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Old Dog:New Tricks

by Symphisis about a year ago in erotic
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A Very Happy Birthday

OLD DOG: NEW TRICKS © Symphisis 2021

On the Saturday – the eve of his 75th birthday, he made himself a birthday cake. Double layered sponge cake with a thick, middle layer of whipped cream and passion fruit icing over the top and sides. Using a fine tipped artist’s brush, he ran a line of mulberry juice across the top, through the centre point. He layered multiple, thin, slices of strawberry into the still-soft icing then inserted seven birthday candles on one side of the line and five on the other. Job done he put it into a plastic cake container which he placed in the fridge.

He put three steaks - scotch fillets - into a sealable plastic bag, added half a bottle of red wine and garlic marinade, sealed and shook it, and put it into the fridge. Then followed three white wine glasses that would be used during entree – fresh prawns with diced mango, cos lettuce and cherry tomato. The salad to accompany the steaks he would put together next morning. The cake would serve as dessert. He poured a port, sat in the lounge and sipped on it while he considered the possibilities of his birthday.

His guests would be Sally – a slim, pleasant lady of about 50 who was his masseuse, and her receptionist, Rachel. He found them quite by accident, a few months previously, when he overdid some gardening and developed low back pain. He had seen her advertisement in the local newspaper and decided to give Sally a try. She had diagnosed his pain as due to a simple muscle strain and, as she predicted, it resolved after only three daily treatments. But he kept going back.

He usually arrived early for his appointments and would chat with Rachel. He learned that she was 35 years old and a single mother of two teenage sons who were, “…really good kids, doing well at school…” and that her husband had been killed in an industrial accident five year previously. She had not established any new relationship, was comfortably well off, having received a life insurance policy payout as well as worker’s compensation benefits and she worked because she liked it. She wanted to do something useful and particularly enjoyed working for Sally. She said she was studying massage and wanted to become qualified in that field.

During his treatments Sally had let it be known that she administered a range of massage therapies. From deep tissue muscle damage treatment up to and including sensuous, relaxation massage but with no sexual involvement. He liked her and loved her methods – especially the feather-light, fingernail stroking of the skin in all areas of his body. She had a special knack of extending one hand down to his ankles and the other up to his neck then, with a swirling motion, drawing them together slowly, barely touching the skin, until her fingers met on his buttock. Then she would reverse the process after swirling around both buttocks and into the cleft between them. Then, similarly, when he was face up, finishing off by tickling his scrotum ever so lightly and briefly. She never touched his penis.

He became a regular, once a week patient/client and they became quite good friends. The relationship had developed through the “getting to know you and your background” up to risqué repartee. He told Sally, frankly, he had nothing wrong with him but just enjoyed her ministrations and company and was happy to pay for her services on a weekly basis. He manipulated Rachel into always giving him the last appointment of the day when Sally was winding down. The sessions often overran by up to half an hour, but she refused to charge him for that.

Each was very comfortable with the other. As each session started Sally would simply instruct him to “Strip off and lay face down on the couch.” After a few sessions she elected to not leave the room while he stripped, and he encouraged that. Often, standing naked in front of her, he would grin and say, “OK your turn now.” She would only look into his eyes and smile.

He was about 165 cm tall and slim with an only slightly protuberant belly. His hair was sparse, brown and well kempt. He always presented to Sally’s room clean shaven and showered. He did not have a six-pack abdomen but was quite fit for his age. His penis was circumcised and quite small but never failed to rise to any sexual occasion. He shaved his scrotum, pubes and lower abdomen weekly and attended a Chinese pedicure parlour, in a local shopping centre, to have his toe nails kept neat and tidy. He wore a gold, chain-link necklace his wife had given him in Singapore years ago. He rarely removed it.

When she was finished massaging his back, she would slap him on the bum and tell him to turn over. Initially he would hesitate, and Sally would immediately admonish him with words to the effect, “I don’t care if you have an erection. It won’t do you any good anyway so turn over and let’s have a look at it.” That always made him smile. And look at it she always did, silently, but always with her own smile. He never knew quite what to make of that. One day she offered to give him an ice pack, but he declined and they both laughed. After several of the erection sessions she said, “Now I know why you always grab the last session of the day – you don’t like walking out into the waiting room with your trousers tenting out in front of you if there are other patients out there.”

“Perceptive, aren’t you.” he replied.

And, of course, at one stage, laying supine, he said to her, “Look! I am naked – fully exposed to you with nowhere to hide. You should be naked also.” She stared into his eyes, “ In your dreams, my friend, in your dreams. However, to be frank, I would love to work naked, but the damned ethics and laws make it impossible. If I were to strip off right now, there is no guarantee that you wouldn’t let it slip in the pub one afternoon and some sanctimonious, self-righteous moron would complain to their local member and/or the police and/or the Masseur Regulation Board. And that would be the end of my little business and livelihood.”

Then he told her that, since he started seeing her, he had become very interested in massage and had been studying it on the internet.

“Seriously?” she asked.

“Yes. And the other day I bought a used massage table on e-bay. One of these days I will know how to use it and how to attract clients.”

“Happy to give advice and support but take your time. Don’t rush into it and stuff it up right from the word go. Mind you, I feel you do have the right sort of personality to make a success of it.’

“Thank you.”

“By the way, as you know, Rachel, who you so easily manipulate, is also studying massage and I did intend asking you if you would mind if I got her in to observe some of my ministrations on you. Being the last session in the day, one day a week would make it pretty easy and I could essentially run a tutorial for you both taking as long as we want.”

“Sounds good to me. One thing though….” And Sally interrupted, “Yair, Yair I know, you are worried about her reaction to your erections, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes.”

“Might seems silly but I would encourage it. She needs to become familiar with that sort of thing and learn how to handle it – figuratively speaking of course.”

” Err, how would you encourage it?”

“Oh, just give you a good tongue lashing. No, seriously, you never seem to need any encouragement but if you really failed, I would think of something.”

Since then he had had three sessions with Rachel in attendance. His erections were, if anything, larger than previously, but both Sally and Rachel seemed to just ignore it. However, he did think Rachel was taking frequent, sneak looks at his erect penis.

So, he hatched an ambitious plan and a few days before his birthday he invited them both to help him celebrate and come to his place where he would put on a good lunch, some drinks and enjoy each other’s company for an afternoon without professional restrictions. He knew they were both widows and, as far as he could determine, neither was in a relationship. They both accepted and arranged to arrive at midday.

He had his massage table set up, with clean white sheets, in a spare bedroom, along with a small table to hold a selection of massage oils, hand towels, tissues and a small CD player with a couple of Tony O’Connor CDs. He was quite proud of it all.

He was up at 5.00am, as usual, on his birthday. The salad was made in no time, covered with Glad Wrap and stored in the fridge. He peeled the prawns and cut each into three, diced the mango, halved the cherry tomatoes and made up three individual salads which also went into the fridge. He set the dining room table with a fancy table-cloth his wife had loved, but he had never previously used, plus all the necessary place mats, crockery, cutlery, wine and water glasses, salad servers, cake knife, serviettes and so on. It looked very professional.

By 9.30 he had nothing left to do so shaved, took a shower and got dressed in navy blue slacks, black moccasins and crisp, white, polo shirt which hung outside his trousers. He felt a bit nervous and made a scotch, (Chivas Regal), ice and soda and sat down to relax with the Sunday paper until his guests arrived at midday. At 1030 the door chimes went through their musical notes. “Who the hell is that?” he thought, “Probably the God squad.” as he threw down the paper and walked to the front door.

He opened the door and was amazed to see Sally and Rachel smiling at him. He unlocked the security door and they both rush in at him singing “Happy birthday……, Happy Birthday dear Terry, Happy birthday to you!” They both then hugged him firmly and he put his arms around them and held them close. “You are a bit early but great to see you. And I love the way you greet people.”

They both started chattering together and he eventually understood they came early just in case they could help him with the preparations and cooking and they wanted to see his massage set up. They also each gave him a present – a bottle of Chivas from Sally and a bottle of Bundaberg rum from Rachel. He scolded them but graciously accepted.

“Right, so will you now show us the massage room?” asked Sally.

“Well, OK but don’t you laugh please.”

“As if!”

He led them through the house to the massage room, opened the door and let them both in ahead of himself.

“Oh, very nice indeed. Very professional. Lovely.” and similar compliments.

“OK. Strip off and lay face down on the table.” said Sally.


“You heard, come on. We haven’t got all day.” chipped in Rachel.

Stunned, he stood there, flabbergasted, for a full minute then, judging that they were serious and were not about to give up, he kicked off his moccasins and drew his shirt up over his head while turning around to hang it on a wall hook. When he turned back his jaw dropped open. Both Sally and Rachel had taken off their T-shirts and stood looking at him while they both reached behind, undid their bras and hung them on a hook.

“You still have a way to go, Terry!’ chided Sally while Rachel nodded.

He undid his belt, trouser button and fly and slipped out of them. He hung them on a hook and turned to see the ladies slipping off their summer skirts. He was enthralled at their breasts dangling, pendulous as they leaned forward. He then slid his jocks down and off, balancing on one foot then the other, without taking his eyes off the ladies. He hung the jocks and watched as his guests slipped their briefs off then stood stark naked facing him as he faced them. His erection was not slow in becoming prominent. In the current circumstances he was a little embarrassed at the size of his penis – only about 5 inches long and about as far around. Not for him the donkey dick of the porn stars but it didn’t bother him. His wife had always reassured him she was completely satisfied with what he had and how he used it.

After a pause they both walked around the table to him and embraced him, their breasts pressing against him, and Sally gave him a prolonged kiss on his lips followed by Rachel. And he felt two hands stroking his penis.

“Happy Birthday dear Terry. Now, on the table!’ But he still stood there dumbfounded and speechless. Finally, he whispered, “I think I must have died and gone to heaven.” and pulled them both close again in a passionate embrace while tears ran down his face. Rachel got tissues from the table and dabbed at his eyes then got more for her eyes and Sally’s. Finally, Terry turned toward the table and lay face down on it, wriggling here and there to adjust for his erection, his face in the circular pillow and arms with elbows bent in the surrender position alongside his head. “Right you two wonderful women – I am yours, do with me as you will. But don’t forget lunch at one o’clock.”

Sally and Rachel stood facing each other across Terry’s lower back. They gently placed their soft, cool, hands palms down on his shoulder blades, let them rest there a few moments then slowly, lightly moved their hands up and over his shoulders, down his arms to his hands, back again and down his flanks. They continued down over his buttocks, thighs and calves to the soles of his feet.

While they worked their magic fingers, Terry relaxed and visualised them standing naked in front of him. Sally was about 170cm, slim, brunette with a short hairstyle and only a few wrinkles and crows-feet about her face. Her breasts were small and had lost their fullness but did not sag significantly, large enough nipples with pink areolae. They jiggled when she moved. Her abdomen was flat and there was no fat on her thighs or bottom which was cute, curved and jiggled when she walked. Her pubes were shaven and little pink lips of her labia peeked out from between the larger folds of outer skin. She had no tattoos and wore no nail paint. In his mind she was nothing short of beautiful.

Rachel, younger and mother of two had blonde hair arranged in a pony tail. Her skin reflected the care and attention she gave it. Her breasts were, to Terry’s mind, fantastic. Full, proud nipples and large areola and just the very slightest suggestion of post-natal sag. A flat abdomen, no fat about her waist or her beautifully curvaceous bottom and slim thighs. Her pubes were shaven, and the outer lips completely concealed the minor lips. Her finger and toe nails were painted scarlet.

Terry acknowledged that, due to her lesser age, Rachel was the more beautiful of the two. He reckoned he might have a chance of winning over Sally but being forty years older than Rachel would completely rule out any thing like a relationship. He decided he would happily accept that outcome in the unlikely event it might happen.

“You do like to have your soles tickled don’t you Terry?’ suggested Sally as she started to do just that.


Rachel followed suit saying, “One of my favourites too. How about you Sally?’

“Well, I usually can’t take any more than twenty-four straight hours of it, but I would like to try it again.” As she spoke, she grasped Terry’s ankles and moved his feet out to the very edge of the couch. “Improves the air circulation.” she said with a grin.

With that they each encircled an ankle with both hands and, without applying pressure, slid them slowly up past his knees, over his thighs until their thumbs were in the fold beneath his buttocks. The tips of their fingers touched his scrotum and they both gently scratched with their nails until he lifted his pelvis to give better access. They each cupped a testicle and squeezed very gentle for a short while then took their hands away and lay them briefly on his buttocks before commencing the feather light fingernail scratching of his skin. Moving independently, they covered every inch of the skin on his back, flanks and back of his legs.

After fifteen minutes they were done with his back. Moans of ecstasy, confirming his pleasure, were interrupted by two loud slaps on his bum and Sally announcing, ” Over we go then!”

He hesitated only briefly before rolling onto his back, while Sally placed a small pillow under his head saying, “Well, well, well what have we here?” pointing to his rigidly erect penis.

“You should know Sal – you’ve seen it often enough and so have you Rachel.”

“Sure, I’ve seen it often, but I wouldn’t say it was often enough.” Rachel announced as she moved to the little table and tipped some oil into her hand. Returning she looked into Terry’s eyes as she grasped his penis and smeared oil all over the shaft and “fireman’s helmet.” He was flabbergasted. Sally appeared unfazed as Rachel climbed up onto the table, straddled Terry’s lower abdomen and leaned forward to allow her right nipple to touch his lips. He could not help but kiss it and suck it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.

Rachel lifted her pelvis and moved so that her vaginal lips touched the underside of Terry’s erect penis. “Hey, Sally, would you mind doing the honours and show Terry the way into my pussy.”

Without a word Sally put a hand under Rachel’s pelvis from behind, grasped Terry’s penis and lifted the glans to touch Rachel’s labia. She moved it back and forward several times to smear Terry’s pre-cum and Rachel’s secretions over the skin and held it upright while Rachel slowly lowered herself. Sally watched the vagina entirely engulf Terry’s penis.

Rachel paused at full penetration, leaned forward and kissed Terry passionately on the lips. “Happy birthday Terry.” She whispered and started riding him.

Terry countered her every descent with an upward thrust of his pelvis simultaneously kissing and sucking on her nipples and squeezing, caressing and jiggling her breasts. She alternated between sitting upright and laying forward so that her breasts flattened on his chest and she could kiss him passionately. When she was upright, he would lift his pelvis to thrust his penis in to the hilt. She countered by grinding down on him, mashing her clitoris against his pubic bone. By way of variation she lay flat on his chest again but straightened out her legs to lay on top of his. This trapped his penis deep inside her, but she still managed to twist and grind on it. Their gyrations continued causing them both to gradually build up toward orgasm.

Eventually, gasping, he said he was about to cum.

” So am I” Rachel panted and then, together, they did just that with Terry violently thrusting his pelvis upward and his penis in and out of Rachel’s vagina. She spread her legs wide, outside Terry’s, pressing her breasts firmly against his chest and kissing him passionately. His penis made slurping noises as semen and vaginal juices squirted in and out. And then, after a synchronised, violent thrust and spasm they were both done. She collapsed onto him and lay there for a few minutes before rolling off to lay alongside him with one leg still over his. He lifted his arm and got her to rest her head on his shoulder then put his elbow on the couch while his arm supported her, and his hand gently stroked her hair and face.

Sally stood at the end of the massage couch with a look of amazement on her face. “Jesus Christ” she exclaimed “That’s the first time I have ever watched another couple engaged in sexual intercourse. It was amazing, rather clumsy – but beautiful. Makes me wonder what I look like from this perspective while I’m so engaged.”

She then disappeared briefly but returned with two hot, wet flannels and proceeded to clean up Terry’s penis, thighs and lower abdomen then Rachel’s vaginal lips and the surrounding area. She took the flannels away then returned with two glasses of cold water.

“Hope you don’t mind Terry. I got the cold water from your fridge dispenser. Here, after that superhuman exertion, you both need a drink.” as she passed a glass to each.

Terry freed his arm and lifted himself onto the opposite elbow taking the offered glass. Rachel sat upright, legs outstretched alongside Terry and took hers. They both quaffed most of the water and returned the glasses to Sally. “That’s better.” Rachel said.

Terry caught Sally’s eye and said, “Sally, I don’t know quite how that happened and I am not sorry that it did, but I feel guilty that you were left out.”

“Oh, I know quite how it happened and don’t you worry about a thing Dear Terry. I do not intend being left out for the rest of the day. In fact, the plan allows for us to continue your massage – we never even started on your front – during which your erection will return. Then, it will be my turn and, according to the plan, we should be finished by a bit after twelve leaving us plenty of time to prepare for lunch.”

“The plan? What plan?”

“The plan Rachel and I worked out last night. Thought we would let it take its course until we had to confess – which is about now.”

“Well I’ll be damned. You pair of sly, conniving, mischievous charlatans!”

“Oh, and after lunch and cleaning up, the plan allows for you to give me a full body, both naked, sensuous massage after which you may wish to ravish me again. When the ravishing is finished you will then do the same for Dear Rachel. Savvy?”

“Oh yes - indeed.”

“OK – that’s settled now lay back again and relax while we return to the unfinished business.”

“I am at your tender mercies, dear lady.’

With that Sally and Rachel started again with the all over, feather touch scratching, including Terry’s penis and scrotum. In precious little time he regained an erection enough to make any man proud. As they worked, facing him, Terry managed to lightly caress their buttocks and thighs, occasionally running his hand up between their thighs, from behind, to stroke their labia with the edge of his fingers. Neither resisted nor moved away and both became moist to the touch. Eventually the massage ended, Sally took a cupped hand full of oil and applied it to Terry’s penis looking him in the eyes.

“OK if I take my turn, Terry?’

“Of course. I just hope I can keep it up and satisfy you.”

“I’m sure you will.” she replied as she placed her knee on the edge of the couch and swung herself up and over him to straddle his pelvis. Her vagina was directly over his penis which lay erect but tilted toward his navel. She allowed her very moist vaginal lips to slip along the ridge under his penis, with gentle movements, while leaning forward to kiss him. He kneaded her breasts and gently twisted her nipples. Then, lifting her pelvis up, she reached down, grasped his penis, held the tip to her vagina and slid down over it while taking her weight on her hands on his shoulders. They both gasped and Sally threw her head backwards with eyes tightly closed. Rachel watched, enthralled then stepped forward to cup Terry’s scrotum and testicles and gently massage them.

Terry and Sally then synchronised thrusting movements of their pelvises to plunge his penis into and out of her vagina, never fully withdrawing but always plunging fully into her. She gasped and whispered, “I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming!” and ground her vagina against his pubic bones writhing her pelvis and laying flat on his chest kissing him passionately.

Terry lasted much longer than he thought he would – given he had already ejaculated once within the hour. However, after Sally had three orgasms, he felt his own building up and began rapidly thrusting his pelvis. Sally sensed it, assisted and together they experienced a mind-bending, climactic orgasm during which they both became oblivious to their surroundings aware only of the tight grasping, contact between their genitals, bodies, limbs and mouths. Then they collapsed, Sally flat onto Terry while stretching her legs out over his and he let his arms fall away from her body, onto the couch, gasping for air and feeling his heart, and hers, thumping rapidly until they returned to awareness. His penis slowly softened then slid out of Sally’s vagina. Semen and vaginal fluids followed and trickled down over his scrotum.

They were alone a while until Rachel returned with two warm flannels. “Here you go guys. Let’s get you cleaned up” and she proceeded to do as Sally had done. “Hope you don’t mind Terry, but I had a shower while you two were dancing horizontally. Couldn’t decide whether to dress for lunch or not. What do you reckon?”

“Well, Rachel, thank you for the flannels and clean up. Did you find a fresh towel?”

“Oh, yes. You’ve got enough towels on your laundry shelves to serve an army. And I have laid out one for each of you as I assume you will want to clean up before lunch.”

“Certainly do.” stated Sally. “Let’s shower together Terry - or would you rather go alone?”

“Well, I can’t imagine how you would manage to scrub your back alone, Sal, so I think we should go together. You should come too Rachel. We can chat while you watch us wash. Apart from a bit of mutual caressing we won’t be getting too carried away. And going back to your question about dressing for lunch – I was rather hoping we wouldn’t. I can’t take my eyes off either of you, and to dress for lunch would waste an opportunity. My only reservation is that I will wear an apron when I grill the steaks on the barbie.”

”Speak for yourself about not getting too carried away, Sport. And, yair, perhaps you should wear an apron while you grill the steaks – wouldn’t do to burn a sausage.”

“So, I suggest we have a drink, outside, on the patio, before we have lunch and while the barbie heats up. The neighbours can’t see us so no need to dress. There’s SSB, sparkling shiraz, Chardonnay and Veuve Moisan Brut in the fridge, Rachel, and cold glasses. Reckon you could do the honours while we shower? I’ll settle for an SSB - what would you ladies like?” They both decided on the champagne, so Terry opened the bottle before heading for the shower.

As he adjusted the temperature of the shower Sally joined him. He gave her a hug and she responded with a kiss. They lathered each other with shower jell and sponges each giving the other special attention to the genitals. Terry soon sported an erection which Sally worked hard on to ensure it was clean – well, that was what she told him. He reciprocated using the sponge and his bare hands and fingers to ensure her labia, clitoris and vaginal entrance plus her anus were spotless. They didn’t waste any time and soon were rinsed, dried off and – naked - went out to the kitchen.

Rachel, still naked, greeted them. “Sorry I didn’t join you two but I thought Terry might like the prawn salads and the steak marinades and main course salad taken out of the fridge to thaw a bit while we have a drink. I’ve poured them – here you go,” – handing chilled glasses to Sally and Terry and taking one for herself.

“Thanks very much Rachel. You must have ESP or something. And bottoms up.” said Terry as he raised his glass and clinked it against the other two.

He led them onto the patio, built by himself in Bali style, with large wooden table and wood-framed chairs with canvas seats and backs to one side, a large spa bath on the opposite side and a gas fired BBQ in between. He drew out a chair for each them – one on each side of one end of the table - and slid it back under them as they sat down. He kissed them both on a cheek as they settled. He fired up the BBQ then took his seat at the head of the table.

They sipped at their drinks and made small talk about nothing much in particular. They were winding down from the activities of the two preceding hours. As they finished their drinks Terry invited them back into the dining room where he placed a prawn salad at each place, took their glasses and refilled them as they settled. “Bon apetite.” he said clicking his glass against each of theirs, “I hope you enjoy the entrée.” They did - and sang his culinary praises until they had finished.

“Now you two stay right where you are. I’m going to don my apron and cook the steaks. While I think of it, if either of you would like a nice red wine with the steak there is a selection in the wine rack over there. My preference is for a One Road shiraz but you grab whatever you like.”

They could not help themselves but had to get up and join him at the BBQ each with an arm around his middle. Sally brought him a glass of One Road and they both had sparkling shiraz. “Nice set up you’ve got here Terry. Shame you can’t share it with anyone.” Rachel said.

“I’m sharing it right now with two of the nicest people I know and I don’t think I need to extend the invitation. Well, not unless you know of any other ladies who might like to share it and the fun we’ve had this morning.”

“No. We definitely don’t know anyone else like that do we Rachel?” Sally immediately replied.

“Um – actually, I do have a very good friend who kind of thinks the same way as me and I reckon she would love to be involved with us like this.” said Rachel with a sly grin at Sally and Terry.

“The more the merrier – as long as they are ladies like you two. No blokes. And I would be happy to share myself around a bit more.”

“I’ll see what I can arrange down the track. But I’ll keep you both informed and seek your approval before arranging anything.” Rachel replied.

“She will need to be bloody good.” said Sally with the slight hint of a threat.

“Don’t worry, Sal. I have no intention of buggering up our arrangement with Terry. I’m not stupid. This is probably the most beautiful day I have ever spent and it is only half way through.”

They let it go at that. Terry served the steaks, they helped themselves to the salad and complemented him as they ate. After the steaks and wine they had a rest and chatted over more wine then, with Terry’s permission, Sally brought out the birthday cake and a gas lighter. She placed it in front of Terry, lit the candles and he duly blew them out as they sang happy birthday. Rachel cut and served the cake, they ate it, offered genuine compliments, then sat back, sated.

After a few minutes silence Terry broke it by asking them a question, “Sal, Rachel, I can’t help but wonder why you two beautiful, wonderful, ladies accepted my invitation here today, made a plan to seduce me and carried it through. Why me – just an old bloke who haunts your workplace, bores you to tears with inane conversation and flashes himself at you at every opportunity. Can you please explain it?”

“Could take a while, Terry, but let me put it in a nutshell.” said Sally. “Firstly, the description you gave of yourself is entirely false. You impressed us both as being a thoroughly decent sort of bloke. A lonely bloke, who needed someone to talk with and you chose us. Neither of us was ever bored, annoyed or offended by anything you ever said or did. Secondly, we both new you were virile – your unashamed erections at massage sessions was proof enough of that, but you had no where to put it. We discussed all this over a glass of wine, the night you invited us, and decided we should accept your invitation and make your efforts all worthwhile and your birthday something to remember. One other minor point is that we are both bi-sexual – not obligate homosexual – AC-DC is one way of putting it. Tell you how that came about another time. Therefore, we had no qualms about planning our activities today. Hence the lack of any surprise, offence or embarrassment on our part during today’s activities. And, I might add, you have played your role far beyond our wildest expectations. Frankly, we thought you might have called a halt to it all after Rachel’s seduction. But we were wrong, and you rose, magnificently, to the occasion.”

A long, silent pause while Terry looked deeply into their eyes in turn. “Pretty big nutshell, Sal, but well said. Your assumptions were quite correct – including that of me remembering this birthday. I never will forget it. When I die and get to heaven , if that is where I am going, I will say to Saint Peter, “I have already been to heaven – what have you got to offer, Pete?” And as for you two being Bi-sexual – well I count my blessings about that – you could well have been obligate lesbians and we would not be sitting here today. I thank God for little mercies! And I am more than happy to offer the occasional variation to your carnal activities. Now, let me get you both another drink then I will dump all the plates and dishes into the dishwasher and set about giving you both a massage that, I hope, neither of you will ever forget.”

Together they set about getting the kitchen and dining room looking like they had never been used. Terry got the dishwasher going then helped the ladies with the dishes that wouldn’t fit. They chatted among themselves and when all was done Sally announced, “Terry, Rachel and I have had a chat about where to from here and have come up with a revised plan. Rachel has to get home in an about an hour and a half – her boys will be back from the skate rink and wanting dinner - so we would like to suggest you give her the first massage. After that it will be my turn and I have no time constraints. What do you think?”

“Seems like common sense to me but you will be without a chaperone after Rachel leaves.”

“I trust you implicitly, Terry.”

“Yes, and as much as I would like to stay, I can’t, but can I ask of you, Terry, that we can make up for it down the track?” asked Rachel.

“No doubt about that Rachel. Your wish shall be my command. And now we are all sorted here, let’s get on with your massage.”

They returned to the massage room and Rachel, still naked, needed no instruction in getting up onto the massage table, laying prone, arms in the surrender position. As she wriggled into comfort her bottom jiggled and the sides of her breasts bulged alongside her chest. A couple of flicks of her head got the pony tail alongside her face which she rested on the horseshoe pillow that surrounded the hole in the table.

“Hey Rachel, any problems with me giving Terry a hand with this?” asked Sally.

“None at all, lover, four hands are better than two.”

“It’s your party, Terry, so I will follow you.”

“OK, but you are the expert so feel free to offer advice and assistance whenever you think it necessary.”


They started in unison with the palms of both hands flat on Rachel’s back then slid them slowly, gently, spreading out towards shoulders and down over buttocks to knees. That being the limit of their stretch they moved down to apply the same action to Rachel’s calves and feet, returning later to arms, hands and fingers.

Next came the feather-light caressing of her back, arms, buttocks and legs. They felt and saw Rachel relax and surrender to their caresses. Sally caught Terry’s eye as they worked on her thighs and together they moved their hands up her inner thighs to her vagina and gently rubbed the lips with the edge of their fingers. She moaned her appreciation and spread her legs to the maximum. Her inner vaginal lips came into full view and, following Sally’s lead, Terry gently pinched the lip on his side between finger and thumb stretching and rubbing it. Then he slipped his middle finger inside her vagina, turned the palm down and began to massage her G-spot. There wasn’t room for Sally’s hand so she persisted with labial massage.

Rachel’s vagina became sopping wet and she lifted her pelvis from the couch pointing her bottom into the air. A few more strokes of Terry’s finger on her G-spot brought her to a noisy, gushing, jerking orgasm with her vagina clamping on Terry’s finger.

He allowed her to work through it then collapse on the couch. He took his fingers out of her vagina then moved up alongside her head and kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe. She moaned and sighed as he whispered into her ear, “You can turn over now, beautiful lady.”

As Rachel turned, Sally handed Terry a small pillow for her head then she lifted Rachel’s feet and placed a bolster under her ankles. Terry placed a gentle kiss on her lips swiftly followed by Sally who whispered, “Brace yourself sweetie, this is where the fun really begins.”

They both started by briefly tweaking and stretching a nipple firmly, but gently, followed by cupping the breast between both hands and massaging by rotating the hands in alternating directions while squeezing and relaxing the firm tissue. Rachel began breathing heavily, eyes closed, knuckles clenching. Then they opened their hands a placed them flat on Rachel’s chest above her breasts – just resting them lightly before beginning to slide them down across her nipples over her abdomen, pubes, thighs and down to her feet. They traced a return path but with both hands encircling an ankle and moving up over her knees right up to her groin. At this point Terry and Sally both had one hand firmly snug against Rachel’s vaginal lips. They poised briefly then began rubbing the side of their index finger up and down over the lips. Their own knuckles were in contact between Rachel’s thighs enabling perfect unison of strokes. Rachel’s breathing deepened further and increased in rate and she grasped Terry’s erect penis with one hand and Sally’s breast with the other. She spread her legs apart a little but gradually increased the angle and then drew her legs up bending the knees giving Terry and Sally maximum possible access to her now sopping wet vagina.

Terry moved his hand to enable his index and middle fingers entry into her vagina and his thumb to caress her clitoris; Sally followed suit and they began rhythmic massage of both organs. Rachel commenced raising and lowering her pelvis in synchrony with their hands; she began panting, gasping and tossing her head from side to side. She released Terry’s penis and Sally’s breast to grasp the edges of the couch. It built up into an amazing orgasm with Rachel‘s body arched high - thrusting her pelvis and vagina off the couch. In the moment of supreme climax every muscle in her body went into spasm at maximum tightness causing her to tremble and jerk her limbs spasmodically. Then she slowly relaxed, lay down flat and went quite limp. Terry and Sally moved up to take a nipple in their mouths to gently suck on them. They could feel the slick of sweat across her skin and her heart racing and pounding. She did not move for a few minutes then opened her eyes, looked around, confused and mumbled something incoherently. Terry and Sally stood up, removed their hands from Rachels vagina and, in turn, kissed her (oral) lips. Slowly, Rachel came back to earth and reality.

“Oh my God! What did you do to me? Never had an orgasm that powerful before.”

She started to sit up but Sally pressed her shoulders back onto the couch.

“Just relax for a few minutes Darl. I’ll get you some cold water.”

“I’ll get it. You just hold her hand for a while Sal.” said Terry, leaving for the kitchen.

Rachel gradually recovered. They helped her shower and dress. “I need to get going. The boys are probably home by now. Thank you so much, Terry for such a wonderful day. I’m very proud that you invited me and I hope it is an indication of more to come.”

“My pleasure entirely, Rachel. But how are you getting home? You’ve had a bit too much to drink so you shouldn’t drive.”

“Any idea where I live Terry?”

“Ah, none at all.”

“Well, I leave here, cross the road and turn left. Turn right at the first corner and my place is the second house on the right.”

“You must be joking! How come I have never seen you in the neighbourhood or at the supermarket, or anywhere else.?”

“Can’t answer that one Terry but, when you first checked in at Sally’s business, I made it my business to check out your address. I’ve been keeping an eye on you, so has Sall. And we both walked here this morning.”

“I see. Then I insist on walking you home.”

“No. You have Sally to attend to. And she lives directly opposite me – surprise, surprise?”

After a passionate and prolonged hug and kiss with Terry, repeated with Sally, Rachel took her leave.

“So, Sally, now it is just the two of us. Very sorry to see Rachel leave. She is an amazing person. Wish I was half my age. But then I don’t have to be – only need to be two thirds of my current age to match up with you.”

“You just be happy with what you have, Terry. As far as I am concerned, age has nothing to do with it. Today you have proven your sexual abilities, and what a gentleman you are, and if I appeal to you I would be more than happy to see out our lives together – with a little help from Rachel and, possibly, that friend of hers.”

“Do you really mean that Sally?”

“I do.”

“Then you have got yourself a deal.”

Considering they were both still naked, the resultant hug and passionate kiss, with which they sealed the deal, soon triggered an erection for Terry and dribbling vaginal secretions for Sally.

“Time for your massage?” he asked.

“How about we skip that for a while. I would like to try your bed for size. Would that be OK?”

He smiled, took her hand and led her into his bedroom. Between them they flung away the eider-down, stripped the blanket and upper sheet back onto the floor and Sally threw herself face up onto the bed. She drew up her knees and let them fall out. Terry positioned himself between them and allowed the tip of his penis to touch her dripping vaginal lips.

She reached down, took his penis in hand and held the tip to her opening. Taking her cue he gently slid into her as she lifted her pelvis to meet him. She engulfed him completely and, despite his unremarkable penile length, he could feel her cervix against his penis at full penetration.

Between them, they developed a rhythm of smooth, gentle thrusting interspersed with Terry kissing, nibbling and tonguing her nipples then her mouth. She responded by lifting her legs around his buttocks, crossing her ankles and dragging his pelvis down so that his pubic bone pressed against her clitoris. She soon lost control, grasped his buttocks, raised her pelvis and forced him into her as far as possible. His penis slurped and slopped in the vaginal juices, the excess coating his scrotum and trickling down across her perineum. Then she came – a powerful, prolonged orgasm that sent her entire body into spasm accompanied by her vagina spasming around his penis and her mouth whispering into his ear – “Fuck me Terry, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me!” Then she held him tight with every muscle in her body as the orgasm reached its peak, weakened, faded and was gone. She became completely floppy and relaxed, smiled at him and kissed him tenderly. “Did you cum? “she asked. “I just couldn’t tell. I went off to heaven for a while.”

“Not yet. Plenty of time for that, unless you have to depart.”

“I’m not going anywhere until you physically throw me out the front door clothed or naked.”

“Fat chance of that happening, Dear Lady. Am I too heavy for you, need some air?”

“Not really. Why don’t you just leave your beautiful penis where it is while we roll over. I’ll get my breath back while I’m on top for a while. Then we can do whatever you like.”

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying so, there is one little activity my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed. Mind if I show you?’ and he rolled to one side holding her firmly in place, then onto his back with Sally still impaled on his till rigid penis.

“As long as you are comfortable talking about your wife and your sexual practices, I don’t mind.”

“OK. Now, would you mind sitting up for a minute and undoing this necklace my wife bought for me in Singapore, I have never taken it off since she died, but I need it off to demonstrate this activity. She would always signal her need by getting into cowgirl position and taking it off me.”

“You sure about this?”


Sally put her hands on his shoulders and pushed herself up. His penis slipped in to maximum penetration but she simply accepted that, tugged the necklace around until she could operate the clasp, unclipped it and pulled it free.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Let me have it.”

She gave it to him. He found an end for both hands, passed it over her head and gently pulled her down to kiss him. She was on her fully flexed knees, her calves alongside his thighs, his penis deep inside her wet vagina and her body flush with his, breasts flattened against his chest. Then she felt a tickle pass across her anus and perineum as Terry dangled the necklace behind her allowing it to slip down across both genital areas. Then he slowly pulled it back up, himself enjoying its passage across his scrotum. He allowed the lower end to dangle against her anus and perineum jiggling it slowly up and down. She moaned and clamped her buttocks together trapping the necklace. When she relaxed he continued its up and down movements.

“Oh, My God. That is fantastic. Can you feel it too?’

“Oh yes, it tickles my scrotum with every movement.”

Then he pulled it up through the gap between her buttocks, drawing it across her anus and up along her spine to her neck. Then all the way back down to his scrotum again.

Eventually, they both tired of it. He reached over and coiled the necklace on the bedside cupboard.

“How are you feeling Gorgeous?”

“I feel like I am in heaven. Do you think you could share any more of the wonderful things you and your wife did.”

“Hoping you might ask that. And don’t feel embarrassed about asking me these questions. I know she would not mind me sharing our little sexual secrets with anyone special.”

“You think I’m special?”

“No doubt about that and I am surprised you needed to ask. Anyway, seeing as I have had several orgasms today and I am still fully erect inside your wonderful vagina would you mind me entering you from behind with you on your knees?”

“Doggy style, you mean. Why don’t you just say so? Of course I don’t mind, in fact I was going to offer it to you anyway. It’s not one of my favourite positions but I’m happy to oblige.”

“Great.” He withdrew his penis - followed by a heavy trickle of Sally’s love juice.

She rolled over, lifting her herself up onto her knees, and spreading them wide apart.

On his knees, he moved between her legs taking in the sight of her gaping vagina, the pouting, puffy lips, the clitoris trying to escape its hood and her anus standing sentinel above. With a hand on each hip he leaned down and kissed her clitoris, rolling his tongue around it before turning his head sideways to grip and massage each minor lip, in turn, between his lips. She moaned and shivered pressing back against his mouth. His tongue went to her clitoris again and his nose nuzzled the entrance to her vagina as she experienced an orgasm. Then he straightened up. With both hands on her hips the end of his penis was perfectly aligned with her vagina and he slipped in easily - all the way. She sighed, lifted her head and pressed back against him.

He leaned forward, reaching around to her breasts, cupping them in his hands to massage them, tweak her nipples, caress them with light, gentle strokes of his palms and intermittently lifting so their weight was taken in his hands. All the while he was working his penis in her vagina sometimes swinging his body from side to side then lifting his pelvis up and down to alter the thrust angle.

He felt the hard knob of Sally’s cervix against the glans of his penis. His elbows were pulled in under her hips, in front of her thighs, and he used them to aid Sally’s backward thrusting. She reached back with one hand to gently grasp his scrotum and massage his testicles as they thrust each other in perfect unison. One second the penis would be almost completely withdrawn then it would be engulfed out of sight. Her vaginal lips would fold inwards with each thrust but come out again tightly wrapped around his emerging, glistening penis. She was acutely aware of the friction this caused the lips and this, of course, contributed greatly to the ecstasy building up in her pelvis.

The tempo accelerated then built up into a crescendo with mutual orgasmic throes of rapid, forceful thrusting by them both, grunting and gasping. When Terry felt the sensations of imminent orgasm he grasped her hips, dragging her pelvis forcefully back over his penis. Her now swollen, exquisitely tender, vaginal lips and pelvic floor muscles clamped around his penis. He ejaculated while repeatedly thrusting and rotating his embedded penis. Sally babbled and moaned and sobbed, went into a full body spasm then collapsed forward. Terry followed her, trying to keep his penis from departing its ecstatic hideaway, and extended his legs over and outside hers trapping it in place.

As the wave receded, his penis became flaccid, and eventually slipped out of her along with secretions and seminal fluid. She extended her legs and lay prone on the bed allowing the fluids to trickle from her vagina. He rolled off to one side, drew himself against her with an arm on her back and stroked her hair. Both were breathing rapidly and deeply and wore a sheen of sweat.

After they had both dozed for a while Sally rolled over to snuggle against him. He drew her close. Eventually, they stirred, got up and showered then, still naked, sat in the lounge as, outside, the sun set and evening crept in.

“Let’s have a chat about where to from here.” he said.


“First things first – I just cannot thank you, and Rachel, enough for today. It was the sort of thing that adolescent youths dream of and fantasise about. I had never thought any such thing could ever occur to me. But it did and I am eternally grateful, even though I have waited seventy five years for it – it was well worth every minute of the wait.”

“Yes, well it was very much a two-way street Terry. Or, perhaps, I should say a three-way street. The sort of things that nubile young women dream about. Sure, they dream of virile young Adonises but they don’t know anything about fit, elderly, experienced men who understand what women need and make every attempt to make the woman’s needs coincide with their own. Reminds me of an axiom my Dad used to use occasionally – “Age, experience and raw shit cunning will beat youthful enthusiasm every time”. Thinking back over my sex life I reckon that, today, you proved that to be very true. I have to say, I didn’t think you had it in you – you proved me so wrong” and I am so happy that you did.”

“It was my pleasure entirely, Dear Lady.”

“While I think of it, Terry. Next Sunday I am going to Sydney. I will be at a Masseur Conference for three days then visiting my brother and family for a few days. I will return on the Saturday. I expect Rachel will look after you. She might even bring her friend around to meet you. You should feel free to accept anything they might offer you.”

“Any thing like we have experienced today would just not be the same without you. But it would not be polite for me to reject any advances.”

“Of course not. But don’t overdo it. I will expect an appropriate home-coming – so to speak.”

He smiled at her before putting his arm around her shoulders, drawing her to him and kissing her passionately while fondling a breast. Her hand fell to his lap and stroked his penis.



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