.

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