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Masseur doing vaginal spa to female client

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By 青木Published 2 months ago 14 min read

I heard that Bali's spas are very famous very early on, so this time I went there with my friends to have a crazy experience. It really felt like I was a queen. Now I will share this SPA trip with all my sisters. There are various spas in Bali, but the most important ones are for relaxation, comfort and nourishment. The decoration and emphasis of each spa are different. ​

I came to Bali with a sister on May Day this year. This time we stayed at the five-star NUSA LEMBONGAN RESORT hotel. This hotel is on a small island. There is only one hotel on the entire island, so the environment is very good. On the evening of the second day, we went to experience the absolutely enchanting JUNGLE SPA (3 hours of SPA treatment, 1 person per room). I heard that this SPA is specially designed for female customers, and there are many special features for women’s reproductive health care. The treatments have very good health effects, and the service is very meticulous. Basically, you don’t have to do anything yourself. And I heard from the tour guide that there is a very special massage inside. ​

I came to the SPA with my friends out of curiosity, and was led by a waiter to a very beautiful room. The side of the room facing the sea is made of a whole side of glass, so you can see the outside scenery. The waiter It is said that no one can see in from the outside of this glass wall, so it is very safe. Looking at the furnishings in the room, there is a large jacuzzi, two massage beds, and a very comfortable sofa. The other furniture inside is very old. Anyway, it is very beautiful, it is difficult for me to describe it in words. At this time, the waiter asked me to sit down and drink a cup of Bali's specialty scented tea first, which would help calm my nerves. After a while, a masseuse came in. She was wearing a pair of white pants. The pants were very thin and you could see that she was wearing nothing underneath. She was probably in her twenties, with darker skin but a good figure. It seemed She was carefully selected and spoke very softly. She asked, "Can I help you?" I felt quite satisfied; then I started my SPA trip. She said, "I'll help you take off your clothes first." I felt weird because in domestic SPAs, you take off your clothes yourself. At this time, she asked me to sit on the sofa. She took a large bath towel and put it on my thigh. I was wearing a skirt that day. At this time, she first took off my shoes and put on a pair of soft slippers for me. Then she washed her hands, dried them, put them into the bath towel, and started to take off my skirt. It was the first time that someone took off my skirt. I was embarrassed and it was difficult to take off my skirt, but the masseuse was very considerate and patient. He carefully took off my skirt and hung it on a hanger. Then he started to take off my underwear, taking it off more carefully and moving very slowly. Yes, she rolled up my underwear and put it in a bag. Next, she started to take off my clothes, which was easier to take off. After taking off my bra, she picked up a bath towel, wrapped me up, and asked me to go to the massage table and lie on my stomach. She took care of every detail for her customers. For the sake of. After lying down, she took off the bath towel and told me to wash my body first. So she turned on the hot water and slowly poured it on my body. While she was doing it, she slowly rubbed her hands on my body. My tense heart gradually relaxed. After getting wet all over, she asked me whether she should wash my private parts for me or if I should wash them myself. At this time, I was too lazy to do anything and everything was left to her, so she started to pour hot water on my private parts. I carefully rinsed all the folds inside my labia. It felt really strange to have someone wash it for me for the first time, but it was really comfortable. At this time, I was completely immersed in enjoyment. Next, she started to apply shower gel on me, rubbing every inch of my skin from top to bottom very carefully. This smooth feeling was really comfortable. At this time, she started to touch my vagina with shower gel, but she changed it to a different one. She said it was specially designed for women to wash their vagina. It has unique medicinal effects and good health care effects, and it can also wash the vagina. Inside, there is no irritation. She rubbed her vulva very carefully. I had never been so careful when I was washing it myself. She took a very soft brush and brushed the folds of the labia, leaving no gaps. She even turned up and brushed the foreskin of the clitoris. Of course, she didn't brush it for a long time because it was very sensitive. Then she asked me if I wanted to wash the inside of my vagina. I thought this shower gel was specially designed for washing here. She changed to a round-headed brush, which was a bit like a brush, but much softer, and slowly stretched it into the vagina. This feeling was different from having sex, not as exciting, but very comfortable. Her washing method is very special, using a spiral shape to slowly extend in and out. Finally, she applied the shower gel and started rinsing. When rinsing her vagina, she took a disposable plastic tube, connected it with hot water, and slowly inserted it into her vagina. The head of the plastic tube was like a concave ball. The water flows out from below, and the masseuse's movements are very gentle. You can basically not feel anything moving inside, and the inside is very clean. After washing, she wiped my whole body with a towel. Next she asked me if I wanted to retouch my vagina, and she said it would make it sexier. I asked her how to retouch it, and she said she would first remove the hair and then bleach the labia and anus. After that, she would look like a girl down there, very beautiful. I was really surprised at the time as to why there was such a service abroad, but I thought it was very good and I could do it. First, she wanted to remove the hair. She asked me if I wanted to take off the hair on my labia, and I said I would take it off too. It would look good. Hair removal is very simple. I first use small scissors to trim my pubic hair to a shorter length, then apply beeswax on it and tear it off with force. This beeswax does not use paper. After hair removal, I touched it with my hands. The labia feel really smooth and tender. Next, she gave me redness treatment. She said that this medicine is a secret recipe here and is not found in other places. It works very quickly, but the maintenance time is also relatively short, probably only a few weeks. She picked a little medicine with her fingers and massaged it carefully on my labia. She massaged my anus with her other hand for a long time. Finally, she rinsed it with water, and then changed to another medicine, but this time Instead of massaging with my hands, I used a heated massager. This massager has a strange shape and is relatively large. It can just wrap around the vagina and anus. There is a cone in the anus about the size of a thumb. Put it in. The anus is lubricated due to the ointment and is easy to penetrate. The masseuse said that there are too many folds in the anus and only stretching them will be effective. After turning on the switch, a numb and hot feeling came from below. The masseur said the massage would take about fifteen minutes. (I have to say something very embarrassing here. During the massage, my lower body was actually wet, but it was really comfortable). After the massage, I washed it with shower gel. After rinsing, she showed me a mirror. When I saw it, I really couldn’t believe that my vagina was so beautiful. It seemed like I was back to when I was fifteen or sixteen years old. , the whole pubic area is light pink, especially the labia minora become delicate and charming, even the anus becomes pink, it is really beautiful, the pubic hair in the front is trimmed very delicately, forming a beautiful triangle, I I think my husband will definitely eat me when he sees it. It’s so beautiful. I recommend all sisters to try it. It will have unexpected effects. Finally, she rinsed my whole body again. After she dried me, she took a pair of white shorts and put them on for me. The fabric was very smooth and smooth, a bit like pajamas worn at home. They were very loose and felt very comfortable. She asked me to lie down on another massage table, and then started doing the essential oil massage. ​

At this time, the female masseuse asked me if I wanted to choose a male masseur to give me a massage. I was shocked and asked her why she wanted to choose a male masseur. She said that this is the specialty of their SPA, which takes special care of female reproductive health. According to local ancient methods, essential oil massage can only achieve the best effect when massaged by the opposite sex. Massage by the opposite sex can be used psychologically and physically. Produces a change that regulates endocrine and greatly improves women's skin. She said that the male masseurs have undergone strict professional training and have been checked regularly. They only massage one customer a day and clean their whole body before the massage. Of course, this project can also be done by a female masseur, but it should feel better if a man does it. I started to feel depressed. I felt a little sorry for my husband, but I wanted to give it a try. It felt very exciting. When I was conflicted, the masseur also said that after massaging the vulva with essential oil, whether it is a male massage or a female massage, the vulva will be congested due to stimulation. The best way is to reach a climax to make the congestion subside. , to achieve complete relaxation, which is very beneficial to the body. She said you should not think of this as a pornographic service. It is actually a kind of health care treatment; and the male masseurs are not allowed to ejaculate. I thought it was right, so in the end, under the instigation of the female masseur, I agreed to have a male masseur provide services, but I asked for the most experienced one.

At this time the female masseur went out, and after a while a male masseur came in, but I immediately regretted it. When I thought about lying there wearing only such a pair of transparent shorts, my face immediately turned red, even worse. The strange thing is that I never thought that the male masseur looked so old. He was really old enough to be my father. Maybe it was because he was a foreigner, but he looked very old.

At that time, I finished thinking, how could I let such an old person come for a massage? What should I do? When I was lying there, not daring to move, the masseur spoke. He said that he had been doing massage here for more than 20 years. He was now 40 years old and was the master of other masseurs. I thought it was no wonder he was so old, but I thought he had more experience, so I reluctantly agreed. But it's still embarrassing. At this time, he took a very delicate basin and mixed the massage oil first. I saw several oils mixed together, and then added hot water. Then the massage started. He first took off his pants and then his underwear. I closed my eyes and didn't dare to look at anything. When he said he was going to start, I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I found a patch of hair on his lower body. None. It felt like the hair had been removed and it was quite clean. The thing was very dark and I didn’t look carefully.

At this time, he poured the oil on my body. The hot essential oil felt quite comfortable, especially when it was poured on my buttocks, it felt very warm. She temporarily forgot that she was being serviced by a man. Then he started massaging, using his hands first to spread the oil evenly all over the body; he spread it very carefully. He slowly stretched his hand from behind to my breast. Because it was oiled, it was easy to reach the front. His hand was very big. It was the first time that an outsider touched my breast like this. I felt very shy, so my whole body remained motionless. His movements were very careful and gentle. After a while, I felt a very solid feeling, as if my father was stroking me when I was a child. He rubbed very lightly, and his fingers slowly slid over my nipples; they felt numb and itchy; I have never experienced this feeling before. It is so comfortable. It is difficult to describe it in words.

And I feel that there is no erotic element in his movements, only a complete massage, so that the essential oil is completely absorbed by the skin. I think this is the difference between foreign and domestic. At this time, he started to massage my butt. I now find that big hands are really a good thing. During the massage, my butt felt like it was being wrapped, which was very comfortable. His hands felt like they were kneading dough; Slowly my fingers slid down through the groin to the vagina, and finally started to massage it. I seemed to be looking forward to it, but luckily I was not disappointed. The feeling was indeed different. I had just taken off the labia labia. Because of this, Mao was particularly sensitive, and I could feel the subtle movements on his fingers, accompanied by the essential oils with health-care effects; my vulva began to feel hot; I was almost in a daze, and after a while, I felt a very warm feeling down there. ; It was very strange. When I saw it, it turned out that he was using his tongue to touch my labia. This feeling was really beautiful and very comfortable, especially when the tongue was inserted into the vagina, because it should be said that it was penetrated into the vagina, because he was using it very hard. , and kept sucking; then he asked me how I wanted to reach climax, and I said whatever. Then I felt a big thing sticking out, and it was very fulfilling. After twenty minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Because I had two orgasms in a row; he really didn’t cum; this felt good to me; I was really being served. At this time, he carried me into a bathtub full of flower petals and told me to rest for a while. Someone would come to serve me later. I felt what a real SPA was and what real relaxation was, and my whole body was lifted up. Finally, the female waiter came in, checked my body, gave me a new pair of underwear, and got dressed. Bali really deserves its reputation. All brave sisters can experience this queen-like experience. When you get there, ask the tour guide and they will take you there.


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