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Mark and Tom Sow's A Secret Seed

A Tale of Two Close Friends with A Never to Be Disclosed Secret

By Nathal NortanPublished 2 months ago 38 min read

Mark and Tom had been friends as long as either of them could remember. They grew up on the same street, were born in the same year, people even commented that they thought they looked like brothers due to their scrawny build. While they shared many of the same interests that boys do, they really bonded due to having only one parent in their lives.

Tom’s father knocked his mother up and was gone from the scene before Tom was even born, not even bothering with the niceties of the occasional Christmas or birthday card; not that Tom would have wanted one from that no-good dead beat. Mark mothers had fallen ill when Mark was young and suffered through several years of misery before passing. Their remaining parents had done a decent job of raising each of their boys, but the boys often got into trouble and turned to each other when the going got tough.

The boys we inseparable during high school and while they chased girls and fawned over the pretty girls in their classes, they weren’t rich, sporty or cool so despite acting as wing men for each other they didn’t have any success with the opposite sex. Despite the odds they both graduated school but didn’t really want to go to college, not that their grades or finical situation really allowed for it and they both got work in local trades earing a decent living, but never moving far from home.

They started working out at the gym on a regular basis, putting some muscles on their frame and over time their confidence improved as did their fortunes with the ladies. Tom always aimed high with women, always after the hottest girl in the room, biggest tits with skinny and while he mostly struck out, he occasionally got lucky and felt this was an acceptable compromise.

He was adamant that the sex with these ‘hotties’ was the best. But had to admit that after he banged them, he always found some reason that things never progressed further. Some were basket cases and the rest were too high maintenance to be much more than the occasional booty call. ‘Hot but crazy’ Mark told him… well Tom thought that he wasn’t going to settle for some plain Jane, who wouldn’t get his rocks off.

Mark didn’t have the same motivations and while Tom’s girls were very easy on the eyes, they weren’t really his type and he was happy to leave them to his friend. He liked the more ‘wholesome’ girls as Tom liked to put it. Not that these women were unattractive, they definitely had their charms, but Mark liked to get to know a girl first.

One summer, on a regular drinking session with Tom, he connected with a woman named Angela. She was a nurse and Mark immediately was smitten. Tom had to agree that she was pretty much perfect for Mark, a bit shy but having a practical, no nonsense look on life and caring personality. She was, in his opinion plain looking but cute with long brown hair, trim petite physique but curves where they were supposed to be.

They were immediately inseparable and within six months Mark proposed with Angela happily accepted. Their church wedding wasn’t a grand affair, neither of them being the ostentatious or flashy sorts but it was a great party with Tom as the best man. True to form Tom was a wing man and even bedded the hottest of the bridesmaids.

Things were good for about 18 months with the young newly married couple, still in their honeymoon period and Tom continuing with his bachelor lifestyle, free of commitments or woman worries as he like to refer to it. Then Tom noticed his friend was getting a bit despondent, but he didn’t want to talk about it. At one of their weekly drinking nights at the local bar Tom notice that his friend was downright depressed and asked what was going on.

“Well, I’ve got a problem and I need your help” said Mark ‘… but I’m not sure how to ask” he said trailing off”. “Look, mate, you know whatever I can do to help I always will for you” replied Tom. “Well I think my marriage is going to fail” started Mark.” ”What?” exclaimed Tom “I though you and Angela were doing great! You guys seemed perfect for each other? Is she cheating on you?”. “No, no” replied Mark quickly “Angela’s great, I couldn’t love her more if I tried and thing between us are really fine, but theirs’s one major problem.” “We both wanted a big family, at least five kids, probably more” Mark continued. “We’ve been trying not long after the wedding”. “I bet you were” Tom said with a smirk and raised eyebrow swinging his beer.

“We weren’t in a rush but after a year with no results, Angela started to get worried” Mark said looking down. “She went and got herself checked out and everything was fine with her” he continued. “So, she persuaded me to go and get checked out and well…” Mark hesitated. Tom looked at his friend who was clearly in some distress. “Well...” Mark murmured. “Well I’m shooting blank” he said in a flat tone. “Shit” replied Tom after a pause. “Can’t they help you with that? I don’t know IVF or something” Tom replied. “We looked into that, well, Angela did. And that that’s not the only bad part it...” Mark continue. “Turns out that the likely reason is that it’s hereditary, and it’s linked to my mum’s illness.”. “How so?” Tom asked with tone of both concern and confusion. “The thing that made my mum ill… the disease was genetic. She had the full-blown disease and… we’ll I’m a carrier for it”.

“Fuck” said Tom, “Does that mean you’ll get sick?”. “No… fortunately, I should be okay, bar the kick in the balls that is sterility” Mark replied quickly. “but even if I weren’t batting a zero, so to speak, theirs’s a good chance my kids will get the full-blown disease and well…”. “…they’ll get sick like your mum” said Tom in a hushed tone, thinking back to Mark’s mum and the times he saw how bad things got for her and how its ruined Mark to see her like that. “Yes, I couldn’t think of letting that happen to my child” Mark said, his voice trembling and eyes welling.

“Is there nothing the doctors can do, they seem to be making advances all the time, or so they say on TV.” Tom said, trying to console his friend. “There are things that the doctors mentioned’ Mark replied, “but the cost is astronomical, nothing that we could remotely afford on my and Angela’s salary, and they don’t have great odds either”. “Well fuck” Tom said dejectedly. “Fuck Indeed” Mark replied.

“I’m worried that while Angela’s been wonderful and supported me through finding out this all, it’s put an end to the plans for a family she’s been craving.” Mark professed “I could see this ending our marriage”. “It’s that’s important to her?” Tom asked. “It’s really is important to her, she’s wanted to be a mum all her life and with her strong catholic background a large family is a given… but it’s important to me as well. I’m sure I’d make a great dad” Mark professed. “You would” Tom agreed nodding.

“That’s where we need your help” Tom said, turning to face his friend. “There’s no easy way to say this so I’d best come straight out with it. We ‘d like you to donate your sperm so Angela can get pregnant”. “My sperm!” replied Tom with a tone of incredulity nearly spitting out his beer. “Look” Mark jumped in seeing how his friend had reacted. “Hear me out for a second… There’s several good reasons why we’d like it to be you and”. “Don’t they had anonymous donors, sperm banks, you know” Tom interrupted.

“Yes, they do, but, as I was going to say, there’s also a shortage of donors as they are no longer anonymous donations which means a long wait, it isn’t cheap and that we want more than one kids so it really does become a problem when you look at it. You also take a risk with them. Not all are above board, despite what their shiny pamphlets say.

Angela has colleagues who have worked for them and, I want don’t go into the details but, at least one of their doctors was adding his batter into the mixture, so no, she’s overly happy with that option” Mark continued. “You also have to tell the kid when they hit 18 and they could have dozens of half siblings out there”. “Plus they are a-bit of a crap shoot with the screening, and I’d want the kid to at least look like it could be mine… and well… everyone thought we were brothers growing up as we looked alike. I also think of you as family, so I’d think that would be an extra connection to the child”.

“It won’t weird you out knowing, well it’d be… well mine” Tom said swigging the last of his beer. “I can’t lose Angela. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ve thought about it and we’ll …if it can’t be mine, this the next best thing. We trust you and Angela okay with it being you”. “You’ve already talked about this!” Tom replied with a start. “We’ll durr” Mark said, “it’s be her kid too”. “Yerr… right…” Tom said sheepishly “It’s just a lot to take in.”. ”Look, we know it’s a really big ask of you” said Mark. “No shit it is…” Tom replied. They sat for a while in awkward silence looking forward occasional taking a swig after another round of arrived.

Tom hadn’t ever planned on having kids with anyone, didn’t want anything complicating his carefree life. Tom thought of his friend, the heartache he been though and what their friendship meant. After several minutes of silence between then Tom spoke, “Say we did do this” he said quietly. “What exactly are you asking me to do?”.

“We trust you and Angela’s a nurse and she doesn’t think we’d need to involve any clinics or medical professionals or lawyers” Mark said sounding a touch hopeful “You’d need to get an STD test done to make sure your clean and then, when the timing is right make donations over three nights, just to be sure, preferably with a short abstinence beforehand.” “That’s if you can manage to keep your hands off your own junk” Mark teased, trying to put some levity into the situation. “Angela’s says she will tell you about the clinical part of it all”.

“And afterwards… if it’s successful… if she gets… pregnant” Tom started “You’d not need to do anything; we don’t want money or support from you.” Mark replied “I’d be on the birth certificate as the father and the kid need never know. You’d just be the cool uncle Tom, and Godfather if you can manage walk into church without bursting into flames”, Mark elbowed Tom with a grim. “What do you think?” Mark said after a while. Tom pondered on it for a good while.

It was a big ask Tom thought. “Well” said Tom in and uncertain tone between gulps of his beer, “if you want me to have your baby, you are going to have to at least get me drunk first…”. “Bartender, double shots here!” Mark called out.

The STD test came back clear, as Tom expected. He was a stickler for his ‘no glove, no love’ attitude with women. His hatred of his absentee dad had made sure he never wanted to knock up some one-night stand and end up paying child support for a brat that resented him as much as he did towards his old man. Some of the women were gold diggers and most of the women he hooked up with he wouldn’t trust with a spoon, let alone a child. Weird that fate had put him in this situation he thought.

He was still apprehensive about it but told Mark he’d help them. Mark texted him that next Wednesday would be the first night and he should come around about eight. He did follow their request to refrain from his normal hand to gland combat and decided to skip a potential tinder booty call where he might have got some.

On the Wednesday night he pulled his truck up to Marks place just after eight. The sun hadn’t yet set but was getting low and the air still had some warmth. Mark and Angela’s home wasn’t grand but had two stories, a good-sized front yard and was well maintained with a homely feel. Tom had been there many times for barbeques, birthday celebrations and when he was occasionally invited for supper; however, this time he felt different. With a touch of nerves and a feeling like you’d get on a prom date.

He knocked at the door with butterflies in his stomach and Angela quickly opened it dressed in a night gown and slippers. She invited him inside and he stepped into their front room taking his shoes off as he normally did in their home. Why was she wearing a robe Tom thought, he’d never seen her in a robe before? He then thought of why he was there, and his mind pictured her holding turkey baster with semen dripping from it and the question answered itself. But did he also see make up on her?

“Where’s Mark?” he asked looking around. “Mark’s not here” she replied. “He’s working a late shift and, well he doesn’t need to be here. Plus, we felt it would also be well… it’d be a bit weird if he was. Can I offer you a drink?” she asked seeing his nerves. “The usual JD and coke to take the edge off?” she offered. “Sure” Tom accepted. They made some small talk about the weather and the local sports team but it felt forced and strange.

He took a large swig of the spirit and Angela started “I know this is a bit weird, but we really are grateful for your help in all this. Shall we go upstairs?”. “Okay, I guess…lead the way” Tom said finishing his drink.

They walked into the bedroom. Tom had seen this room before but not like this and not alone with Angela. In the soft light of the bedroom he turned towards the ensuite bathroom. “So, I should go in here and… you know, make my …err …donation?” he nervously offered.

Angela turned to face him front on and looked straight at him saying “That’s one option, but not what I had in mind”.

“What were you thinking of then?” Tom replied with tone of confusion. “It’s one way but it’s not the best way” she replied. “best way?” he said with a frown and sideways glance towards her.

“The way nature intended” she said is a sort of coy way and simultaneously she opened her robe to reveal that she wasn’t wear anything underneath. The robe dropped to the ground around her feet and she stood completely naked in front of him. Tom’s eyes bulged as he looked at her in surprise.

Her breasts were a generous handful size with pert nipples and dark areolas. She was a bit shorter than he was, but he had a clear view of her pale, stomach was flat and toned with matching shapely thighs. Her bush was the same brown colour as her hair long but waxed and trimmed into a short fuzzy landing strip. She looked into his eyes intensely as he stood there dumfounded.

“I thought Mark said there would be using a cup” Tom mumbled, barely able to form a sentence with his eyes fixed to her body. “That could be the way, but really the best chance for me to get pregnant is for us to have sex. I don’t want to get pregnant using a piece of plastic”

“You mean” he started, “Yes” she replied” I want you to fuck and cum in me”.

“But Mark…” he trailed off. “Mark wants me to get pregnant and doesn’t need to know the specifics” she said stepping towards him, not breaking her gaze. “… and besides,” she continued, “it could be fun for both of us.” He was like a rabbit in the headlights of a car, brain blank and feet glued to the spot. She reached out and took his hand and drew it to her exposed breast. “Think of this as your reward for helping us out.” Her other hand reached out and covered his crotch. She started rubbing and Tom felt her touch on his penis through his trousers.

He hadn’t consciously realised but he’d been forming an erection from the moment Angela robe had hit the floor. She wasn’t the exact type of woman he chased, but she was certainly attractive, and he certainly no longer saw her as wholesome, reserved girl he’d first thought of her as. He felt like she’d cast some kind of womanly spell on him, making him feel like an inexperienced teenage virgin again presented with the view of the naked goddess Venus.

“So, you do like what you see?” she teased him, feeling hard member though the cloth of his trousers. ‘Urrhhh’ he managed, mind blank. “I’ll take that as a yes” she replied, unzipping his fly with his erect member spring from his pants. She looked at his penis and was immediately impressed by its girth. It wasn’t much longer than her husbands, but it was definitely thicker and she couldn’t get her little fingers wrapped all the way around it. “Hmmmmm, Katie said you had a nice cock”. Katie? Who was Katie? Mark was still frozen to the spot. Think man think! Ah the bridesmaid he’d fucked at the wedding, she’d been pretty but a completely ditzy and a quickly forgotten conquest.

“Your cock’s a big one” she cooed. Tom wasn’t so sure on that one, he was fairly sure his size wasn’t exceptional given what other women he’s slept with had said, around the norm at 6 and a bit inches but he suspected he had significantly more girth than average. Right now, his rod was as hard as it had ever been and pointing straight at Angela bare stomach. “Katie said that you knew how to use it too” she continued, as she started to slowly pull forward and back with her hand gripped softly but firmly around his hot shaft.

Katie had been complimentary on Mark’s performance in the sack, when relaying her gossip of their entanglement to Angela but had been a vague on the specifics. Angela could see now why she’s had a good time. Mark realised that these compliments were to stroke his ego, enticing her to do her bidding and he had to admit it was working. With her other hand she opened his top button of his trousers and they dropped to the floor around his ankles.

She took a small step back then kneeled, moving her head down to level with his groin but didn’t release her grip. Instead she kissed the end of his cock, now glistening with his precum and then took the tip of his penis between her lip. He made a small gasp as she continued to take more of his manhood into her mouth. He belatedly realised he had a choice in all this and could bolt towards the door, but the pleasurable feelings now emanating from his groin made his feet feel like lead. Was it that his friend had sort of asked this of him or that he was intrigued to see where this would go where Angela had alluded to?

He was horny for sure and it had been a week or two since his last hook up. She sucked on his member, creating a gentle but firm pressure, tongue flicking at the end gland and her lips stroking the shaft of his penis. Then she started moving her head forwards and back taking more and more of him until her nose was buried in his wiry pubes. He was in heaven and moaned with her ministrations.

Her hands reached up with both hands, pulling down his boxer shorts and his cock sprang free momentarily while she removed his underwear. Straight away her mouth inhaled his cock again, surrounding it with warms and wetness taking it deep inside. As she continued the action, she reached one hand grasping his now bare ass and the other to cradle and massage his balls. She rubbed his taint and tasted some of the salty precum he was producing on her tongue.

Who was this woman he thought? She looked like Angela but he’d never see her behave in this way or thought that a wholesome girl like her was capable of a seduction like this. It was like some sci-fi Stepford wife plot when the friendly girl next door had some kind of mind swap to with the porn star of his dreams. He closed his eyes and tilted his head ceilingward groaning as the fellatio continued.

After about thirty seconds more she stopped sucking on his cock and release it from her mouth. “Did you like that?” she said to him coyly, his cock pressed against her cheek but still gripped by her hand. “Yes” he replied though a haze of pleasure. “Do you want more?” she enticed. “Mmhuh” he nodded automatically, but not consciously evaluating the question she’d asked.

“Good” she said gentle tone as she got to her feet. “But before we go on, I just have a few conditions” she said facing him but still holding firm onto him by the base of his hard manhood. “First” she said “Were’ doing this to get me pregnant. This won’t continue after that and we will never speak of our nights together again to anyone”. Tom nodded, he felt like he couldn’t do anything else as she literally had him by the balls. “Next, no biting, scratching or anything that will leave a mark on me.

I don’t want you leaving any evidence beyond the pregnancy”. There was the sensible Angela he knew. He nodded, what else could be do? “You can touch and kiss me anywhere you like but not on my mouth”. “And when you come, you come in my pussy”. This was a specific invitation he’d never received before it made him both nervous and thrilled. His cock throbbed in her hand and he nodded in consent again. “Finally,” she said “… and this is more of a request, you need to make me come. I’ve read that it will helps with the fertilization” she said with a sly smile and raised eyebrow.

She still had hold of him and got up and turned, gentle leading him to the edge of double bed. She released him and climbed onto the mattress hands first, presenting her shapely rear towards him. He had a clear view of her cunt and pink pucker asshole. She rolled onto her back and said in a sultry tone “Well big boy, get your kit off and we can begin”.

He had come this far he thought, would he risk a closer look or leave. If he left how would he explain this to Mark and his cock ached for release? Snap out of this and man up he thought to himself. “You’ve seen me naked” teased Angela “It’s only fair you return the favour”.

He reluctantly removed his remaining t-shirt and socks and slowly moved onto the bed now fully naked. Her eyes followed him as he slowly crawled onto the bed towards her feet. She moved to lie onto her back, head on the pillow with her hand by her side and leg bent but slightly apart revealing more.

He was upright on his knees between her feet and she looked at him straight in the eye. As he surveyed the scene, and as looking at her flat stomach and breast the butterflies in his stomach started to return. He wasn’t usually nervous with women or with sex, but this wasn’t exactly a usual situation.

He gingerly put one hand on her right knee and parted her legs further revealing more of the pink lips of her pussy between the fine hair. His exposed erection was less than a foot away, pointed straight at pink labia. He would normally have moved straight to penetrating her, but still felt some reluctance to do so put that thought to one side.

He moved his mouth down and started to kiss her skin, starting at the knee and moving to her thigh. Her legs opened more. He continued inwards, hands now stroking her thigh as his head moved towards her sex. He moved around her groin, nose moving through her pubes and inhaling the scent of her pussy, god he loved that smell. He skirted around the edge and moved up the other leg to her other knee, planting small kisses all the way. His stubble rubbed against the smooth skin causing her goosebumps despite the room being warm.

He looked up to see her eyes were closed and mouth slightly open. He returned to back towards her groin, but then diverted to her stomach, moving up her body. She was warm and soft as touched, kissed and stroked his way up her toned torso, taking it all in. His hands cupped her breasts and thumbs caught her nipples as them rubbed. He was still on his knees now above her and his body between her legs and moving slowly towards her head. A gasp came from her lips as he took a nipple into his mouth, slowly sucking and nibbling at it. He used his tongue to stroke the tip of the nipple while his hand massaged the other breast. It became more erect and hardened as his ministrations continued.

Lifting his mouth off her breast he looked downward. He could see the dark outline of her legs and thighs with shadow of the pubic hair between them. At the apex of his legs, inches her above hovered his hard erection with balls hanging heavy with a week’s worth of semen. It was a fantastic site but still he felt reluctant to move his throbbing cock towards her opening. ‘Your stalling’ a little voice in the back of his mind said.

He took the other nipple and breast into his mouth performing the same action as he had with the first, also eliciting moans from her. He reached her neck and nuzzled into it kissing and nibbling. Her perfume was intoxicating, and she moved to embrace him. His body was now full on hers, she felt his weight and warmth against her.

His cock was now flat between his torso and lying along her stomach. They explored each other in the embrace and slow friction on his cock and her public hair was delicious. “Oh yes”, she murmured in pleasure encouraging him on. It all felt good but the nagging in the back of his mind was remained. In his unease he realised he really was stalling from penetrating her.

He moved down her body continuing to fondle and caress her with his mouth and hands arriving once again at pussy. She opened her legs flat against the bed to give him full access. Her labia were now engorged and had a sheen of moisture on them. He could see her puckered anus below it. Tom had always liked drinking from the furry cup, filling his face with sex. ‘Stalling…’ the voice in his repeated. ‘No, just enjoying myself, he retorted to the imaginary voice. ‘Returning the favour for the earlier blowjob’ but he knew he wasn’t being entirely truthful with himself.

He moved down the bed then had his hand grasped the cheeks of her ass and he placed his mouth over her pussy. He flattened his tongue and started to lap slowly up and down. As his tongue hit on her clitoris, he heard her inhale sharply and felt her back arch from the bed. He continued with the licking and sucking encouraged by her moans.

He started by going up and down her lips then in slow circles focusing more on the spots that produced the greatest response. Her hands came to his head and her fingers ran though his hair. Her breathing quickened and the moans came louder. “Yes, yes, there, right there” she encouraged, “That’s it”. He tasted her sweetness on his tongue, enjoying the flavour. This was the most for forbidden fruit of all.

Her breathing grew more rapid as he continued his oral onslaught, occasionally pushing his tongue inside her, alternating between it and the spot that made her shudder. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…” she repeated. His hands were now on her inner thighs but brought them closer to his face. His tongue continued its action as he inserted his index finger into her now drenched slit and curled it upwards stroking the front wall of her vagina. The response was electric, and her finger tightened making knots in his shortish hair. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK” she exclaimed. Tom thought how to take it up a notch even further and remember his night with Katie and what she’d asked him to do to get her off. The finger on his other hand sought out her tight rear sphincter and massaged it gently. “AHHHHHHHH….. I’m going to coming” she cried. Tom felt Angela push her pussy hard against his face with her hands, her thigh clamped to his ears and her groin jerked up from the bed. The finger that had been massaging her anus was force in bit inside to be clamped down on and the finger that was stimulating her g spot was squeezed rhymically to the pulsing of her climax.

Angela was perspiring and flushed red on her cheeks and breasts. Her eyes closed and breathing slowly starting to return to normal. Tom slowly pulled back his face and hands and sat back on his haunches. He wiped his chin of her juices and looked down at Angela.

He felt some pride at what he’d just done to Angela but still had a sense of conflicted, like his rational and horny lizard part of his mind were arguing. His loyalty to his friend Mark and that this was wrong against his desire to fuck the woman now laying naked before him, enticing him to complete a deep-seated biological urge to procreate. He was still very erect with a blob of his precum at the tip bare penis, mere inches from touching her silky folds which had become engorged with her clit clearly visible. If this was any other women, he’d have a condom on and be up to his nuts in her by now.

‘This was dangerous’ his conscious said in his ear, ‘you’ve never wanted to knock up a woman before’. ‘But this is why you’re here’ his horniness replied, ‘give her your cum, she wants it’. The shaft of his cock felt hot, but the tip of his gland felt cooler with the pre-cum mixed with the evaporating saliva from Angela’s earlier efforts. He tentatively inched it a bit closer until mere millimetres separated them and he could feel the warm of radiating from her snatch. His balls ached with the arousal and they demanded release. Mark hadn’t said to fuck his wife, but then… he hadn’t not told him to fuck her. “Donate your sperm”, was that his words and something about Angela knowing how it all would work?

Angela stirred and opened her eyes, coming down from the high. She saw him looking down at himself and saw the conflict in his face. The orgasm had been unexpected but wonderful. ‘Eyes on the prize Angela’ she thought to herself ‘your dream is so close’

Her heart’s desire had always been so clear to her. The home and large family she craved had been in her grasp before until it had slipped away. The view of her little children and husband playing and laughing on the back lawn had always been there. When she’d met Mark and fell in love, the path to this dream was clear and achievable.

Their marriage was a happy one but as the time grew on and her period had returned month after month with no sign of pregnancy, hopelessness and concern had crept in. The news of Mark’s infertility had been like a hammer blow in her mind and she’d felt grief for the children she’d now new have with him. Mark was kind and she knew he’d move heaven and earth for her. They’d chased up every alternative, but everything had been too expensive or felt wrong.

When the idea of Tom acting as a donor had arisen the idea seemed to click, and her hopes had lifted. He and Mark had a similar build, the same hair and eye colour, yes there was a degree of self-deception needed on both her and Mark’s part, but she knew she wouldn’t give up on the dream of having a family.

She knew Tom and that while he was a bit of a rogue, appreciated that he was a good man. But a good man might have doubts about getting his best friends’ wife pregnant, doubts that Mark said he may have and that she was seeing manifest now. She had to be certain he’d father a child several times over with her to get the big family she demanded and wouldn’t leave it to chance like last time. She had an overwhelming need to control the situation and realised it was a risk, and she was more than a little crazy to seduced Tom but dammed it these ends justified the means. She knew she was cheating on Mark in one way, technically breaking her sacred wedding vows but she convinced herself that this was for the interests of both of them.

All her friends had said that sex is the way to get what you want from a man and this whilst she was sure this wasn’t quite what they had meant, she was just taking this to its logical conclusion. Sex was what he wanted, and what she needed. She would be ovulating and would make herself wide open to him, spurring Tom to inseminate.

“Put your cock in me, you definitely deserve it after that” she cooed. Angela moved down the bed a little, so his penis was now pushed up against her slit of her pussy. Mark’s mouth was dry and the butterflies in his chest had become a hurricane. ‘She’s begging you for it, go on’ encouraged one voice in his head. This was it, no more opportunities to hesitate, was he going to do this he thought? To fuck his friend wife bareback and impregnate her or dash for the door?

‘Be a man’ he thought and as his horniness had the better of him, he slowly he rubbed his cock between her folds experimentally. The drop of precum at his tip transferred onto her clit. He was so aroused her thought he’d burst there and then. He went further slowly adjusted the bell of his rock hard penis down and it found her opening, slipping a just little inside. It felt dangerous but exhilarating, like losing his virginity all over again. He pushed in a little more into her entrance and her labia were nudged inwards then popped back out around shaft, gripping his gland and enveloping it in warmth.

He was staring so intently at his penis spouting out of her body. ‘Further, further’ one voice in his head said. ‘You don’t have to do it this way’ said the dissenting voice. He he’d gone this far, what more could a little more do? ‘No-one but you and her needs to know’ came the counter argument. He pushed in a bit further, stretching her hole and Angela let out a low, gentle moan of encouragement.

‘Yes’ she thought as she felt him enter her, this was going to work, ‘More’ she willed him, needing him deep inside her. She felt a stretching sensation for the inch of him inside her entrance, he was thicker than she was used to, but it felt so good. Angela put him in a pincer with her leg around him and heels against his ass, giving him as much access into her as possible but not letting him pull free of her.

They were right, Tom thought, bare back felt amazing! The warmth and sensation were incredible. She felt snug and tight round him and he thought he could feel every ridge and crease of her vagina.

‘You are fucking your best friend’s wife!’ a voice in his head exclaimed. The thought made him paused with guilt. Angela noticed the struggle on Tom face that he was wrestling with. She would not be denied now and she had to have him inside her. She reached up to aggressively pull him on top of her whilst pushing her pelvis towards him.

With her weight, Mark was suddenly off balanced and had no choice but fall forward and in the same action penetrating all the way into her until his balls were resting against her anus and his head at the side of hers. While she had anticipated it, Angela gasped as she felt him driving deep into her, surprised at intense and gratifying sensation as she accepted the hot, fleshy invader now skewering her.

He paused for a moment, his cock felt amazing buried deep in her wet, fertile pussy, but after a second or so felt risky and exposed again. He wasn’t supposed to be in her and started to pull back. But it felt so divine and instinct made him slowly pushed back in to re-experience the blissful feeling of penetration. Each time it felt like he went a little deeper inside of her as she accustomed to him, eking out a bit more gratification. She too really enjoyed the heightened sensation of his girth stimulating her clit, their lubrication easing the movement as their combined juices mingled more with each thrust. She kissed his neck, stroking his back with her hands with accompanying moans of encouragement.

His motion increased, as did the corresponding bliss from it. A further small shift in her position allowed him a bit more depth and caused the top of his cock to brush firmer against her swollen clit. She gasped and held him closer. ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes!’ she murmured, partly due to the pleasure now radiating from her pussy and part in satisfaction that her plan was coming to fruition.

His rhythm started to build; his cock felt like it was dipped in pure pleasure. The voices in his head became quieter but were still there. ‘This is amazing‘ one thought flashed. ‘She’s using you for your sperm’, retorted another. He started to feel his balls churning from his rising climax. The confusion continued so he pushed it down then feeling, delaying any release into her.

‘She wants it, see she’s moving with you’. ‘You mustn’t come in her like this’. The argument continued back and forth as did his motion in and out of Angela with greater vigour generating greater ecstasy. He wasn’t ready to stop but also wasn’t ready to discharge his load of jizz into her yet.

They were still joined at the hip, but he started to rise up, holding himself above her. With one hand bearing his weight he other was free to explore her ample breasts, cupping them and squeezing the nipples as they bounced in step with their mutual motion. He glanced down and saw his cock penetrating into her, their pubes meeting and intermingling. His manhood ploughing into her, bottoming out, then their bodies slightly separating to allow the motion to repeat.

Tom continued to thrust in and out feeling better than it ever had with the pretty basket cases he’d boned before but never trusted. She’d willingly offered her body openly for his enjoyment, for him to plant his seed and allow it to take root, without responsibility or obligation for the outcome. He realised he now wanted to see this to the end and was set on this course. The build-up continued but despite the urge he still wasn’t quite ready for release. His balls felt like bursting, but he managed to focus enough to hold on a to the moment a bit longer.

Angela shared in the pleasure, his thrusting now as deep as she could take with wave after wave of delight. Her breathing was shallow and quick as the sensation heightened, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ she gasped. Her orgasm started to blossom, vagina tightening around the member, trying to milk it for its potent payload. Her voice quivered quietly as she spoke “I’m going to…”. Then the crescendo hit and she loudly exclaimed “COME!”.

He heard the last word as a command. The conflict in his head was over with the point of no return being reached, the dam broke and his balls spasmed hard. He thrust into her as deeply as he could manage and held it there. The orgasm took him to new heights of pleasure with the build-up he’d held back now releasing an overload of sensation and delight. His rod had become a direct conduit for his seed discharging deep into Angela, liberating a torrent of ecstasy into his body and painting her cervix with rope after rope of his warm sticky cum. The contractions from his balls went on and on, he’d never come so much in his life and her pussy greedily took all his body could supply.

Angela felt his deep penetration and twitching of his cock accompanied with the warmth of his seed saturating her insides. It felt like the most blissful release for her and feeling of the certainty that his tenacious little swimmers would be now seeking out the egg inside her. Her frustrations had been banished and her body felt like paradise, like a golden beach of joy with wave after wave crashing over her with every spurt of sperm that he unloaded into her. He collapsed on top of her and felt his body both release and relax.

The incredible high he felt slowly faded, but he didn’t move for a whole minute. His head was next to hers, both panting with their bodies touch all the way from his neck to where cock now plugged her hole, holding his semen inside her that pooled against her fertile womb. Tom’s slowly recovered his breath and he reluctantly withdrew from her as his erection finally subsided, backing up vertically onto his knees. Angela reached up and pulled two of the pillows from behind her head, raised her pelvis and wedged them under her.

He was presented with the hottest sight he’d ever seen. Angela was glistening with their combined sweat, nipples erect and leg splayed with her hips raised upwards towards him. Her vulva was red and swollen, her abused pussy was still gaping wide open. He could see his white semen coating and filling the deep folds of her, also evident on the length of his cock. He’d never creampied a woman before and the view was now etched indelibly in his mind, forever associated with the massive dopamine release of his climax.

He took in the view, enjoying the spectacle for a while then asked sheepishly “What do we do now?”. “You did your job well big boy, gold star for you” she replied not opening her eyes. “You can get dressed now and I’ll rest here and let gravity do the work”. He sluggishly got off the bed and pulled on his T-shirt, trousers, socks and shoes. He draped the bath robe across her naked form then left while she dozed gently.

As he closed the front door the cool night air hit his face like wake-up call. His groin still tingled with pleasurable feelings, but his mind felt clear. If a wholesome girl could give him that kind of orgasm, then they were going to be his new kink. He walked to his truck and drove home still on a natural high.

He slept soundly and awoke the next morning to a text message from Mark. He opened it with some trepidation and read “Ang said last night went well, thanks mate. Still able to help out again tonight?”


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Embark on a journey through the sultry landscape of love, science, and technology. I'm an unapologetic wordsmith and fervent explorer of the heart's deepest desires. My tales are woven with threads of deep care for humanity.

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