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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross 8 months ago in erotic
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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

When Marcus came back, he lay there taking stock of how his body felt, had it been hours or days since he had carried them all out of the manor. He blinked twice and slowly turned his head at the sound he heard, and he saw Bridgett there holding Grace’s lifeless body in her arms rocking gently as she cried. He gingerly rolled to his side and to his knees crawling over to her. He wrapped his arms around the both of them he cried with her for the loss of their precious little pet.

Hours later Marcus and Bridgett walked hand in hand back to the manor, and when they came out into the clearing all they could do was stand there and stare. The manor was down to a few fragments of the stone walls standing.

“Sire, Mistress.” Charlie’s voice sounded so weak and small they both turned and saw him walking from around the side of the burnt remines of the manor.

“Oh my god Charlie are you okay?” Bridgett left Marcus to go hug their butler and friend and check to see if he was hurt in anyway.

“I’m fine Mistress, since last night was my night off, I wasn’t here, but when I returned this morning, I found only the rubble of the manor. What happened?” he returned Bridgett’s hug then stepped back to stare at them.

“You’re covered in blood.”

“We know Charlie, my past came back to haunt me and the whole of the manor paid the price. I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt in the process.” Marcus came up beside Bridgett and hugged Charlie in turn.

Bridgett sigh and leaned into Marcus, the manor was gone, Grace was dead her blood still dried on the both of them. They now had to find some clothes and bury Grace before the lynch mods came looking for their heads. So, they walked hand in hand with Charlie fallowing behind to the crumbled stone looking for the hidden floorboard that led to the underground office where they had some cloths and their stash of go cash.

While Bridgett got dressed Marcus pulled Charlie aside to talk to him.

“Charlie, the Mistress and I are going to be leaving the country, and I was wondering if you’d like to come with us. You’ve been working for us for more than fifteen years now, and I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’re not like other people.” Marcus said as he pulled on a pair of pants and a shirt.

“Yes, sire I have noticed some things, but it’s never been my place to question you or the mistress. I would be honored to continue working for you.” He bowed slightly at this.

“Good, it would make things a bit smoother if we had someone, we trusted helping us. So, here’s what I’d like you to do. The Mistress and I are going to take some time for just the two of us, but I’d like you to go ahead of us and get a house set up before we arrive.” Marcus led Charlie over to where Bridgett was now dressed and getting their papers and cash together.

“Bridgett love, Charlie is going to be coming with us to help take care of things.” Marcus rubbed her arms and kissed her temple.

“That sounds good.” She said leaning into his touch.

After gathering what they needed they walked with Charlie out to the detached garage.

“Okay Charlie I have a small manor house in the Pacific northwest that has been closed up for a few decades. I would like you to go to it and start opening it up and airing it out.” Saying that he handed Charlie and envelope that had a passport for Charlie as well as a credit card some cash, and the paperwork for the manor itself as he led Charlie to a sensible two door sedan.

“Just leave the car in long term parking and we’ll deal with it in time.” Marcus shook the man’s hand and helped him into the car.

They buried Grace in the woods marking her grave with a stone circle and purple flowers that matched the color of her eyes.

Now as they drove along the coast with their stash of quick cash and some clothes, Marcus picked up Bridgett’s hand from where it was resting on the center console kissing her knuckles, he rubbed it softly against his cheek.

“We’ll get through this.” He said.

“Together.” Bridgett said squeezing his fingers.

“Yes, together.” He leaned over to kiss her temple.

Several hours later Marcus pulled down the long dirt drive glancing over at Bridgett sleeping in the passenger seat. Slowly easing his way down the narrow road, he turned slightly revealing a log cabin buried in the woods. Parking the car, he got out circling the hood to open Bridgett’s door stroking her cheek softly as he undid her seatbelt only to lift her into his arms carrying her to the cabin, and into the single room structure. Making sure to secure the cabin Marcus then removed his clothes before slowly stripping Bridgett of hers. It was time to take some time for just the two of them, starting here in their little hidden heaven in the woods.

Two days later Marcus was on his back in bed with Bridgett straddling his waist rubbing her clit against his hard stiff cock, he groaned sliding his hand up her thighs to grip her hips pulling her down to grind hard against her sensitive folds. Loving the sensations as she placed her hands on his chest raking her fingernails down leaving red welts and a trail of glorious pain in their wake.

“That’s right love, make it hurt.” He demanded grinding harder.

“Yes, now, more.” Bridgett panted rubbing harder before repositioning to thrust his cock into her tight hot core.

Digging her nails into his chest deeper she threw her head back moaning loudly as she started rocking a slow torturous rhythm. Marcus dug his fingers into her hips urging her on silently. He smiled up at her when she slid her hands up to circle his throat leaning in to kiss his lips fucking him hard as she squeezed his throat.

“Oh, so good, Master loves it when I play.” She sucked his lower lip between her teeth biting hard smiling as his hips jerked against hers.

“that’s right love, Master loves it, give me more.” He begged when she released his lips

Bridgett smiled a soft smile.

“More Master says.” She released his throat, raising her hips, and slipping his cock free.

Nipping at his lips once more she crawled up his body, turning around to straddle his face placing her dripping pussy at his mouth.

“Eat me Master please.” Bridgett begged.

she leaned down to begin licking her juices off his stiff cock slowly before sucking it deep into her throat swallowing over and over groaning around him as he licked, nipped, and sucked slurping up her juices. Bridgett stroked his thighs up and down ending at the junction where his hips mt his thighs sliding up to grip, squeeze and teases his balls delighting as he hardened in her mouth. Sucking harder as he groaned against her clit flicking and sucking it before working his mouth down to fuck his tongue into her entrance.

Reaching up Marcus palmed her ass rubbing before spreading her cheeks licking up to tongue her puckered asshole flicking and teasing it as she groaned around him sucking harder as he dug his fingers into her fleshy ass causing some of the pain she loved. As he made his way back down to her entrance to fuck it with his tongue her began bobbing her head faster and faster panting around him as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. When she screamed around him soaking his face with her juice, he thrust deeper into her mouth causing her to gag slightly and suck harder and harder until he groaned against her shooting his hot cum deep down her throat. Releasing him and gasping for air Bridgett stretched herself out pulling her hypersensitive pussy away from his mouth she kissed his ankle lightly stroking his calf softly as she drifted down from her high. He smiled smugly stroking her calf as he drifted down, and they both fell into sleep.

Over the next two-month Marcus and Bridgett stayed locked inside the cabin consumed with each other, loving but never over dominating. They loved and healed.


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Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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