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By DSPublished 3 months ago 7 min read
Naughty Naughty
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My name is Kevin and boy do I have a wonderful tale to tell. Just to put a little background for those who enjoy all the details. I am an older gentleman in my mid-fifties. I still enjoy my pleasures and giving pleasure. I have a decent body and everything. Only thing is I am lonely from time to time. My wife divorced me at what seems ages ago. I have had my share of heartaches. I have had two really bad ending relationships, with a third relationship ending a little while ago. My neighbor always seems to kind and loving. I do odd jobs and help her out throughout the various trials of her own sorted life as well. She is wonderful and I think she too has been hurt from bad relationships. She is a little older than me and part of the boomer generation.

One day I had just run my neighbor, let’s call her Lola for fun, to the store to get her goodies for the home. I had just brought her stuff in when she popped open the door and her pooch came barreling out with love and affection for master and me. The pooch is rarely alone and just dies for affection. I helped her in with the groceries and when I turned to leave she embraced me with a full body hug.

It was wonderful; I could feel her body warmth. It was burning up. Her nice breasts were solid against me and felt wonderful. It was so hot. I turned my head and started kissing her neck, gently at first. Then I got braver as her hug tightened around me. I started nibbling her ear and finally working around to her mouth. My hands found a way in to the back of her shirt and undid her bra. I let up enough to pull her shirt and bra off and cradled her wonderful breasts while rubbing her nipples. All while still necking with her.

I guided her to her bedroom still softly kissing her and hugging her. I slipped off her slacks and underpants. I laid her down so her legs hung off the bed. I lowered myself down and grabbed her legs. Pulling them up and planting my face between her legs at her very wonderfully furry love nest. I searched with my tongue as I supported her legs with both hands and found her very hot and turned on love button. I licked it at first and then started sucking on it as I massaged it within my lips. Her soft moans started turning louder and louder. I had barely been a minute and her juices were flowing out of her love nest by the bucket full. I slurped at the sweet juice that my labors had produced and continued to lick her. I pushed my long seven inch tongue deep into her love garden and teased the walls with its tip. My face was covered in her bountiful juices.

I motioned for her to climb up higher on the bed and I stripped off my clothes as this was going to be quite messy it seemed. So messy it felt like I was swimming in lady juices and loved it so much. I crawled up and noticed her love nubbin was erect as ever. It was poking up nearly a half inch from the rest of her luscious lips. I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it while I gently pressed a finger into her love canal. It glided in fine and was room for a few more so I obliged. I was slick as ever and gliding in very smoothly as I sucked her nubbin. It was like a third nipple. I had been going on for nearly ten minutes and she was moaning this whole time. My face was dripping from her juices sloshing out of her lovely lips.

I felt a strange sensation as I was sucking her nubbin. It was a hot long squirt of juices and it sprayed all over my body. She was Cumming so hard she had squirted all over me with a loud moan and she clasped her legs together holding me in place while she was shuddering.

Her whole body was quivering as she let up her death grip and pulled me up beside her. She rolled to her side and started running her hands through my very wet chest hair and my now soaked beard. Her hand reaches down to find my tool. It was so hard now and was coated with a ton of pre-cum from my own juices.

She spun around and took me into her mouth and gently sucked it. It was a wonderful feeling. It was so soft and comforting. She sucked me in as far as she could go and then pulled back up. She was using her hands massaging my rod and my balls with every stroke. She would pull me out every now and then and simply lick my head and then start sucking it like a lollipop. She seemed like she was rediscovering her youth and her fascination with the male body. Her hands grabbing my hips and pulling me up so she could get me even deeper at times.

She was on her side with her love pointed my way so I reached over and started rubbing her nubbin ever so gently as she worked on me. She was playing so much. She had my rod so hard and so big, I swear it was three inches longer now with her expert handling. It was a slow steady pace as well. It seemed like we were there for hours. My pleasure was immense with each stroke and nibble. At one point she sucked both balls into her mouth while she slowly caressed my shaft with her ever so soft hands.

She spun enough and placed me between her lips and pursed them so tight I could feel her every move up and down my shaft. She reached around with her hands and motioned me to start slowly fucking her mouth. I moved ever so gently and it felt wonderful.

I picked up the pace as she motioned it and before long I was stroking her mouth with my tool balls deep every time. She felt me about to explode and she grabbed my ass and held me deep in her throat as I spurted a huge heavy load of my love juice into her mouth. Not a drop was wasted. She took the whole load and managed to keep me hard while I was still spurting. I quivered from the explosion. My whole body was feeling it.

She spun around to her back and pulled me around so I was poised to enter her. But instead she grabbed my shaft and started rubbing her nubbin with my shaft’s head. Her juices were just unimaginable now. I was coated from the motions. She would tease my head by sticking it in the inner lips just momentarily as she rubbed herself to another wonderful climax.

She kept rubbing me on her and finally put me inside her and let go. She let me in. It was so hot and juicy I slid in with no problem. It was so tight though. I could feel her walls with every stroke. She could too because with each move she was moaning. I felt like I was deflowering her for the first time. I kept it slow and steady and every now and then she would pull me in to bottom and just squeeze my rod with her very soft love canal walls. It was so wonderful a feeling.

So wonderful a feeling that I came again in her hot moist love canal after only about twenty minutes. It was another earth shattering climax and she knew it.

She grabbed me with my tool still inside her and pulled me close with both arms and did not let go. Her love muscles still squeezing every ounce of my juices into her deep wonderful body.

We lay there for a few minutes and she rolls me off and jumps off in a hurry and says, “We forgot the groceries.” with a big smile.

She grabs a robe and slides it on and leaves me laying there while she went and put up the groceries.

I must of fell asleep because the next thing I know I was greeted by Lola with a pizza and a tall glass of soda in a very provocative teddy.

She asked if I had enjoyed myself earlier and all I could do was smile.

Lola got up and went to the door and grabbed the hand of someone. She walked in and behind her was a very busty redhead with a red sleek teddy on.

Lola said, “This is Tina, my blind friend, she came over because it was card night tonight and I forgot all about it. She is legally blind but she wanted to play too after she felt you in the bed while you were sleeping. She has been without a man just about as long as I have.”

They both sit down and have some pizza and I check out her girlfriend’s body. It was as beautiful as Lola’s but she was a lot smaller and her huge breasts just took the center stage on her small frame.

I think that story will wait for another day though. Check back soon for Naughty 2.

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