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Best Walmart Pickup Ever

What a night

By DSPublished 8 months ago 9 min read
Best Walmart Pickup Ever
Photo by Lera Yudina on Unsplash

Best Walmart pickup ever.

Hello, my name is Janet and oh boy do I have a story for you.

I do a lot of business with Walmart and recently they started a pickup your order at the edge of the building. I have been up there a lot. I have figured out the loaders schedule now so I know when to get a pickup to get a certain driver.

A little background on me I guess is needed. When I was younger, I had a bicycle accident that paralyzed me from the waist down. My doctor said I could perform all the functions of a woman even have a child if I did it via a C-section. It has been ten years to the day almost now. Something wonderful has happened. I have feeling in my clitoris and my virgin vagina craves to be filled up with some sweet meat.

My plan was simple, I would order some KY jelly along with some skin tight condoms and park in the corner for pickup. I would wear a slinky teddy with crotchless panties. All covering my fantastic small frame with my bodacious boobs bulging out of my top with a slinky robe. I would schedule for the latest possible pickup time they had that night.

My plan was going splendidly. I arrived late and got the parking spot I wanted. Called in to check in as I wheeled to the back of the van and stripped off my robe. I climbed down off my chair and sat on the edge of the mattress I had in my van for long trips. I spun around and spread my legs wide open so the crotchless panties showed my well-trimmed bush to the opening of my back door. I pushed the button to open the back door.

An astonished face appeared at the back door with my order. It was a very tall blonde woman who looks as if she was in her upper forties. She had her hair in a long pony tail and a big v top on showing off her cleavage.

She looked me in the face and said "Here is your order."

I replied "Thank you."

Then I motioned for her to hand it to me.

She climbed into the back of the van and as soon as she cleared the door, I shut it with my remote. I took her hand and pulled her close and kissed her so passionately it made me wet as a schoolgirl as I remember from before everything happened.

She returned the passionate kiss and started pulling off her smock and top to reveal her bare breasts.

I cupped them as she finished undressing.

She spun around still with her no-show socks on. Her head dove directly into my muffin and started lapping up all my juices. Moving her expert tongue in and around my little mound of love. It was standing up so hard and pulsing with each tongue flip.

I reached up and pulled her love box to my lips and tasted her juices. It was the first time I had ever been with a woman. She was so sweet and so much was piling out of her. She was drowning my face she had so much cum just oozing from her little muffin.

She ate me alive. Her magic tongue took me places I only dreamed of. My body was quivering. My orgasms were so fast and so intense one after another with no pauses ever.

This went on for what I thought were hours. I was finally able to catch here chitty in my mouth and I worked it so hard she exploded all over my face. She squirted her juice all over my body. She screamed in ecstasy as she collapsed on me.

After a few minutes she got herself together and spun around to face me. She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed one another again.

I could taste myself in her mouth. I know she tasted herself because I was covered in her juices.

She grabbed a towel I had on the shelf of the van next to me. She took care and cleaned me all up so softly and gently I felt like I was in heaven.

We got dressed back up and she went in to punch out for the night. Before she left, she sent me directions to her house and said to meet her there in about twenty minutes.

I stopped off on the way and grabbed some energy drinks and some Gatorade. I Downed a whole bottle as soon as I got to the car.

I made it over to her house just as she was pulling into the drive. I was still wearing my teddy under a long coat.

She unlocked the garage door and I followed her into the house. She started to explain "My husband is in bed sleeping and has had issues getting hard and staying hard. If you wouldn't mind i would like to have a threesome with you and him."

I said, “That would be great."

We both went into the bedroom and turned on the light. I was wearing my teddy and crawled up into the bed and pulled the sheet off her husband's tool and fished it out from his blue boxers. I slipped the flaccid head into my mouth and started sucking on him. I kneaded his balls and rubbed his space between them and his booty hole.

My new found friend had stripped completely and crawled into bed so she could eat my pussy and make me so wet. I swallowed his cock all the way down and had both balls into my mouth. I sucked ever so gently and he finally started growing bigger, forcing me to give way some and come up for air.

He finally awoke and looked down to see me and his wife giving him head and her eating me.

His cock grew harder and had to be a full eight inches as I stroked him ever softly with my hand as I sucked on his head like a lollipop.

His wife looked up and said, "Good morning husband, I found a way to make you rise to the occasion, you better enjoy this while it lasts.”

With his cock throbbing in my mouth, I could feel my hot juices flowing from my virgin love machine. Charlene, the wife, was now busy fingering me while sucking my clitty. I could feel each movement as she guided a finger at a time into my love.

Charlene grabbed me and spun my little frame around and put her hot little box next to my mouth for me to taste her once again. She was facing my feet almost in a 69 position but instead she grabbed each leg and pulled them back to her chest and left my love box wide open for her husband.

He spun around and slipped his head into my tight box. It hurt so much but felt so good. He was barely able to get a few strokes before his wife started screaming in ecstasy. She was pouring her hot juices all over my face as she watched her husband penetrate me and move slowly in and out.

Charlene noticed I was a virgin when we were in the van so she grabbed her husband and pulled him over to the other side and mounted his rock hard eight-inch love muscle. She was pounding him with such fury. The whole bed was shaking and I crawled over and started making out with him while his wife screwed his brains out. We went at this for what seemed like an hour or more.

He reached down with his hand and started fingering me with such vigor I was cumming again. While his wife changed her position and took him deeper and was twisting and twerking up and down on him. Each down stroke she let out a moan. Finally, she let out an unearthly scream as a flood came from her and doused his private area in hot juices.

It was just too much and he exploded deep inside her love machine.

After a few minutes she climbed off his still semi-hard member. It was covered in his and her juices and looked inviting. I asked, “Charlene will you put me in that position so I can ride his member, I need help doing so though my legs don’t work at all.”

She replied, “Oh yes baby I will, that will be so hot.”

I crawled over and got as close as I could. Charlene positioned my legs right, bended at the knee so my hot dripping poontang was right above his now throbbing member. She swung around the front and embraced me full on tit to tit, mouth to mouth. She reached down and grabbed his member and put him in my entrance. He was so slick and my juices were flowing so much that I just slid to bottom with my weight.

Her husband let out a loud moan as my tight pussy finally felt his whole member inside me.

Charlene said, “A little tight huh honey.”

He simply grunted as Charlene started easily bouncing me up and down his rod, still buried deep inside me. I could feel him inside me. His tool was hitting the bottom every time, it was feeling like he was getting bigger with each stroke.

I grabbed Charlene with each stroke, her hot body pulsing with mine. Her husband was moaning so loud as she started taking me higher and just letting my full weight pound down on his rod.

He let out a huge moan and I felt hot fluids pouring out my box. He exploded a huge load into my virgin love box. Charlene rested me on his rod. I could feel him still pulsing. He was still pumping me full for like a whole minute it felt like.

Charlene let up her grip and started necking with me. Her hot kisses were turning me on even more. I never thought a women could please me but this was off the charts. What she did for me. She made me feel Handicapable instead of handicapped.

I was a bit wiped out and we traded spots so I could lay down. Charlene cleaned me up some and started gently eating my love box one more time as her husband brought his tool up for my mouth.

I took the tip in my mouth and sucked on it. I could taste his and my juices all over his rod still. His was very salty but I was getting used to it. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer so I could take more in. I sucked on his tip hard down about an inch or two. He was pretty limp but I still liked sucking on it. His rod was releasing clear tasty fluid with each suck. It was loving juice and I could tell he was turned on still just could not get hard yet again. I kept sucking and added my hands to his rod. I gently yanked on him while totally sucking on his tip like a straw. He whimpered and let loose a soft flow of cum. It was just oozing out so I sucked him harder and got his full load out of him.

He pulled back and knelt down and french kissed me. Then he laid beside me and sucked on my nipples and massaged my body while his wife was busy making me cum yet again with her lips and her tongue.

We all finally laid down with heads and hands playing with one another till we fell asleep. It was a wonderful night, one of many since that night. They got a swing for me, now we have even more fun.


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  • Karen Cave8 months ago

    A hot story!

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