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Pee Fetish History

In this guide to the incredible curative properties of pee, we also explore the history, kink, and science behind the pee fetish.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 8 min read

If you flip to the personal ads section of any underground sex or fetish website, you will undoubtedly find a decent number of pleas from men who want to be peed on, along with a variety of announcements and requests from other golden shower devotees. Though at first this preoccupation with pee may seem somewhat perverse, one need only read the testimony of any true enthusiast to see how natural and exciting an aspect of our sexuality it can be. Take, for example, the following excerpt from a letter sent us by a reader named Josh, describing his first golden shower experience:

"... We were in the bathroom. Jen's young flesh glistened beneath the pulsing shower massage. The water rushed and tumbled brightly through her lush blond hair and over her breasts, running down in quick rivulets through her pubic bush. We were both tingling from the electricity circulating between us, and as Jen soaped the underside of my cock, flashes of lightning surged up my body."

"I went down on her and suddenly felt a warm liquid filling my mouth and covering part of my face. She looked instantly embarrassed, and I just couldn't understand why. The whole point of me going down on her was to make her cum, but she confessed immediately that the liquid that covered my face wasn't the result of an orgasm, she had urinated on me."

"Jen and I had discovered a new game, and quite by accident. As it turned out, my partner had never intended to pee in my mouth, but the intensity of her orgasm made her lose control. She later told me that at first she was absolutely mortified, but when I pulled her closer she realized I was enjoying it."

Photo via Skookum-Models

Pissin' Through History

Josh is far from alone in his appreciation of piss. Used and abused to the benefit of mankind since the dawn of recorded history, urine was even extolled by the great Roman historian and doctor, Pliny, for its medicinal value in the curing of gout, sore throat, and deafness.

Actually, according to medical wisdom and folklore through the ages, peeing on someone you love is one of the nicest things you can do. Say, for instance, your lady is spread out in an empty bathtub when you decide to unload. According to a gypsy custom still in use today, the effect of your urine on her hair would prevent to dandruff while improving luster, sheen, and health.

Moving downward, you wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to spray your loved one's eyes, which act, wrote Christian Franz Paullini in the 1696 compendium Filthy Pharmacy, will cure soreness, inflammation, and unwanted running.

Getting her to swallow the golden fluid could be a problem, but you'd be doing her a big favor if you held her jaws open with a clamp and gushed liberally down her throat. (Don’t try that at home.) The ingestion of urine has been used almost universally to cure constipation and improve the vigor of the digestive system.

The wizened old doctors of ancient China insisted that urine was the best appetite stimulant available, bar none, and the Indians of the subcontinent rated it second only to ganja. South American and Central African tribesmen, and most notably, Bavarian peasants, regularly quaffed the yellow nectar in order to prevent smallpox, boils, and acne. During ritual peyote and psylosibin blasts, the Aztecs and the Mayans of Mexico cut down on their drug costs by passing the predigested psychoactive elements on to their friends and neighbors in their urine. So if you're high, pissing into your lover's esophagus will make her high, too.

Throughout the Orient, it is widely believed that spiritual altitude may also be transferred from person to person through pee. As late as the early 60s, the urine of the Grand Lama of Tibet was sold to rich Taiwanese merchants and industrialists at the incredible price of $2,000 per ounce. But if you're pissing in a friend's face, don't dally too long, lest there be no fluid left to wash her breasts. In the Middle Ages, the dousing of a woman's bosom with male urine was thought by the Anglo-Saxons "to swell the Teats and make issue from them the Sweet'est Milke."

But go down young man, go down, for the application of piss to your lady's lower abdomen and pubic regions, according to the 17th century medical texts of Italy, Germany, and France, will cure those nasty cramps and bloated feelings in the midsection, while helping to insure a regular and copious menstrual flow.

Should there be anything left in your bladder to expel, splashing your lady's palms, according to the nomads who wandered the Sahara, is a foolproof remedy for chapped hands and a variety of other cutaneous disorders. It would be wise, as well to save some squirt for the grand finale, for if we are to believe the inhabitants of Deer Isle, pissing on one's feet will cure the common cold, alleviate respiratory congestion, ease the pain of a broken heart, and eliminate any animosity that the pissee might feel against the pisser. In other words, she'll forgive you for the obvious pleasure you've derived from degrading her flesh.

Photo by Denis Gancharov

#1 is for Fun

The need for degradation is often an important factor in the golden showers scene, more so for men than for women. Next to spanking and verbal humiliation, professional dominatrixes say that golden showers are their most requested specialty. Often, men will come in for a session, ask to be tied up and spanked, and then for the climax, pissed on while they wank themselves off. For non-professionals like you and me, having a lover take your private waste into her mouth is something like the thrill you get when she sucks you off and swallows your come, only more intense. It symbolizes the fact that she is at your command and will do anything you want.

Others indulge in urine thrills simply because it feels good. This is especially true when the piss play occurs during intercourse. Imagine a lusty young lass riding bronco in your saddle, thrusting up and down on top of you. All of a sudden, she slows down a bit and you feel a warm fluid cascading over your cock and down your balls. While she might feel the thrill of degrading you with her piss, she's giving you pleasure anyway; So what difference does it make? The same holds true when we put the situation in reverse: You're on top, thrusting into her. You slam it all the way in, stop for a moment, give a push with your gut, and out comes the piss. Yes, she's taking your piss into her private parts and being the top man in this act could well be a psychological turn-on; but for her it's a warm, sloshy feeling, filling up her insides and heating the mouth of her womb.

Gay men achieve a similar effect during anal intercourse by giving each other golden enemas. In New York City, there are sex clubs dedicated to such activities. Because of that, it’s more common in the bedroom, both straight and gay.

Photo Pinterest user Guillaume Petit

Science Explains

That warm feeling of piss on prick or pudendum will often rouse lost feelings from early childhood, before toilet training, when making wee-wee was our main occupation. There was a certain security in knowing that you could release the tepid fluid against your body and mommy would come to the rescue, changing your diaper before you got cold and itchy. The desire to resurrect these childhood feelings is the most pronounced motivation in adults who wet their pants without the benefit of a partner. To a given degree, solo sluicers are often also devotees of infantilism, some of whom may wear diapers and Dr. Denton's while sucking pacifiers in the privacy of their homes.

In the case of adult infants, many psychologists would say that their sexual development has been stunted at the earliest stage, because according to Freud, it is the voiding of urine which leads to our first awareness of the sexual apparatus. He describes this as "a centrally determined tickling sensation (having to piss) demanding masturbatic gratification." Freud even went so far as to say that almost all childhood bladder disturbances are sexual in nature, and that the bed-wetting experienced by so many children is a “pollution-like process, analogous to the pollution of maturity." In other words, he says that kids who pee their beds are really having wet dreams!

But Freudian psychology aside, pissing on someone may also be the most primitive and elemental way of expressing your affection, for according to psychiatrist Theodore Reik, when we were infants our pee-pee and ca-ca were the only things we had to give in return for mother's love.

Though strongly linked to our sexuality and our earliest experiences with reciprocal love, urination remains to this day a much maligned and neglected aspect of our lives. And yet it is to what might be called a perverse preoccupation with the golden elixir that we may owe this era of sexual awakening and enlightenment.

Havelock Ellis, a contemporary of Freud, is generally acknowledged to be the first of the great sex researchers, those prurient pioneers who set about debunking sexual myths in order to help us accept ourselves and the pleasure of our bodies without shame. Ellis relates in one of his early essays that his own obsession with things sexual was aroused when as a child he saw a woman squat in the park and stood watching as a small yellow puddle formed at her feet. This image appeared to him over and over throughout his life, and his fascination with the squatting woman and her urine led him into a sexual universe which had thus far lain uncharted and unexplored.

In the same way that our ability to love in a giving and sexual way grows from our ability to urinate as infants, so did Ellis' investigations branch from the act of urination itself to a probing of all aspects of sexual behavior, blazing a trail for the many who followed him, ourselves included.

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