Brittany's Secret (Part Flash Fiction, Part Movie Script)

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The Ultimate Walk of Shame

Brittany's Secret (Part Flash Fiction, Part Movie Script)
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After waking up on an old white couch, Brittany quickly noticed that her short black party dress was hiked up, and that there were no panties on underneath. She was confused, so she sat up on the couch to recollect her thoughts and shake off the daze.

She then looked around the room, and was shocked and began to panic as she saw naked male bodies lying on the floor.

"What have I done?" she thought to herself as her eyes got big and her mouth grew wide in horror.

Now panicked and in a state of delirium she then glared down at herself for a closer look and noticed dried white stains on different parts of her black dress, as well as her thighs. She then also noticed a strange unfamiliar taste sitting inside of her mouth. In that instant, her memory started to return.

Now in full panic mode, she quickly got up and grabbed her 6-inch heels from the floor, along with her purse, and headed quickly for the front door. She did not care about finding her panties. She just wanted to head home.

She quickly headed into the street, stumbling trying to put on her high heels, rushing to get home, not wanting to be seen by anyone.

As her body wobbled into the streets she was so panicked she almost forgot to pull down her hiked up dress. She finally remembered, but with every step she took, her dress put up a fight as it constantly rose back up over her beautiful hips and luscious thighs.

She only lived a few blocks away and wanted to get there as soon as possible.

While she walked, her eyes stayed low to monitor the rising of her dress, and with every glance down she was reminded of the white stains. Particularly when she looked at the ones on her beautiful thighs, it made her feel extra dirty. They brought back strong memories. Because of those stains there, she now clearly knew what she had done. And she felt like the world knew as well.

With every look down it was a reminder that she was getting fucked raw last night, and that random cum trickled down from her pussy and flowed to her thighs.

While barely keeping her balance in her six-inch heels, she strutted along with her heels tapping the pavement like a hooker doing the rounds.

She moved down the street staggeringly, trying her best not to fall. Lucky for her she was now only five minutes away from her home.

She was determined to make it there before people started going to church, and especially to avoid the sun day school bus. She knew they would judge her harshly if they saw her this way.


The camera goes low to show a close up of her beautiful thick thighs. It gets a little closer, and puts emphasis on her hand tugging away at the middle of the dress to keep it down. From there, it glides down lower showing her walking side to side in her heels.

By now she could feel she was almost home and that her walk of shame was almost over, but as she moved her head back up from below, to her surprise, a hundred yards away was what appeared to be one of her good church friends by the name of Cindy.

When seeing this, Brittany's heart damn near dropped. She immediately panicked and desperately wanted to prepare herself. But she was mentally frozen, her mind was blank, and she was scared and didn't know where to start first.

But in a fight to save face, she eventually found her composure and started in the obvious place by pulling down harder on her dress, pulling it down as far as it could go this time, knowing damn well it would not stay.

But that was the least of Brittany's troubles. For starters, the morning sun was bringing more attention to the dried white cum stains on her beautiful black dress, the ones on her thick brown thighs and face as well.

Her mascara and makeup were smeared, causing the blackness to run down her face mixing with the dried white cum stains. And the loud smell of semen and sex from between her gorgeous bare legs filled the air around her.

She could not be seen! She and Cindy talked about girls like this before, and how ashamed they should be for living this way. So she could not allow herself to be seen like this.

She tried her best to make herself as presentable as she could in the short time that she had.

She tried holding the tight dress down over her thick hips and thighs and even using her spit in her hands to try to wash off the dried cum stains on her legs.

She did everything she could in the short time to fix herself down below, but she still hadn't even seen her face yet.


Brittany's head is laid back on the white couch while she gags on a dick in her throat, strokes on one, and has her beautiful legs wide open taking another.

The penis she strokes with her hand squirts in her face leaving her a beautiful mess, and cheers of the crowd are heard loud, and slowly fades out.


Now only 30 yards away from Cindy, she frantically searched through her purse to find a mirror to check herself out. It was the first time since last night. She was in for a shock.

She quickly noticed her mascara running, and that the same cum stains on her legs were all over her face. There was no way she had time to fix this. Cindy was only 10 yards away now.

In one last ditch effort to escape the situation she tried slightly covering her face hoping for a miracle that she might not be noticed with the new raunchy attire. But this morning it seemed inevitable that this awkward moment would take place. Her heart was racing fast, and her breathing was hard. She braced herself for the fall.

Robin J. Copyright ©2018

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(Script version would include):

  1. showing Brittany being persuaded by friends to go to a party to celebrate her birthday.
  2. persuaded to wear a wild friend's short mini skirt.
  3. arrive to the party with her friends.
  4. Then a young man by the name of Brad would be introduced. He will be at the party watching the action and getting turned on. During the action he will find Brittany's panties and hold them and occasionally sniff them while he watches the beautiful Brittany take on numerous men.
  5. During the action, other girls at the party will be seen chatting about how they thought she's not that type of girl and how shocked they are to see her behave this way.
  6. At the end when all the guys are done, and she falls asleep from all the orgasms, Brad sees her short skirt lying on the floor, and goes over to place it over her head, and pulls it down just above her pussy. He keeps her panties and drives home.
  7. This sets up a future encounter where Brad will meet Brittany, and form a friendship, and possibly other things.
Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks
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