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Make a woman like ghee

Make a woman like ghee

By zackary zelonkaPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

"Ghee" finally came to an end. The moment the book was covered, the fragrance of ghee seemed to float in the room, beating the light of firewood. I always like books about religious belief, because, in this materialistic society, faith can more or less dust off the soul and the residual marks of tree rings.

The owner of the story is called "Meiduo". She was born in the city but yearns for the grassland. She shoulders her father's dream and tries her best to help orphans and vulnerable groups. "Picking up" orphans on Maimai Grassland is like counting stars in the night sky, one, two, three, because of the depth of the sky, the human eye is often tired to lose direction. Living in the isolated grassland, with a difficult dream, from the top of the mountain spread out the path, long, rugged, endless. "Mei Duo" in the desperate place a little hope, melting ice and snow, to solve the dream.

As a reader, it was initially difficult for me to accept the lifestyle of the Tibetan believers. For a moment, I found them clumsy, one-dimensional and unreasonable. Mei Duo into the grassland, from the life of the Tibetan people to receive people to wait for things, the scene into the eyes, let this woman become "stiff", surprised. Wet barns for people, dry, comfortable places for livestock; In the yurt, the flies flutter freely, and neither host nor guest will harm their lives; Polyandry marriage is quite common, where wives and husbands get along well with each other and have a clear division of labor. The strange environment, language barrier and big difference in living habits make Meidou a little caught off guard, but these seemingly incomprehensible customs can be gradually overcome and accustomed to through time. The most difficult thing to understand is that Tibetans' belief in Buddhism, their disregard for education, and their resistance to new things are like boulders, which make Meidao's breathing difficult.

"Moonlight" appears beside Meiduo with the rising red sun on the grassland. The Tibetan man and Meiduo build a school with black bricks and red tiles, look for orphans and find love. Mai Mai grassland orphan school was built, orphan Aga and Sula became the first batch of students in this school, the children laugh freely in the courtyard, but behind the laughter is Meiduo and moonlight with desperate efforts to change back, experienced the injury, avalanche, lost them, breed the emotion doubly precious. Moonlight once said, "You will grow to love the sweetness and fragrance of ghee." After a horse racing rally, the second batch of students into the school, looking at one abandoned orphans, the teacher of Meiduo heart a "lotus", to understand them, help them, warm them, Meiduo hollow out their own thoughts, serious really to experience the story behind them. The sky on the plateau is always blue and pure, just like these children who have no thoughts, and it is their chanting day after day that purifies everything in this world.

It's hard to get back to a hopeful tomorrow after a difficult experience. Helping others is the hardest thing in the world. The night will always have the day, the black and white crisscross, the light of shortening became the direction of the soul. People continue to die on the grasslands, but sky burials, which I find horrifying, are a sacred act of hiding. Snow drifts in from the Himalayas. The prairie winter is coming. The roads are blocked by snow, food is scarce, and the cold bites into the watchtowers. In the vast white world, the school is like a grain of sand, standing on the roof overlooking the snow mountain, as if the whole winter mixed in the clouds in the sky, after the snow, the warmth of the school can not resist the cold, orphan school was crushed by the snow, but also sent to the next stage of the journey of Meidou and moonlight.

The school collapsed, the children scattered, tearful Mei Duo in the moonlight with wanton crying. Moonlight, compared to the man with smooth words, awkward, but his feelings for the Meadow is pure like the eyes of the gods. Although the thought of Meiduo and Tibetan fusion, but the body is difficult to adapt to the plateau reflection, constantly vomiting blood, forced to leave temporarily, to the city to cure, to rebuild the school economic sources, parting, the broad mind of the moonlight inclusive Meiduo all the mind, hands transmitted the strength, like snow mountain so calm, bright, fascinating.

Can not see the direction of the effort and no result of love, both let a person physically and mentally exhausted, reading a book, sometimes have warm currents rippling in the heart, and sometimes cold to the bone. Mei Duo did not abide by their agreement, an accident accident, let her miss the marriage and moonlight, then on the wheat wheat grassland, moonlight has become a living Buddha, converted. Meet again, Meiduo heart-wrenching cry and moonlight hands folded indifferent seems strange, I can not help feeling, nature makes people.

Later, mountain roads were built, schools rebuilt, children grew up, and the snow melted...... Originally, once my heart is dark speculation is not light miscellaneous thoughts. I think Tibet must be the closest place to heaven. It is fragrant in spring, fragrant in summer, sad in autumn and kind in winter. Suddenly, a kindly old amma with wrinkled face appears in front of you and is inlaid with pine-stone pulu. The scriptures in your mouth rotate together with the warp wheel and are brushed past you. You can smell the faint fragrance of highland barley wine and buttered tea, thick and steadfast, and the amulet hidden deep in your heart always twinkles, which will bless people with good intentions forever.


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