Our Secret (A Transgender Love Story)

by Robin Brooks 2 years ago in lgbtq

Chapter One: The Letter

Our Secret (A Transgender Love Story)
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For a long time now I've been curious about your secret.

For a while I sat back and watched you walk around in your sexy dresses and heels, trying to fight the temptation that you brought into me.

But there was only so much I could take as you repeatedly sat down with pretty legs crossed and walked with confidence in every step.

Every day there was a strong temptation that raged deep inside of me as I watched your every move.

I knew you had a secret, and as I watched you confidently strut away in the park, tapping your heels as you went, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to make your secret our secret.

I had to make your secret ours, because I couldn't go any longer without having a taste.

There's only so much I could take seeing you in those sexy sundresses, all the while knowing there was something special underneath.

But I must admit, I didn't always know there was something special underneath. I only found out when I saw the hormone pills left out on your dresser.

I saw them because I sneakily doubled back to your room after I came out of your bathroom, but I don't wanna make this into a confession.

Just know that I want you even more now since I found out.

And on that day I found out, I will never forget. Being the mischievous man I am, I snuck into your room and saw the bottle that read: "Estrogen, take 1 a day." I then admired the photos on your wall showing how passable you were. It all turned me on 'cause I knew you were hiding a secret.

Now when you sit next to me with your beautiful sundresses and tiny shorts, there's something even more lustful that rages inside of me, and I have fantasies, because I now know things that I should not know.

I often think back to the beginning when you told me that we should take it slow and that you weren't ready. I always wondered why you told me that, but I now know why.

I know it's because of the secret, the secret that you must protect. The secret that you can't let the judgmental people get ahold of. But that secret, I can't let you keep alone anymore.

Chapter Two: The Revelation

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That was the letter that I left on her living room coffee table right before we went out to dinner, I knew when we came back we would sit in the living room to watch TV, as usual, and I knew she would read this strange letter.

And when we came back she did just that. Wearing her signature black sundress we sat down on the couch, and she wondered what that letter was. She picked it up, then lied her head back on my lap for comfort, and then proceeded to read it. While reading it, I softly caressed her hair and scalp.

She quietly mumbled the first couple of paragraphs out loud, and she was laughing making fun of the writing, but the more she read she started to see it as serious and started to become emotional.

When she finished, she folded it back up and looked at me in a nervous way and asked: "Did you write this?"

I then held her hands tight and stared in her eyes, and told her yes, and that I know everything, but that she was mine no matter what, and that I don't care what's between her legs.

She looked at me and could only cry. Then told me she loved me. Then we started to kiss, and things got hot and heavy.

Now knowing I accept her for who she is, she confidently sat in my lap with her legs spread in her sundress, and I could feel her hard dick pressed into me.

As I sucked on her neck, it got harder and harder. She was enjoying my tongue gliding over her neck. I soon found her hot spot right below her ears, and I stayed steady there. She moaned loud in her sexy, deep voice.

She no longer felt ashamed for what she had down below, and she let me caress it through her panties.

She had a big wet spot because her pre-cum was leaking out.

I grabbed her dick and gave an intense look in her eyes, and assertively told her: "This is our secret." I then pulled it out and lifted up my shirt, and she humped it back and forth on my belly as her perky ass bounced on my lap.

Before long, she, and I were rubbing our hard dicks together, and watching the pre-cum drip out as our frotting got very slippery.

I was giving her the best feelings in her frenulum region, and while she bit her lips down in pleasure, I then passionately whispered in her ears, that there was no trans, and there was no LBGT. She was a real woman to me and felt way better. She moaned very loud and said:

"Keep talking baby," followed by more moans.

We were in the moment, her head was lying on my shoulder, her arms around my neck, and our frenulums were slipping and sliding against each other as pre-cum leaked from our tips. I notice her panting and moaning very loud in pleasure, and then, in a weak pre-orgasmic, deep voice she said: "Just keep loving me, just love me and accept me!"

She then screamed very loud.

And I could feel all her white cum squirting on my dick. I gasped loudly and held her tight as all of my cum squirted out as well making a big mess on both of us. We were both breathing hard and exhausted.

I gently fell back on the couch pulling her with me to lie on my chest, so we could rest.

As we lied there, our dicks soon got soft, and we could feel the sticky mess between us. And the strong smell of cum filled the whole room. It was so sexy. (To be continued)

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Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks
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