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Lost Phone

Seven Wishes

By DSPublished 25 days ago 6 min read
Lost Phone
Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

Have you ever had what you considered a tragedy of a day? I mean one that is for the record books. This past Saturday was my worst yet. I dropped my phone while taking it off and of course the whole screen looks like a jigsaw puzzle created by Edward scissorhands lol. I finally get ready and out the door, I make it to the car and what do I find but a flat on top of being extremely low on fuel. Batting average was so great. I got the spare on called into work and just took the day because at this point it was to be a full day by the time I called them. They have the no fault point policy, sure everyone has had or knows about those places lol. I made it to the local place and they said they would fix my tire. I drop that and tell them I'll be back after I get fuel. I pull in and fuel up, go inside to pay and my wallet is still on the driveway where I sat it when I was changing the tire. Luckily the owner was there and he let me buzz home, grab my wallet and I swung by and paid the fuel bill. I got to the tire place and they had to use a new tire instead of an old refurb one I usually get. So I go to the bank across the road and make it back with the cash to pay for the new one. Everything settled , I stopped off at the local grocery store and grabbed some donuts and a huge coffee.

I finally call it over and head home, my day is over , I will try all this tomorrow and hopefully it will go better.

I made it home and the neighbor girl noticed my car was home so here she comes, a nice young gal who hasn't had too many breaks but loves to borrow things and well her looks lets her. She strolls through the front door knocking over my coffee and asks if I could keep an eye on her now hot teen daughter that is sick so she can go to work and she promised to pay me back with something great this time. I figured sure what else could go wrong at this point. I go over and sit in front of the tv only to find her daughter still in bed and asleep. The neighbor runs off in her car and wishes me luck from her window.

I get up and grab the last of her coffee and make me a cup, I veg out on some tv while I await her homecoming.

In the meantime her teen daughter had awakened and climbed into the shower without me noticing. I went to take a leak and the door was shut and locked so I went next door and used mine. I got back and her daughter was walking back to her room, dressed in only a towel with her hair in the towel thing too.

Later I finally got there and I went back home after mom showed up and dove into the pool. I started swimming around and figured I would lose my trunks cause it was quite late now and no one would notice behind this privacy fence and everything was locked up.

I swam around for a bit and then climbed up on a lounge chair that floated by. I grabbed a nice hard drink from the cooler and took a few sips and dozed off in the cool water on the lounge chair.

This was about 2:00 am when I noticed someone had my tool in their mouth giving me the best blow job that I had received up till now. I just noticed the wet blonde hair and my drunken, sleepy eyes never thought anything of it. I came so hard that my inner thighs were shaking and she kept going on with me. I felt a warm body pull me over to the edge of the pool while I was still being gobbled down.

I was half in the water with my tool being eaten alive and now my face was being sat on by this totally hot juicy fur box that had my face so far into her muff, all I could do was eat my way out to get air. I made the one on top of me scream in ecstacy and she climbed off of me and pulled me up onto the concrete next to the pool. The girl in the pool followed me up and did not lose a beat.

I was handed a cold beer and the lady down below had just made me climax again and she took my whole load down and kept me just hard enough to go into someone.

The girl who had given me so much of herself blowing me now got up and grabbed a cold coke out of the cooler and sat right next to me. She was completely nude and had her bush neatly trimmed. She took her hands and guided my head and mouth to her hot steamy bush. I began to lick her juices from her lips and nibble on her. She was coming so hard already and I made things so much worse. She started trembling and exploded her juices all over my lips.

I drank up what I could and made her climax even more and more.

The other lady had started riding me and pounding herself against me and down my hot stiff rock hard rod. She was going to town and was feeling it. She finally got me to a point of climax for the third time tonight and simply kept me in herself and laid down across my body.

I made the other girl cum so hard that she scooted away and layed down on the chair she was in.

The next day was here and I awoke to two beautiful nude women beside me. I found out it was the daughter's twenty-first birthday today and she had never done anything to or with a man before and her mother thought we owed you big time for today.

I was laying there with my dick standing straight up and her mom woke up and they started sharing some mother daughter stuff but she was still on top of me.

She, the mother, reached down and slid me into her pussy and started riding me first thing after she noticed I was standing tall. The two of them shared things they were gonna do today.

The mother, after making herself and herself very happy this morning finally climbed off and I got up and went into the kitchen and grabbed some breakfast toast things for our breakfast. I brought it out and when I brought the breakfast toaster things to the daughter she simply set up and grabbed my tool and sucked on me.

She could not get enough with the way she was going to town on it. I slid around and grabbed another chair and relaxed while the girl finished playing and made me cum so hard that she had to keep my knees from shaking.

The girls found their swimsuits and pulled them on and each kissed me passionately and left. I found a handwritten letter on my fridge from the mom thanking me for letting her young daughter to experiment with me and that was only the beginning if I wanted to continue, she said. I hope this makes up for all the things I've done as a neighbor and I'm sure your weeks and weekends will get better. P.s. sorry for the flat my payday is coming up, I'll reimburse you for the tire we flattened. But we wanted to make sure you were gonna be home.

That was a day for the books. My weeks and weekends did get better and me and the daughter are still having fun. We were married and the daughter's Mom stays over most of the time and helps with chores and all the household needs so we can have a wonderful time after I get home each night. I have never seen such a dedicated single mom take so much effort into securing their daughter's way of life and ensure that all is well on the home-front.

I am glad that my day went so tragic that day, it has led to so many memories that are a part of me and make me so happy.


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