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Out in a Week

how they celebrate through a snowstorm

By Forest GreenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Out in a Week
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

It was close to Valentine's Day and Alicia and Jack are about to celebrate their anniversary which is four days ahead of the holiday. But they find themselves in a problem. Alicia would have to go on a business spending their anniversary and Valentine's day without him. It was the first time since they got married that it would happen. To make things worse a huge snowstorm is occurring in the city including in the area where the motel that Alicia and her co workers are staying. "Goddamnit man" Alicia said to herself upon hearing the news about the storm. The next day Alicia has her work clothes and other belongings packed for her week-long business trip. She and Jack kiss goodbye and she departs, disappointed that they would spend this time apart. By the time she arrives at the motel the snowstorm is starting and it is light. Luckily this does not stop her and her co workers from having fun. So she and a couple of her friends went to the bar across the street. Afterwards they all go back to the motel to their rooms. When Alicia goes to her room she opens the door and is surprised to see Jack there pouring wine for the both of them. She was happy to see him but wondered how the hell he was able to travel to the motel through the bad weather. He actually had a headstart on the night before she was set to go on the business trip. He hid his two bags in the closet in their home and the minute she left he drove to the hotel taking a detour. So because of the bad weather they would have to make the most of their anniversary and valentine's day. The next morning Alicia goes to a meeting where she is giving a presentation. Meanwhile, Jack waits for her to get back so he watches a couple of shows on the television in the room. By the time she came back it was time to celebrate their anniversary which is on the eve of valentine's day. They ordered room service and their dinner consisted of alfredo and cheesecake for dessert. After they finished eating, it was time for the rest of the anniversary. As Jack was still in his dress clothes Alicia was in the bathroom preparing for the special evening. She comes out of the bathroom wearing an open black robe and a new red bra and panty set. Jack is amazed and they move close to embrace each other. Jack removes his blue dress shirt and then his tan trousers and Alicia lets her robe slide down to the floor. As Jack removes the rest of his clothing and goes on top of the bed Alicia then takes her bra and panties off and goes on the bed too. Jack soon starts to get a hard erection and gently inserts it inside Alicia's very hairy box. He starts to thrust back and forth as she is playing with her big tits. They roll over on another side of the bed and Alicia gets on top riding his hard cock as her thighs jiggle. He places his hands on her meaty thighs, rubbing them gently as she continues to grind on him, with her thighs bouncing up and down quicker. Jack is then thrusting faster while still holding on both of her hips. He is throbbing inside but does not feel it because of the intense speed. Then after five minutes he pulls out and cums on her lower back. The two sit on the bed panting heavily and thinking about how they celebrated their anniversary.


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Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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