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What does a woman think when a man helps her solve her needs with his mouth?

man giving blowjob to woman

By 青木Published 2 months ago 9 min read

How does a woman treat a man and help her solve her needs with her mouth? To this end, I personally interviewed six of my best friends to take a look. What did they say about this? The first person, Xiaowen, is twenty-eight years old this year. He said that I used to be a somewhat cold person. I just felt that having a relationship was not interesting. I didn’t know how someone could be so keen on it. Later, a friend introduced me to a person. I never thought that this person would have such a great impact on me. We hit it off immediately. We liked each other very much at first sight. We had frequent contact later, and we naturally became together. . I remember that the first time we did it, I was a little nervous, but he was very gentle and kept soothing me and doing very gentle movements. I felt quite comfortable and comfortable. Then he helped me use his mouth. That was the first time I experienced the feeling of a man using his mouth on me, which seemed to melt me. It turns out that people who use their mouths can really enjoy it, and you will be immersed in it. It seems that I am not really indifferent. I have encountered good people and experiences. I can also invest in it. The second Xiaoya is thirty-two years old this year. She said that once my boyfriend asked me to use my mouth on her, but I refused and said no. Then he said, let's do it. I'll use my mouth for you first, and you can experience it. If it makes you comfortable, then you can do it for me too. I thought at the time, I'll do whatever you want with me later. That way. So I told him that it was no problem. What I didn't expect was that when he used the back of his mouth, I felt so happy. It was really not an exaggeration at all. I really didn’t expect that he could be so good with his mouth and make me so comfortable. I had to make him comfortable too, otherwise I would feel embarrassed. I couldn’t accept this before. But later on, because the experience with him was so good, I slowly accepted it, and finally fell in love with it. This can be regarded as a change he brought to me. The third person, Lili, is twenty-seven years old this year. I still have some say in what he said. I have always been single before and have never been in a serious relationship, so when it comes to having a relationship, I just stay in my imagination a lot of the time. In my imagination, I couldn't accept using my mouth, and even felt a little dirty. My family education has been relatively traditional and conservative since I was a child. From now on, I will reject anyone who proposes to me. Later, I fell in love naturally. You must not use your mouth before using your mouth. What's the point of doing this? It makes my lower body wet and unhygienic. However, after the man gave me his mouth, it became like you give me your mouth again and again. Please, you are really amazing. I can change my face quickly enough. It can be seen that as long as a person talks hard and is tough, he can say anything else. The fourth sister, Hong, is thirty-four years old this year. Frankly speaking, I have never experienced this reason with my ex. It is also very simple. He said that he cannot accept helping a woman with his mouth. Because in his opinion, it is normal for women to help men use their mouths, but it is inappropriate for men to use their mouths for women. The relationship between me and my ex usually ended within ten minutes, sometimes it only took seven or eight minutes. So at that time, I didn’t have much need for sex, because the experience with him was not very good. Later, I got a new boyfriend, and I realized that having sex with different men is really different. If you have sex with some men, it means you haven’t had sex with some men. My current boyfriend is not only willing to use his mouth for me, but he is also very good at oral skills and the process is also very gentle. It didn't take ten minutes before it was over. Now it's at least half an hour. If it doesn't take more than half an hour, it won't end at all. That's the difference. Therefore, I also advise sisters, if you meet a man who makes you unhappy, don’t live with him for a long time. The fifth person, Meng Jie, is 32 years old this year. He said that what he didn't expect was that my boyfriend seemed to be a very gentle type, and he was so good at using his mouth in bed. When I was in love before, I knew that I was not easily excited, especially when I had sex. But at that time, in order not to spoil the fun and to make my boyfriend happy, I could only pretend to be excited. If I pretended like this for a long time, it was actually quite tiring. But since I fell in love with my current boyfriend, these things no longer exist. I no longer have to pretend to be comfortable, because I am really comfortable, and the feeling is completely different. I would never take the initiative to have sex before, but now I often take the initiative, and I enjoy every relationship I have. So my boyfriend doesn’t just pay lip service, well, he also understands me better, and we have a better understanding, naturally, and we can enjoy it more. The last one, Yu Ting, is 32 years old this year. He said, "I can't help but praise the one in my family. I have to say that his mouth is really awesome." When he helped me do it for the first time, I didn't know how powerful he was, so I just thought about what would happen during the process. I had to pretend to be more reserved and not scream, otherwise it would look like I was a bit weird. As a result, I simply couldn't stand it when people used their mouths, and kept screaming, even quite loudly. I couldn't control myself at all. Anyway, my boyfriend really felt so comfortable when he used his mouth on me. I felt like I was in a state of ecstasy. I'm really glad that I have a boyfriend who is so good at using his mouth. The benefits are also obvious. First of all, it can promote emotional communication. Using the mouth can enhance the intimacy and emotional communication between men and women, helping to enhance the feelings of both parties. Through the use of the mouth, both parties can have a deeper understanding of each other's body and needs, and contribute to each other's pleasure. , give care and effort. It can increase the diversity of a couple's life and help improve the quality and satisfaction of a couple's life. Trying different mouth techniques and postures can make a couple's life more colorful and increase excitement and freshness. Using the mouth can help both parties Obtaining sufficient sexual arousal before sexual intercourse will help improve the satisfaction of sexual intercourse, especially for women. Full sexual arousal will help secrete lubricating fluid, reduce pain during sexual intercourse, and increase pleasure. For men, using the mouth can also help them last longer in married life, and it can assist reproductive functions. For some men and women with reproductive dysfunction, using their mouth can be used as an auxiliary means to help both parties obtain pleasure in their married life. For example, for men with erectile dysfunction, using the mouth can help create and maintain an erection. For women, using the mouth can provide all-round stimulation and improve sexual, arousal and pleasure. It can reduce stress, and using your mouth, like other forms of behavior, can help reduce stress and anxiety. Being a couple triggers the brain to release chemicals called endorphins, which help produce feelings of pleasure, reduce pain and improve mood. It's important to work through stress and challenges together in a relationship, and using your mouth can be an effective way to relieve stress. He can promote trust because using the mouth needs to be done on the basis of mutual trust because it is a relatively private and intimate act. When both parties are willing to provide pleasure and care for each other, it shows that they trust and rely on each other. This sense of trust can deepen the relationship between men and women and make both parties cherish each other more. Of course, you should also pay attention to the following points when using your mouth. First of all, hygiene is very important. Use your mouth to design the contact between the genitals and the mouth. Therefore, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene. Make sure both your genital area and mouth are clean to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of bacteria. Take a bath together before mouthing to increase intimacy while ensuring Hygiene In addition, pay attention to communication. Before using mouth, men and women must communicate fully to understand each other's preferences, needs and boundaries. They must also maintain communication during the process to ensure the comfort of both parties and understand each other's preferences. , can make using the mouth more pleasurable and respect each other's boundaries, which can help maintain the harmony of the relationship between men and women. Be careful to avoid pain. When using your mouth, avoid using too strong movements or force to avoid causing pain or damage to sensitive areas. Pay special attention to the use of teeth and tongue to avoid scratching each other's genitals. Also, be careful to avoid infection. In addition, you must obtain the consent of both parties to use your mouth. It should be a voluntary and pleasant act for both parties. Do not force the other party to use your mouth without the other party's consent. This will not only hurt feelings, but may also cause legal disputes. Finally, men are great with their mouths, and the experiences they bring to women are also different, and it’s a good experience. Of course, it will bring the quality of life of two people to a higher level, thereby promoting their relationship, and they will respect each other, explore slowly, and please each other. Therefore, a truly good married life is when two people can slowly adjust to each other, rather than blindly demanding it. The other party caters to you, as the same saying goes, lip service is just one part of the life of two people, a man and a woman.

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