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Sisters 3

tennis balls a garden and fun

By Forest GreenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Sisters 3
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It was a sunny and hot afternoon and Serena and Venus were playing tennis on Serena's home tennis court. Serena was serving for match point. Once Serena strikes the ball with her tennis racket, it goes into venus' direction but she misses. Serena won the final game. "You owe me a lemonade, " Serena told her sister. "but I got you one last time." Venus replies. "and i can get another one," Serena then states. Both were hot, sweaty and tired after an hour of playing tennis. "Want another rematch?" Serena jokingly asks her. "No no no." Venus shouts. Then there was a knock on the door. Serena opens it and sees that it is Jerry the gardener. Jerry enters the house and is greeted by Serena and venus. "I came early because I got the rose seeds you requested," Jerry said as he was holding a small bag of seeds. oh thank you so much Serena said very happy. "Would you like some lemonade?" she asks him. "him too?" Venus shockingly asks. "I'll just go plant these seeds for now." Jerry said as he was about to exit the house. "Okay thank you," Serena said to him. After a half of an hour Jerry plants the seeds in Serena's back garden. He goes back into the house looking for Serena to tell her that he had finished with the garden. He sees that she was not in the living room or the kitchen or at the pool. He then walks upstairs to see if she is in any of the rooms. He sees that the master bedroom door is slightly cracked and figures that it is hers. He knocks on the door once and hears nothing. He tries again but the door opens and there he sees Serena. She is standing around her bedroom in nothing but white panties and she even had a bra on the bed. As he is watching this he is imagining what it would be like being in between those long thick legs as she is pulling her panties aside and cumming inside too. He feels that his cock is getting so hard looking at her and the thought he had. Serena quickly sees him and he is initially shocked at what she says next. "I've been waiting for you, " she says to him. She can clearly see his boner poking through his tan pants. He walks towards her and they kiss each other. as they flop on the bed she unbuckles his pants and sees how hard his cock is. As he pulls his pants down she is jerking him off right close to her big titties. As she is doing this she feels her panties getting wet and she quickly pulls them down. Then Venus enters the room and sees everything. "What the hell is going on?" she slightly yells. This catches their attention. Instead of getting mad at them she starts playing with her hard nipples through her shirt. She then lifts up her shirt off and pulls down her shorts too. She walks over them just in nothing else. Jerry notices how her nude body is similarly built to Serena's. He then thrusts into Serena's shapely curvy ass while he is kissing Venus and caressing her tits. While he is still thrusting back and forth in Serena he knows that he is about to cum. After pulling out he then cums on her thick thighs and as Venus lays on the bed he cums on her boobs too. Afterwards he falls on the bed along with them catching his breath. "The lemonade is on the table," Venus said to them. "You can get yourself some too," Serena says to Venus as they all lay on the bed together.


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Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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    Forest GreenWritten by Forest Green

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