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Many Stories

by PrincxssTati 5 months ago in erotic

Erotica fantasies

Many Stories
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I'm a manager in a restaurant and one of my hostesses was super flirty with me from my first day working there. She was early 20s while I had just turned 30. She was super blonde with long hair, very petite, and a gorgeous smile. It started with casual brushes of the hand when she walked by me to looking back down to me when she would walk up the stairs. She was eventually trained as a busser and ended up closing with me some nights.

One night when everyone had already left, I was in the office doing paperwork. She came into the office and came over and knelt down on the ground next to me. I turned in my office chair and she undid my pants and wasted no time putting my cock in her mouth. I was a little surprised because this was the first time anything other than "harmless" flirting had happened. As she was going down on me, I pulled her top off and stood her up. I pulled her pants down and stripped her down nude. I told her to sit up on the desk and spread herself for me. I was jerking myself in the office chair while she was butt naked, spread eagle on the desk in front of me. I just watched her rub herself to orgasm in front of me. Her little whimpers and moans were so hot.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

That happened a few years ago. I had a big company of people, we used to go out, drink some beer and play cards. There was a girl (she had a boyfriend that was in the same company, we were friends with him tho) i used to talk with a lot, about relationships, other people, even sex, we were close, but I never saw her like something more than a close friend.

One day I started feeling some kind of weird towards her, I would look at her butt (more often than usual) and make that silly comments about her being sexy (she laughed at them). The day I felt she was in to me was the day that she decided to rub my cock while hugging me for goodbye (that little hugs you give to your friends). Back then i thought that she somehow slipped her hand or something (I wasnt very smart tbh). Until the day my company was in my house, we were watching movies and drinking and all that stuff. Her boyfriend decided to leave earlier because he was feeling sleepy and she decided to stay longer, so we could about some stuff like usual. My friends decided to go home but she insisted to stay in my house, so we could "finish our small talk". Instead of talking we started watching a movie, spooning, while she was rubbing her ass on my dick. I got hard and she felt it. I grabbed her by the ass out of nowhere (we all knew it was going to happen) turned her around and started making out. She didnt even hesitate to pull out my dick and to stroke it, suddenly i felt that doing all of this was wrong I told her it wasnt okay and she answered with "Yes I think we should stop too", I felt good about (trying to be) a good person.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

After 2 mins she grabbed me by the dick and she said she wanted it, I answered with "Are you sure?" and she said "Let me show you"

She went down to my dick, kissed it and sucked it really softly, I could never forget it. She then proceed to deepthroat it, I could feel the warmth of her mouth, she was gagging on it even harder, I liked that feel, every thought about stopping just flew away, I grabbed her by the head and pinned her down to choke her on my dick (she didnt choke tho, she took it the whole thing and grabbed me by the hand). She was very good, making everything slippery and giving it handjob while sucking, It was like a porn scene. After a while she stopped and suddenly asked me to fuck her, she got on her four like a dog, with her ass in the air. I couldnt think about anything else but putting it raw in her sweet little pussy. I fucked her so hard that my dick started hurting, but she was moaning and screaming, I couldn't stop.

I told her I was close to cumming and she said "Cum in my mouth" I was thinking "Damn she is fucking nasty, she was kissing her boyfriend a few hours ago and now she wants to swallow my cum?!"

She turned around and started deepthroating my dick, it was the best feeling ever, I came in her mouth and swallowed everything, every last drop of it.

Later in the night I came in her mouth 4 times until it got morning and she had to go to her boyfriend.



hello i like to write different things

But mainly like writing eroticism

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