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Naked Outdoor Photography - The Next Chapter Part Two

by ASHLEY SMITH 3 years ago in photography

New Beginnings

Naked Outdoor Photography - The Next Chapter Part Two

I left my naked public photography stories with the next chapter that being that I hoped my girlfriend would do some shots to use for the dare website I use. I expected this chapter to be many months away but has come far sooner then could have hoped for. Firstly, I was able to rejoin and repost on the site I had used before. I had been removed from the site because my ex-partner wanted all pictures removed and mine went with them.

When I found I could use old pictures again I sent some in. My new girlfriend helped me search files and memory sticks for old shots to use. I didn’t mention anything about her doing shots yet as new she wanted to wait for better weather. I did suggest the other night she tried the dare we had decided she could start with, she refused at first so I carried on. A few minutes later she changed her mind and we sorted the shot.

The dare is called front door, the idea is you are naked looking out your front door. It's quite straightforward and a good place to start. We cheated and used the back door but there was still a small risk of people coming home through the unlocked gate. I went out in to the garden to take test shots as it was quite dark while she got ready. This I discovered meant getting naked upstairs and coming down in my dressing gown. I waited for her and then got ready for the shot. She took off the dressing gown and stood in the doorway naked and I took about 7 shots. She looked stunning as ever and I loved the shots. She went and got dressed and we got ready to choose the best shot.

I loaded the shots into the computer and then chose the best. When you send a shot to the site you have to include a story of how the picture was taken and any other relevant details. She did this and then the shot was sent in. I think she got a bigger thrill sending the shot then she did posing.

Hopefully when the weather improves she will do more outdoor shots. We will start with simpler ones like field and bottom as you can choose where you do them and can minimize the risk. I need to do some new shots as well and hopefully will inspire her to do some as well. A lot of the thrill is taking the shots as well as posing for them.

I have mentioned to a few people who like the site that she has posed for me and they asked to see the shot. I have, with permission, sent some and they have already had a great response. She will get many more compliments which will hopefully help her confidence to do more and more shots. She has a stunning body but lacks confidence, so compliments from people other than me might help.

I get a lot of enjoyment from the planning, the execution of the dares, and getting accepted by the site; there is also a league table for people who have achieved each dare. Hopefully my enthusiasm will wear off on my partner. She will be the youngest, thinnest, and best-looking woman on the site, in fact she will be more in demand than I will probably.

I will carry on this story series when something new happens. Hopefully it will involve my naked partner, outdoors and in a photo, though it could just be me naked somewhere. It's all work and weather dependent but we will see what happens in the next chapter.

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