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Lunar Liaison

Part 2

By Dominic Casey-LeePublished 26 days ago 10 min read
Lunar Liaison
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

We retrace our steps back to dry sand, then begin to undress. I try to avert my eyes as she unbuttons her shirt, but then I catch her peeking at my torso after I pull my shirt over my head, so I boldly watch her as she removes the garment. I strip my jeans of quickly and drop them in the pile. She shimmies her hips as she pulls the waistband of her pants over her bum. I bite my lip and try not to look, but then give up and stare openly. She wobbles as she tugs the pants off her feet and I catch her hand to steady her. Once they’re off, she gives me a wry grin, “Well, look at that. You got to see what kind of underwear I’m wearing anyway.”

“And a very nice pair they are,” I laugh. Unadorned but stylish, I admire the way they arch up to reveal her shapely hips and buttocks. Instead of a bra she has on a cotton crop top. She tucks her fingers under the edge, making ready to pull it over her head.

“Are we going the whole way?” she asks.

“Yeah, I didn’t bring a spare pair of jocks. And freeballing in jeans is torture. One of my friends does it all the time, I swear he must have a callused cock.”

She snorts and I join in the laughter. Once recovered, she swiftly slips out of the top. I look but don’t stare. Her breasts are small and perky, the left nipple has a piercing. She seems quite comfortable having them out, not hunching or trying to cover herself.. I can feel a warmth gathering in my loins and I will myself not to get hard. Just grow a little bit, but don’t make it weird. Her thumbs are hooked in the waistband of her panties now. “I’d appreciate it if you did look away now,” she says. “I haven’t shaved.”

The apprehension in her voice echoes in my chest; it’s always nerve wracking revealing yourself for the first time, “Of course. But just so you know, I don’t care.”

She smiles shyly.

“How about we look into each other’s eyes, so we know neither of us are looking,” I suggest.

She nods. We lock eyes, then bow, low and slow, like contestants in a duel, eyes never wavering as we free ourselves of our clothes, the last physical remnants of societal constraint. I can feel my mouth quiver with its own tentative smile. Our faces are so close that if I leaned forward we’d bump foreheads. We step out of our underwear in synchronisation, then rectify ourselves, eyes never losing contact. Just the thought of us being naked together is stiffening my cock, and I’m trying to divert my mind, breathing deep. If get past a semi, there’s no return. I see her eyes flicker downwards for a fraction of a second.

“Hey!” I break into laughter.

“I’m sorry! I just saw it moving and I couldn’t resist.”

He has risen to full attention now. “Well you may as well feast your eyes now,” I tease.

She takes full advantage of my invitation. I feel her eyes running over every inch of my body, occasionally lingering in a certain place: my groin, my abdomen, my chest and shoulders. I’m not the most jacked guy out there, but I take care of myself for and I’m proud of my physique. It feels nice to be admired. I smile with satisfaction when I notice her lips part, tongue tracing her top teeth. Apparently having had enough, she brings her eyes back to mine, a mischievous smirk on her face. “You can check me out too, if you like.”

Of course I like. I start from the top. Her arms and shoulders are well toned; despite her diminutive size, I think her relative strength would rival mine. Her small but round breasts sit confidently on her chest, nipples hardened in the still present, though diminished, breeze. She has great posture, standing straight-backed with knees slightly bent, accentuating the flat planes of her stomach. Although she said she hasn’t shaved, I can’t tell by sight in the dim moonlight, so evidently she does with some regularity. My mouth waters at the thought of kissing her between the legs. The mound of her sex is the only part of her body not tanned by the sun, even in the dark I can see white band of beach goer’s tan. Her thighs are muscular and her calves shapely. Small feet complete with well-trimmed but unadorned toenails. Delicate hands hang by her sides, relaxed and unashamed under my gaze. I meet her eyes again, hoping my adoration of her form is clearly visible in my features.

“Shall we go into the water?” she asks, holding out a hand for me to take.

“I think so,” I reply, taking the proffered hand.

I let her lead me to begin with, then let her hand slip away and move by her side, our shoulders brushing against one another as the first wave washes over our feet. It’s early autumn, but the water is still warm and I feel no trepidation at being submerged in its glittering expanse.

We’re nearly waist-deep when the first small breakers assault us. I’ve never swum naked in the ocean before—maybe as a child, but not that I remember—and the water juggles my genitals as it tumbles by. She looks down as the waves passes, “Does that hurt?”

“No, they’re not that sensitive.”

She taps the tip of my cock with her finger, not hard, but enough to make it bounce. “What about that?”

I’m genuinely startled, but also amused. I try to turn my laugher into a gasp of mock horror. She laughs with abandon. I reach out to lightly flick her nipple, but a wave hits us and I flick her right in the tit. Now it’s her turn to feign disapproval.

“Hey!” she shouts, shoving me with no small amount of force. I could’ve kept my balance, but instead I grab her arm and fall into the water, pulling her with me. We wrestle in the waves for some time, laughing as we toss one another about in the shallows, constantly pummelled by the surf. Eventually I stand up and neutralise her next offensive by grabbing her wrists and pulling her to me, wrapping my arms around her. I gaze down into her eyes, and then we’re kissing with abandon. I slide one hand down to her lower back and she melts into me, crushing my cock between us.

We break off for breath, and I kiss her cheek, then her neck, opening my mouth to let my teeth lightly scrape her flesh. She hums and tilts her head to the other side as I gradually move my attentions around to her throat. My hands flow down to her buttocks, seizing one cheek each I groan my desire for her. I kiss my way back up to her ear. She giggles when I suck on the lobe, then I whisper, “Do you want to do this?”

She exhales fully, “Yes. Thank you for asking.”

“I don’t have protection,” I admit.

“I have the bar. Have you had a check-up recently?”

“A while ago, but since the last time I had sex.”

“Ok, well I’m clean too.”

“Excellent. Shall we move out of the water?”

“I guess…”

“It’s just that I read this horror story where a couple got stuck together having sex in the ocean.”

“Really?” she laughs.

“Yeah, true story. Happened somewhere in Spain.”

“Wow. Ok then, let’s get out. You go first, I want to do the sexy Bond girl exit.”

“Ok,” I grin, then wade back to the beach, then turn to watch.

She comes striding out of the surf, flicking her hair back over her head to send an arc of glittering droplets into the nigh sky. Moonlight gleams off the sheen of water that covers her naked body, making her glow like a goddess. Her hips sway sensually as she strides towards me. Though I can’t see her eyes for the shadows, I know they’re locked on mine. She stops so close to me that I can feel her breath on my chest. I know that if I was to lean towards her, the tip of my erect penis would touch her belly. She gazes up at me with a salacious glint in her eyes, her tongue runs across her top teeth. My breathing quickens when her hand cups my balls, squeezing them slightly. She runs her fingers up the shaft, then draws circles around the head, never taking her eyes of mine.

Unable to bear it any longer, I wrap my arms around her and pull her towards me. I bend down and kiss her open mouth forcefully, our tongues tangling, fighting explore the other’s mouth. I pull away for breath and she bites my lip. I gasp, she giggles. I grab a butt-cheek in each hand and squeeze, kissing her again. Then I squat, gripping below her buttocks to pick her up, our mouths never losing contact. The tip of my cock touches the wetness of her pussy. She grinds her hips against me. “Can I try something?” I ask, testing her weight.

“What is it?”

“It’ll spoil the fun if I tell you, but I promise it’s nothing weird. Just moderately risky.”

“Ok, go for it.”

I dip my knees and spring upwards, tossing her into the air briefly to slip one arm underneath her knee and eliciting a gasp. I slip the other arm under the other knee, holding her higher and smothering myself with her breasts. I squat lower, gathering power in my legs, then spring upward, launching her up until her legs are over my shoulders, the strength of lust feeling like the strength of fighting for life itself. She whoops in amazement.

I get her settled, my face between her legs, inhaling the scent of her sex. She’s sitting in the crooks of my elbows, my hands supporting her lower back. I extend my tongue to taste the sweet nectar of her vulva and she moans. My tongue slips inside her, carving through the valley of her vagina up to her clit, which I promptly engulf in my mouth, sucking while I massage it with my tongue. She moans, the sounds of her pleasure giving me the vigour to keep her elevated, though my shoulders and back are burning with the effort. Finally, despite my desire to make her cum on my face, I have to let her down. She notices immediately, lifting her legs from my shoulders to help as I lower her, hands holding her armpits to drop her gently back to the ground.

“Ok, that was pretty hot,” she says, breathing hard.

“I’ve always wanted to try it.”

“Where did you get the idea?”

“Uh, from a porn gif on Twitter,” I sheepishly confess.

She laughs heartily, “Well, I did not know such treasures existed on there.”

I shrug, “Honestly, porn is the only thing I use Twitter for.”

“Fair enough. Now, where were we?”

“Umm, I think we were about to have sex…”

“Definitely. I’ve never done this on a beach before. How does one go about it?”

“Neither have I. But I think it’s best to stay standing to keep from getting sand in our bits.”

She nods, “That sounds wise.”

She drops into a squat and licks my shaft, then takes me in her mouth. Her hand snakes between her legs to touch her pussy, turning me on even more, which I wasn’t sure was possible. There’s something about a woman fingering herself while she gives you head that I just love. She’s not there for long though. “Ok I’ve lost patience sorry; I really just want you in me.”

She turns around and presents her ass to me. I’m too overcome with lust to do anything other than physically acquiesce. She puts a hand between her legs to guide me in and I slowly push my full length inside of her. “Please, please fuck me,” she says, and I’m all too happy to comply.

I start slowly to get a sense of her rhythm, and once we’re synchronised, I up the tempo. The clap of my pelvis against her butt cheeks is musical. She’s bent at ninety degrees and I’m holding her by the hips until she extends one hand behind her for me to hold. I clasp her forearm and increase the force of my thrusts. Her other hand goes back between her legs to stimulate her clit, and it’s not long before she’s crying out with pleasure. We’re completely oblivious to our surroundings; there could be a crowd watching and we wouldn’t notice. Her cries crescendo and I feel her begin to shake. I don’t stop until the settles back against me, my cock deep inside her, her pussy clenching as she comes. I very nearly do as well.

When she stops shaking, she extricates herself from cock, turning to face me. “You didn’t?”

“Nearly. I wasn’t sure if…”

“I don’t care. I’m on the bar, you can fill me up.”

My pit of my stomach clenches at those words, a primal lust even deeper than anything I’ve felt so far comes over me. I seize her and pick her up again, lowering her onto my cock again with her legs hooked over my elbows. I bounce her up and down, our foreheads pressed together and eyes locked, both panting hard. After only a dozen or so strokes I feel my balls tighten and I erupt inside her. I hold her still until my penis stops pulsing, then I lift her off. My semen drops out of her immediately, falling to the sand. I close my eyes and heave a sigh of release. When I open them again we are nose to nose. I kiss her gently, then let her to the ground. I sag, all that energy expenditure finally catching up to me.

“You ok?” she asks.

“Yeah. Fantastic. That was just a tad exhausting is all.”

“Soo… you don’t want another round?” she teases, leaning in to kiss me again.

“Christ girl, you’ve got some stamina!”

“Well, you were good. And when it’s good I like to take advantage. You never know when it’s going to come around again.”

“True, true,” I’m still panting. She seems fresh. “I would like another round, but I definitely need a rest first. I wouldn’t mind playing with you while I reload though, if you like.”

“Ooh, yes please.”

We saunter back to our pile of clothes, spreading them out to form a rough barrier between us and the sand. Simultaneously, we collapse onto the makeshift rug.


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Here you'll find excerpts from my fantasy project, stories, poems and general rambling.

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