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Masked Mistress Chapter 2


By N MPublished 7 years ago 11 min read

Liar. Thats all I can think in this moment. He is not Mr. Smith, why is he lying.

"Hmmmmmmmm, I don't think you're telling me the truth," I said seductively whilst walking back infront of him placing my hands on his knees.

"Why do you say that?" He asked tilting his head to the side, smiling at me.

I had to come up with an excuse, I cannot let him know.

"People always call themselves Mr. Smith when they don't want people to know who they really are," I moved closer to his face and straddled him.

He seemed to buy it, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to my face, I pretended to reach in for a kiss and purposely missed.

"So what is it you want from me, hmmmmm?" I whispered into the other ear, rubbing my hands down his chest towards his very excited and huge member. The accent seems to be working because he still has not recognised me.

"I want you to strip for me whilst I masturbate, call me Mr. Smith as well" He bit his lip looking very excited. I agreed and started to strip for him. I put extra care into this strip, making it sexier this time.

He put his hand open his trousers and took them off slowly. I was not expecting him to be that size, he was huge. Looking at his member I started to fantasize about him pounding me, it was turning me on.

Oh, how that would feel good. I shook the thought away, he's my god damn uni teacher.

"Oh Mr. Smith, come for me Mr. Smith" I moaned and getting more aroused. Why am I so turned on right now?

I was about to take off my pants when he found his release. I was so turned on by this, I wanted more. In fact, I needed more!

My mature 20-year-old self brought me back to reality. I can't think like this, he's married.

Oh shit, he's married, why is he here if he's married?

My shift ended with satisfaction, there were people who wanted me but couldn't afford me. I packed up my things and left through the back. No one knows who I am and work have been great about it, they have put this door in for me to keep my secret.

Why do I keep this a secret?

I just know what people are like when you tell them you work in a strip club, they're full of shame. I am not like that though, I enjoy my job, everyone is nice and I have really good friends. I have to tell my family and friends outside of work that I work in an expensive hotel that gives great tips, how else would I explain the £1500 a week I get?

I do this to also pay for my extortionate university fees and everything else in between. I managed to buy a flat in the city and even have a car which I pay for. I can afford everything that I need to sustain myself and even have money left over. I'm saving that though, for the future, I want to do a Ph.D. and that's even more expensive than my tuition fees right now.

I love my job and wouldn't slate it for anything, it's a fantastic place to be and it also helps that the pay is good too, but it's not my passion in life. When the mask is off I am a musician, I write music and its a way to express myself in ways I couldn't before.

Behind my mask, I am me, who I want to be. My mask covers the things I am afraid of and gives me a whole new personality. Behind this mask I am Noni, not Louise or the masked mistress, I am just me.

I get home, greeted by my cat, she is always so loving when I come home. I feed her and get straight to bed.

"God, working on a Sunday night is not a very good idea," I thought to myself as I set my alarm for 8:00 am. Six hours sleep, lucky me.

The Next Day

I wake up feeling sore, my muscles are tense from the effort of yesterday's customer. Yesterdays' customer... FUCK! I thought it was just a dream.

I have my lesson today with the one and only Mr. Smith, or his real name, Mr. Stephens. He doesn't know that side of me, he just sees me as this little innocent girl who wears frumpy clothes and glasses and also works hard at Uni.

I wear my usual get up, leggings, large jumper, converse, glasses and my hair in a bun. This is my comfy outfit which I wear when I am not working. Not to say that the clothes (well cloth) I wear at work isn't comfy but I don't think my prestigious university would appreciate someone rocking up in barely anything, plus my cover would be blown.

I walk to uni, its a nice day-not raining. Its also not too far from my home which is handy.

With my key-card in hand, I enter the cool refreshing smell of uni, it always smells like baked bread and coffee, I love the smell. I walk up to the café bar and get my regular.

"Coffee, banana annnnddd a biscuit, you're really going over the edge with the biscuit today Noni," said Jack jokingly, who always does my coffee for me in the morning, and always burns himself, even when he doesn't admit it.

"Shut up Jack, I'm on my period" I jokingly replied. I wasn't really on my monthly cycle of death, I just really needed sugar after the activities of last night.

With my coffee in hand, I taste the familiar feeling of home, Jack makes the best coffee.

I start to descend upon the class I'm supposed to be in, which is conveniently my one-to-one lesson with Mr. Stephens. I try not to think of last night but the images are just too strong, I blush as I start to feel the familiar wetness on my pants. I need to keep my cool here.

"Hey Noni, how're you today? You're looking tired" Mr. Stephens said as I entered the room. I couldn't look at him, he would know something was up.

"Yeah good, I haven't finished my morning coffee yet," I shakingly said taking a sip of coffee.

"Ah, what is wrong? Its usually finished by now," he jokingly said. Its true I usually gulp it straight down before my morning lessons.

"Jack made it a little too hot today," I lied, I was just too busy thinking about his enormous mem....

"I will get him told," he cut me out of my dwindling, he flashed me a smile with his bright white teeth. He was looking very ravishing today, he had on a tight blue shirt with sleeves rolled up and dark blue trousers. "Noni stop it, he's just a customer," My inner self was right, I have never looked at him the way before so why should I do it now.

He looked at me as if to stare into my soul, he did that last night too. Why is he looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?

I wiped the back of my hand on my lips.

"Here, you've got coffee froth on your cheek," he placed his hand on my cheek and wiped it away with his thumb.

Tingles shot through my body and I shivered. I could see him looking me as if trying to solve a puzzle. He removed his hand and I caught a glimpse of his ring finger, there was no ring. I was curious, where is his ring?

"Its getting re-sized," he answered. Shit, I must have said that out loud.

"Yes, you said that out loud too," he chuckled. This is embarrassing, I blush.

"But you haven't lost or gained any weight, are you telling the truth?" I pushed, I didn't believe him. After being at the club last night and now no ring. Something must be going on.

He looked at me with anger in his eyes. I wasn't frightened though, he looked more angry at something else that was dwindling in his mind.

"She cheated on me, is that better?" He said with a tone I did not like, somewhat monotoned.

"I'm sorry," I said with a sorrowful voice. I can't believe she cheated on him, who would ever cheat on someone so kind.

"Its okay," he wanted to move on from the conversation so we continued on with what we were actually supposed to be doing.

After the lesson we walked to the next class together since, throughout the lesson, he was assigned to my next class - the teacher was ill.

"So... How's work going?" he asked, I blushed as I remember last night.

"Good, I had a really nice customer last night, he gave me a good tip," I rushed out. It wasn't as if I was lying about the "Huge Tip".

"He?" He curiously asked. He looked strange, its a look I had never seen on him before.

"Yeah, he was a conveniently a he," I laughed, but he's still looking at me in that strange way.

"Was he a gentleman?" he inquired quite aggressively.

"He did want to see more of me but he came too early," I answered, not technically lying. I was laughing on the inside.

"What do you mean? Was he hitting on you whilst you were being his waitress?" He seemed more concerned...and jealous? I'm looking way to far into this. He's always concerned for my safety.

"I think so, I don't know really. He seemed to like me but maybe it was just because I am a waitress in a short skirt , who looks good," I said, whispering the last part.

"Yeah, you would look good in a...." He stopped himself before continuing. Just thinking that he's thinking of me in that way makes me feel as though I should relieve myself. I wanted to push him...

"Good in what, Sir...?" I said innocently whilst tilting my head to the side to look cuter. I have never called him Sir, I could see him shifting. His pants grew.

"Ehmm," he was blushing now, he didn't know where to look but just as I was about to have more fun we arrived at the next class.


The class went smoothly. I took my notes and every now and again I would catch him staring at me. He would always look away after I caught him. The class ended and I was just about to leave the lecture hall.

"Noni, could you wait behind," he said.

That's strange, I'm a good student, I have good grades. Why is he asking me to stay?

After everyone left he said to me, "I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about the troubles I'm having at home. I know you wouldn't anyway because you're not like that, but I just wanted to ask."

"Of course I wouldn't, it's not my business so it's not my place" I promised. I don't like telling other peoples business as it's not mine to tell and it's also very bitchy. I don't like it.

"Thanks," he looked at me in hat strange way again as if analysing me.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I questioned. He seemed taken aback from that statement.

"Like what?" he was playing dumb.

"Like this," I tried to mimic the face he was pulling but to no effect. He laughed at me causing me to get embarrassed.

"I do not look like that," he chuckled.

"Yes you do," I said with an innocent voice.

"You're so cute," he said laughing. My heart was fluttering, did he really think I looked cute but then it finally hit him. He looked at me apologetically.

" I'm sorry, I didn't mean that," He was looking....regretful?

"It's okay," I said, trying not to seem bothered about it.


I don't know why they're making me work tonight, I simply said Wednesday - Saturday nights only.

I arrive at work through my usual back door entrance and meet Carl.

"Its only for an hour tonight Lou, it's the same guy as last night and he specifically wanted to see you. I told him you were not here but he insisted, he even paid extra," he blurted.

Why is Mr. Stephens back? Does he know who I am!? I was getting nervous.

"Why does he want to see me, Carl?" I asked anxiously.

"Because he enjoyed yesterday, are you okay? Did he do something? We don't want what happened to you years ago happen to you again," he was nervous for me.

"No nothing happened, I thought we promised to never speak of that again," I pleaded.

"Sorry," Carl loved me and I loved him, but not in a romantic way. He is like a brother to me. He has a family and him and his wife are so in love.

"Its okay Carl, I need to go and get ready," I rushed to my dressing room and chose an outfit anyone would be happy to see me in. It was a G-string, stick on fishnet stockings and a see-through bra. I paired it with red heels this time. I put my mask on and walked over to the same room as last night.

I opened to door and quickly remembered my accent.

"Hello again Mr. Smith," I said looking innocent.

"Hello Mistress."


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