More Jacking For Pretty Girls.

A short reality check.

More Jacking For Pretty Girls.
Spiritual Experience. Beauty.

I am not gonna stop kneading my meat, until the little thing stops working entirely. In a previous article, I discuss the spiritual potential and religious implications of jacking-off. I mention our predominant religions, our educational institutions and our suppliers of porn have no interest in jacking-off for Spiritual Enlightenment. That concept makes those religions and institutions and suppliers of porn nervous, because this concept means they loose control over our sexual imaginations. They no longer get to make money by telling us what we should think and do, or not think and do. Porn offers more sexual variety than any religion or Ivy League education, but it remains 99% fake, having no real value in our lives. Except, when showing us some fun ways to use dildos, butt plugs and whips, or showing us positions of copulation we may not have previously considered.

Here is the truth: Our personal imagination and our personal intuition add more worthwhile content to our lives than anything presented by established religions, colleges and universities, and all the ten thousand available streaming video channels. Our own minds are our direct link to God, the Universe, and everything worthwhile within human relationships. Some knowledge of history is useful for perspective. The knowledge needed for our specific careers is essential for getting things done. But, the most important knowledge is knowledge about our own selves: what we need, what we want, and why we need and want what we need and want. I have thought about this a long time, and narrowed it down to Twelve Necessities. Below is a list.

1. Spiritual experience. Beauty.

2. Free Will.

3. Primary self-definitions.

4. Secondary self-definitions.

5. Truth

6. Joy

7. Creative action

8. Satisfying work

9. Kindness

10. Social interaction

11. Ideas beyond individuality

12. Courage

Beauty. Imagination.

Beyond the basics (air, water, food, shelter and some cash---) these are the things every human on our planet needs to make something good of their lives. Even our billionaires sometimes don't get all they need, because many of these things cannot be bought for any amount of money. Notice, I leave out the word, Love. Love is a given, and is necessarily present in the most valuable things we do. Also notice, I leave out any description of God. Our personal choice of religion falls into Category 3, Primary self-definitions.

It would take a thick book to cover each item in detail. I am just putting the meme into your head for consideration: There are only Twelve Necessities. Only twelve things we all need for live joyful and satisfying and productive lives. I will give a few explanations to get you started.

Category 1. Spiritual Experience. Beauty. These are often one and the same. A sunset, a sky full of stars are beauty, and reach into us, beyond and learning, or cultural heritage. Beauty is a spiritual experience. We like gardens, paintings, attractive clothes, music, all the arts, and even the beauty of well-constructed ideas, like mathematics and scientific processes--- because humans respond innately to beauty, and beauty satisfies us. Our expensive physical objects, our cars, our cities, contain limited forms of beauty. Extremely limited when compared to our own physical selves, and our own minds.

Category 2. Free Will. Spiritual Experience is probably not possible without Free Will. A prisoner in Siberia can still have Free Will, but it has limited expression. Only a genius like Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn or Olivier Eugène Messiaen can turn a prison camp into a place for artistic creation. We need Free Will and opportunities to use our free will. For example, Free Will is not very useful if one has no money in the bank, and no way of earning money. In those circumstances, Free Will, Democracy and The Greatness of America are fantasies, told by rich people. Free Will also requires a society which allows people to say what they think, without the fear of being jailed or shot in the head. In 20th America, Free Speech has taken a strange turn. It is OK to say what you think, as long as it goes along with the current, popular agendas. One example will suffice: If I stood on a street corner holding a sign which read “Black People Also Kill Black People.” I would be up for serious public ridicule. Even though I offered a provable fact. In Chicago, in New York, in several other major cities Black people do shoot Black people almost every weekend. Drive-by shootings, gang events, drug deals gone bad. Which leads to....

Category 5. Truth. If we are not allowed to speak the truth, we are not allowed to improve our lives, or do anything worthwhile.

Free Will. Joy. Creative Action. Satisfying Work.

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Roscoe Forthright
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