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College Boy Tango

A Community Base Affair

By Nathal NortanPublished 5 months ago 7 min read

Zach became very busy and adapted to his new position quickly. Since he had interned there for two semesters it was a smooth transition. He’d work hard for five days and then relax for two. He already knew many of the people he worked with and would socialize with some of them outside of work. He went home with one girl and almost had sex with her but called it off. He knew they really didn’t click and it would only make things awkward at work. She was cool about it, even respected him for it.

At first Zach made a point to call home once a week or so, but that effort soon eroded as he became busier. So his mother would call him to make sure he was still alive. Sunday evenings seemed to be the best times to connect on the phone.

Four months later he was talking to his mother and she had a news flash for him.

“Barb and Dan are separated,” Meg said. “They’re getting a divorce.”

“What?” Zach said. “Are you kidding me? Why? What happened?”

“I don’t really know the whole story,” she said. “Just what Jeff learned from Danny. But Dan and Danny moved out and the house is up for sale. I called Barb but she was kind of down and didn’t say much. I’ve called a couple other times but she doesn’t pick up. It seems she was having an affair and got caught.”

“Oh my god. With whom?”

“I don’t know, some guy she met at the salon, I guess. It got pretty ugly when Dan found out. Lots of yelling and cursing. Dan took Danny and moved out.”

Zach was flabbergasted. He ended the call and called Barb. It went to voicemail and he left a message. It was Sunday evening after eight o’clock so he didn’t think he’d hear back from her that night, but she called him back an hour later.

“Oh Zach, thanks for calling, it’s good to hear your voice.”

“I talked to my mother, she said you were separated, and selling your house. What happened?”

“Jesus, Zach, it’s been a nightmare. What did your mother tell you?”

“Just what I said, that you are separated and probably getting divorced and were selling your house.”

“That’s all she said?”

“She didn’t know much, just what Jeff had gotten from Danny. She said you had an affair and Dan found out.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, not exactly.”

“Really? What really happened?” he asked.

“You’re the only one I ever had an affair with, Zach,” she said. “And Dan doesn’t know about you. But he found the lipstick video. He saw my lips and my nose and the rings on my fingers. And then he listened to the rest of it, and heard us moaning and fucking.”

“Holy shit. How did he find it?”

“That’s the thing. He was snooping on my phone. I thought I’d hidden it. I almost deleted it so many times but I didn’t.”

“And he has no idea who it was?”

“None. And it drives him crazy. But it would serve no purpose for him to know. It wouldn’t change anything, because I did it and we’re through, but it could upset a few other people.”

They talked and talked and they drifted into that comfort zone they’d shared before. They talked about their flirting, their first encounters in his mom’s house, her black nails, the kitchen window blinds, the lipstick, the jingle jangles, the bangle he gave her and the chain she gave him.

“It’s still around my neck,” he told her.

In what seemed no time at all Zach realized they’d been talking for two hours.

“Well, Barb, I should tell you the purpose of my call,” he said. I need a haircut.”

Barb laughed. “Oh, yeah? Up top or down below?”

“Up top needs a trim. Downstairs needs a shave.”

“Okay,” she said. “Are you coming to town anytime soon?”

“Uh, not really. But I was thinking maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle. For a weekend.”

Zach’s voice cracked slightly when he said it. He felt goose flesh on his forearms and a tingle in his loins. Was he going too far too soon? There was a pause as he waited.

“A weekend, huh?” she said. “That might not be a bad idea. Get away from here. I could use a break.”

They picked the weekend two weeks hence. It would give Barb time to change her schedule around and get Saturday off. Before they signed off they told each other how nice it would be get together again.

They talked on the phone two days later to confirm. Zach had chosen the place where they could rendezvous and would book the hotel.


Zach was looking forward to the weekend like nothing he could remember. He knew he would want to jump Barb’s bones the minute he saw her. But what did she expect? She’d been through a lot recently and he didn’t want to go over the line and stress her out even more. But he thought it was a very good sign that she was willing to drive close to three hours to spend a couple days with him. And it would be a fine relief to be able to relax with her and be seen together in public, and not have to play hide and sneak. He went out and bought a bunch of metallic and glass bangles.

Barb was looking forward to it too. She’d been in a guilty depression since her breakup and Zach always made her feel good. It would be good to get out of the house because real estate agents would be parading through all weekend anyway. She had figured she was done with men for a while but maybe not. The morning after the Sunday night she and Zach had talked on the phone she’d called her doctor to get back on the pill.


The day came. It was a Friday and both managed to get off early from work. Zach had booked a room at a hotel in a small town on the river and their room had a balcony and view. He stocked the room with drinks and ice. Before he left the room he opened his bag and took out the bangles he’d bought and put them on his wrists. He opened his collar an extra button so Barb would see the chain she’d given him.

Next to the hotel was an old log cabin restaurant. And it had the most creative name: The Log Cabin. It had a big wooden deck overlooking the river with tables, a long bar and live music. This is where they would meet.

It was a warm evening. As the sun lowered in the west the deck was in a comfortable shade. Zach was early so he had a seat at the bar. He wanted to relax and have a cold beer or two before Barb arrived. But she was early too.

He was three swallows into his beer when she arrived. He saw her before she saw him, coming through the french doors to the deck. She grinned when she spotted him. She strode over to him.

She looked fabulous. Her hair was longer, flowing and carefree. She had on a creamy summer dress, a couple inches above her knees, showing off her svelte, tanned physique, and skimpy flat sandals. And of course the jewelry: loaded ears and neck and wrists and ankles and toes. As she came close he saw that all of her fingernails and toenails were painted black and her lips were a deep, lush red.

They hugged. Zach squeezed her tight. He breathed in her luscious scent. The cushioned push of her breasts against him. Her breath on his neck. Her hands on his back. They kissed and her tongue snaked into his mouth. It all came back.

“You look stunning!” Zach said.

“So do you, Honey. And I love your jewelry!” Barb said with a giggle.

“Paying homage,” he said, and shook his wrists. “Jingle Jangle.”

She sat beside him and ordered a gin and tonic. They sat on stools facing each other, talking, with their knees touching and before long were holding hands. Their shared natural exuberance could have been noticed from across the river.

When their drinks were empty Zach started to order another round but Barb stopped him.

“How late are you open?” she asked the bartender.

“Bar closes at two, kitchen closes at midnight.”

She turned to Zach and said, “Let’s come back later.” She didn’t need to say more.

They walked hand-in-hand to her car and retrieved her suitcase. They went into the room and they kissed like long-lost lovers. Which they were.

She opened her bag and found her lipstick. She took the brush and looked in the mirror while she touched up her lips.

“You have your phone?” she asked.

“Sure, right here,” Zach said, and fished it out of his pocket.

“Good. Get that video camera working. We’re going to make another movie. And this time you can show my whole damn face if you want to.”

She moved the straps off of her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. All she had on were two gold chains around her waist and a slinky thong that matched her lips. She came to Zach and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Zach’s body got covered with lipstick again that night. It was one of the fiercest Jingle Jangles they’d ever had. In their utmost dreams they wish this will never ever come to an end.

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